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Towns & Costumes used to speak they way.
Who was born already speaking English?

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It is clear that every single nation in Latin America speaks from it's legacy mother nation. A totally different set of tones (type and speak Spanish accents) and sounds speak accents, the same language in the Spanish dictionary digital.

Country Spain Review

The English Language Reviews.
Also it is true that at the end we all speak Spanish from Spain no matter what, even using a sophisticated Spanish dictionary by checking word by word.

But we skip the type and speak Spanish accents locally spoken over there
Hey, this is not a dictionary or any other kind of book related to languages or software for English Spanish speak accents teaching are out of the computer for anyone to expect been a bilingual and ready to go and travel to south America or even closer.

Read the review language.

You shouldn't ever begin a travel trip without a major travel tool like a Spanish Dictionary. You must buy one of those small pocket tiny device to teach a language online or at the near bookstore if possible before arriving the chosen international airport in Miami or New York.

The truth is that who knows what country in the continent speaks the best speaking or maybe the much closer to Valencia, Barcelona or catalane in Spain for those visitors arriving to our page info looking to find some courses CDS or methods to achieve the learning before traveling to Spain or study in any Latin American Country where it is more secure to stay and live for about six months or more.
Be part of a students class locally.

We have placed our friends with the right direction on the exact systems, visit them today.
Students Class English language:

The closer the best and the better from the nature's heart.

Who is willing to take a whole punch of students with a lot of senseless questions or misunderstandings about on how became the language or when or where it was born
Who was the first individual to speak it for first time

We are not teachers on these web pages for languages, don't sell books or software with courses for teaching students neither, none comparison has to be made ever from this country, the central, north or south Americas neighbors countries phonetics and sounds.

Buy a cheap Spanish dictionary to have in your pockets as you travel
just in case
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What really is about, got to be with who we can easily can communicate rapidly, efficiently without to run to look for a Spanish language dictionary to translate the immediate slams appearing from nation to nation ( international dictionary or translator ), for something that from the beginning it should be uniform, even and unique communication pure senses.

Without hurry and miss understanding, slams or said words that might irritate some peoples, imitating local sounds from external sources or other languages, we say other sounds like English, French, Arabic, German, Italian or even the most difficult Chinese.
It can't be possible that a person from Mexico, in Venezuela, Students Class Argentina, get offended when a central American visitor pronounces some words with a regular
Nothing extraordinary and normal sense locally and over there, it is understood as an offense or prohibit in some cases.

There is a problem and it is complicated too, no body cares if you are an alien or not, they just listen to the sound or speak accents.
The pronunciation of words and bingo, that's it, you just said a bad word, period, a huge mistake and troubles.

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Find teaching schools, memory practice New York Boston Miami Atlanta.

And class courses center in Costa Rica CR, Acapulco Mexico DF schools, Caracas Venezuela schools, Buenos Aires Argentina's Teachers.

I'm sorry, I apologize my Spanish we are pooling you apart slowly, with unforgiving slams and senseless for the real Spanish academy main book. but what it is even worst, none one wants to study you anymore like before with perfection.

The cities opinions online, nearest towns, countries and their families
All Hispanic Americans and speakers, are almost already speaking English instead of beautiful and useful Spanish, some like this as span-English combination or some like that
Very sad I'm sorry from the bottom of my soul, the song with your letters doesn't do echoes on new students.
The high schools and colleges aren't studying your teaching any more with love and perfection like before.

We give you the thanks for been so patience with compassion  torch us, the Hispanics speakers.
Please maintain yourself strong till maybe they will turn their looks backwards to study sooner.

Thanks my good Spanish from the soul. Some students all ages think they can survive the trip get to know costumes, culture and learn big time another language other than their mother one.

What is going to happen, again, a "Span English mass confusion" and a translation device is neither the solution, as a matter of fact
Why don't you hire a professional bilingual teacher to make those trips with you and sleep near your place, just in case.
Translation doesn't fix the inconvenient
or the need and problem to express yourself freely.
A digital translator is close but neither, a waste of money and time, making you feel like foolish by being attached to a digital translator

The Real Legacy Hotels Rooms.
People smart will find friends and move into one of these countries to live life, to enjoy and understand their culture
Taste their food dishes, dress their clothing, start thinking like them and become bilingual, could you?

El curso de Español no es como el curso de
Ingles si lo practicas y vives por mas de tres meses. Se debe comer la comida de ellos, escuchar la música canciones, leer sus libros e historietas, TV pantalla gigante! ver la televisión, películas, show, telenovelas, partidos de fútbol.
Y además, si puedes encontrar una novia o novio, amigos y demás, aun mejor para la practica.

Por desgracia, el curso de español es mucho mas complicado y
difícil. Hemos puesto esta ventaja de adquirir los métodos de enseñanza
para el idioma en Barcelona, Cataluña, Cervantes, Santa Lucia
Andalucía, Madrid y latino América en estas tiendas online, visítelas
hoy mismo.

Quien quiere tener un montón de estudiantes haciendo preguntas sin
sentido común o con mal entendido acerca de que como se formo el
español, de donde vino o quien fue el primero que lo hablo. Nosotros no
enseñamos lenguajes en estas paginas, no vendemos cursos o libros
relacionados con el tema, tampoco comparamos los sonidos de Costa Rica
con ningún otro país de centro, norte o sud del continente.

ES: Pero lo que si recalcamos es con quien nos podemos entender o
comunicar mas rápido y con eficiencia sin tener que acudir a un tedioso
diccionario lingüístico local, internacional para lo que de por si deberá de
ser uniforme en nuestras patrias por un sonido único y puro. Sin apuros y
mal comprendidos dichos o imitaciones de sonidos de lenguajes externos.
decimos externos cuando hablamos del Ingles, Italiano, Alemán, Francés,
Árabe o Inclusive el tedioso y dificultoso chino.

ES: Así que no es posible que una persona en México, en Venezuela, Argentina se ofendan cuando un centro americano dice un nombre que para este sector no significa nada extraordinario localmente y allá todo lo contrario una ofensa personal o moral.

El problema es que a nadie le interesa si eres un extranjero o no, ellos solo escuchan el sonido de pronunciar y bingo eso es lo que se quiere decir.
Lo siento mi Español, pero te estamos deteriorando poco a poco con tediosos dichos sin sentido para la real lengua hispana y lo que es peor aun, es que ya nadie te quiere estudiar y perfeccionar.

Las familias con estudiantes, las ciudades, pueblos y países de habla hispana están ya casi hablando ingles en lugar del bello espanol, triste o no te han olvidado y te están cambiando por algo así llamado " Span English " o parecido.

Lo siento con el alma, pero el canto de tus letras no hace eco en los nuevos estudiantes, los colegios y las universidades, ya no te estudian con amor y perfección como antes.

Te damos las gracias por ser tan paciente y compasivo con los hispanos parlantes y mantente fuerte que talvez ellos vuelven la mirada atrás y estudian mas muy pronto, gracias mi lengua origen en el alma.