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Horses High Quality Rodeos

Every year people is expecting to close the year end with a parade specifically designed to award the best horses and horse owners for their street show.

mujer sombrero blanco

At those places, where people live and near local cowboys and cowgirls farmers.
The day goes by with several horse games and the gifts awards get better and better, up to several thousands on amount of money talk.

If someone has a male or female species breed horse that looks good and it is 100% Spaniard or English family blood breed, better hold on to it.
Keep your style species:

Thoroughbred, American quarter, American Saddlebred, Mustang, Belgian, Peruvian Paso and do not sell them.
Watch your pet going up on price tens by tens of tousands USD.

Because people will be offering to buy it, as wholesalers and business men and women are always paying attention to the real best.
By these photos you can guest that there are many kind of horse breeds, Arabian, Thoroughbred, American quarter, American Saddlebred, Mustang, Belgian, Peruvian Paso, the Spanish 100% blood and the mixed blood Costa Rican.

The good news is for all animal clinics as they are getting lots of customers who really take care about their pets
Doctors at these careers make six figures, the vet doctor home base business is to prevent diseases and prescribe best medications to keep them shiny and beautiful!
In addition to all of those, which are just some quick names we picked up from owners around.
Be smart and send your kids to study at college the career "equestrian veterinarian" for a very well paid salary
The veterinarian's salary with preventative, health maintenance for the species
We must recall the US Indian Apache wild horses as they took their time to mix them also.
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Racing is an issue that technically refers only to the Thoroughbred breed.

But we name it as part of the process for racing small baby horses for public shows like walking and marching with a rider.

These events are also great for small large factories to find their buyer consumers about equestrians apparel accessories, the equestrian apparel shoe boots, truck transportation manufacturer new trailers for sale.

A stable chair gently curving back, subtly engraved, shape chair seats, foods feed and more.

Hey, look this way, so I can see your sweet face book and the fashion dress pants, equestrian apparel shirt.
What is your name sweet woman.
I wish for you the very best.

I should be at a Guanacaste beach with a nice and sweet pina colada, maybe because I don't thing I'm doing good here at the horse parade today and temperature is hot.

This lady took the time to say hi to America and the national children hospital at downtown San Jose


look shaped hat

Party December birthstone Girls, the hat is necessary if the person wants to remain awake under the sunshine at the capital, also dark glasses for eye protection
If you don't believe, ask that ladies who are participating on this incredible street show, something very popular among the local residents and the community of Spain, Panama, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Puerto Ricoladies

She just bought those Ray Ban sunglasses wayfarer Ray Ban for half of price. Just decide which sunglasses you want to wear.
Very rare to find exclusive ladies taking up to the show and still make it to the end with winning recognitions.

hola / hello

Very serious faces around sometimes.

costa rica good news

The guy below is a person from the Atlantic zone.

limon people

sun glasses

There are many things to say, however lets let the pictures talk all by themselves.



Now, in this picture we almost got the Tica flag, not a problem at least we got a nice woman or lady image.

Maybe from Limon. He is proud of his great strong horse.
Please take a nice clear picture for my mom to see me on top of this animal.

caw male

cold drink

red shirt

Dance baby horsy.
I worry about my friend a lot.
Thirsty and tired for many hours in the parade.
All the horse riders were just welling their drinks.

The horse riders, capital police, care takers we gust, with their red uniforms and patrolling the big event.

beutiful woman

man chicken

Chicken Guy, Over His Head, Top Notch Cheer Elegant Riders. Incredible Personalities

strong horse

white animal

This nice young beautiful lady is with her preferred strong horse at San Jose also, many gentlemen were exhibiting the best of their educated horses.
Appreciate the likes to Facebook and the tweets for best exposure, so millions can also find out how people in Latin America pass their free time competing for first second and third places with their large pets.