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2014 Brazil's Next. Next will be the quadrennial inter football tournament contested 2018 in Russia
Stadium Ekaterinburg, Stadium Kaliningrad, Stadium ‎Moscow, Stadium ‎Luzhniki, Stadium Kazan, Stadium Nizhny, Stadium Novgorod, Stadium Saint Petersburg

referee team

We do not have to wait anymore, now it is happening and the party is big, everybody went to Rio de Janeiro and they are walking the evenings at the sunsets of Rio.
Taking pictures of the big statue of Christ over the river.

These are the proof pictures that a soccer sport can take the small ones to the real top of the world when about winning an award like the soccer world cup in Egypt became a reality for a country called Ghana in Africa.

In a game that lasted the first 90 minutes and the score was cero to cero for Brazil and Ghana, the next 30 minutes were exactly the same cero to cero in the score too

The game became more interesting when the penalty time arrive and the team of Ghana scored 4 goals to

of Brazil.
Where the winner is the National team of football soccer of Ghana. African first team in achieve the most relevant goal in the world for athletes of this type.

The flag showed by fanatics of the African Ghana team.
Involves scoring goals, national leagues in a battle for the championship
The guy called a goalkeeper wears good globes to grab securely or hit the round fling ball, globes and clothing pants shorts.
As the other team players do also belong to their own national leagues
Nikes Reusch Pumas adidasshoes Uhlsport, Convexshoes Aqua Embossed for Junior

soccer football pictures in africa

We just want let the entire world to know that when a small group of athletes get together and play right with expertise and well trained by a good trainer

They can achieve their dreams and contagious the whole world about a simple sport like football soccer associated.
World cups Champion Gana team /

worldcups  Champion Gana team

Playing as a team is better, combining knowledge and physical forces all is possible and the limit is the sky high.

Today and on the African soccer will the occupants for better place in the world big leagues of sports, players will be more appreciated and their quotation will be higher to play in Europe and America.

copa cup

A cup to celebrate the triumph and the hard-work made in the soccer field by the players that gave body and soul for the best games in the world cup championship in Egypt.

Young people with dreams, young men with a great future and fame waiting for them.
Within the meantime the players of the national team of South American Brazil also were great at playing their unique style.

The only thing was that winning was not for them, because they just lost it in the penalty test
But other wise been champion second of the world is better than never participated in the competition.

the game of soccer

team players

In the left side picture the white uniform player from Ghana Like this looked the players before penalties from both teams.
Inclusive the Brazilian in green " the Goalie " and his coo players at the right side picture.

A gallery to remember the good athletes with their best dreams.

Like this looked the Goalie of team of Ghana before penalties.

the champions and winners

portero de South Africa

Every two years the young teams will participate in a competition for ages under twenty, called sub-20 and sub17 for the best in the world.

Every four years the major leagues will also participate in a professional competition for the best and winning a golden or gold cup.
In addition the Olympiads or Olympics of the world too.

A ball prepare for a perfect shooting to make a goal in a penalty.
A trophy cup for the best soccer penalty shooter and the first better gamers in the world.

Soccer Ball Kick

Soccer Ball Kick - Balon de futbol

trophy sub 23 world cup

Trophy sub 23 world cup - trofeo
The last soccer penalty!.
Something unexpected was that the grass in the soccer field was loose and the sport men did not hold right with their sport-shoes to the ground.

The shoes were not enough to run and holding during the game for all players.