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The Most Cute Pictures For Miramar City.
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red houses

yellow house

"Una casa, y la casa amarilla"
Takes a lot of time to design something like a galley for our visitors to enjoy rare seen job alike, this one.

First a lot of travel in Central America.
The quest for small and large towns or cities, then qualification and style of forest landscapes views.

This particular webpage was original made in 2014 and because search engines complained about the large size.
A small part of picture set for Miramar city.
Most colorful homes with typical Style. Some good places to visit for ocean views and pretty sunny landscapes.

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High houses in Miramar are decorated with flowers | Home in Miramar Puntarenas typical.
Foto de una casa típica en Costa Rica | Las casas de Miramar en altura están decoradas.
Con las flores

house gardens


These illustrations were taken by a traveler who's name has been hidden for reasons of photography school training and the person has asked to do so, we can't display it.

The palms beauty with the heart, cr.
Houses in with farm entrances | The road to downtown city, directions homes at the farm entrances. |
Con el Corazon.

white building

For each family more than three generations and customs, traditions.
Bellezas Las casas con entradas a sus fincas.
Las casas con entradas a sus fincas.

Inside the monument, the chairs for assistance to church, inside member peoples sitting sites.
The rear side Amenities, behind de building church the nice garden.

A society that assist every Sunday evening to receive their blessings and reunite with other relatives and friends.

Los asientos de la Iglesia.
Al lado detrás de la iglesia, el jardín.



Contraseña de una Pequeña ciudad en las alturas, gente que vive orgullosa de sus hogares.
El color verde sale de la tierra y las montanas, de los bosques y hermosos jardines bien cuidados por las amas de casa.


Or pet commentary in English language, the church side, discover the best from a catholic tradition with this country's, places to have a honeymoon, get married and celebrate your honeymoon, catholic amenities color white.

Cemetery, public camp of saints.
Retire citizens last resting place
Imágenes del cementerio, Camposanto lugar campo santo