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Second Game Of World Cup South Africa

These small pages are just an introduction to famous sports that move humans worldwide and bring them to be there with their star athletes at the stadium.

goalkeeper Uruguay socecrteam

People from every nation in the world, they share a common feeling, the lose and win from a hard 90 minutes and fifteen minutes break in between.

It is like living a dream to see your team winning.
But a horrible nightmare to even think of getting goals into your house frame and seeing your players sad going home with a sad face and thinking, what a great thing it could be if we won this game.

Red card 14 Nicolas Lodeiro.

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The reviews of these events for major tournament that keeps most of the world attached to the TV set, is a courtesy of international broadcasting TV channels worldwide simultaneously in Europe.
The Americas and the territory where these are celebrating.

soccer football pictures

Enjoy the game France Vs Uruguay with some images.
The scored result for the world Cup is also a tied because in the very morning Mexico also had a tied with the team South Africa with 00, draw at Cape Town's Green Point Stadium

The central Referee& Yuichi Nishimura from Japan JPN
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0-0 First Time 2d time Halves.
June world cup 2010 full highlights, schedule groups teams soccer football full team members all updates.
Tied Score 0 -0 Game Photos

Yellow Cards |

6 Mauricio Victorino, Nicolas Lodeiro

Diego Lugano.
Patrice Evra, Franck Ribery, Jeremy Toulalan

A strong European nation with a large trajectory of becoming the best on the Europe's leagues is now establishing the power of who plays the best.

However, the nations located in the Continent of south America are also educated and trained to become winners eventually.

la jugada

France wear the uniform white and the colors of French flag, red, white blue.
The Southern American Country Uruguay wear light blue t-shirt.

french player

goalkeeper of france

la caida