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The Scary Collection

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Time darkside stories people love to share online, freaky creepy stuff for instance like Spooky Abandoned Places, Ghostly Homes, and Spine Chilling Old Toys!
Photos: ( A set of creepy dead haunted dolls found in an old apartment in Nebraska ).

creepy dead dolls

We wish for you to have a good night's sleep tonight and sleep tight, never dreaming of a possessed cat or weird ungodly spirits Buhahahaha!

Just a few days when my kids were searching for scary things that will keep them interested for long hours or even days watching on tv and on the internet, I found out that nothing will do a better job than these raggedy handmade things named by our ancestors "home made dolls". You know, those that Grandma's did in the olden days to give as birthdays and Christmas gifts to boys and little girls.
 These times that were left behind by the newer technologies are still coming back as a deja vu or back flash to the new generations minds, day and night in the dark side.

Really Scary Doll Videos is an accomplish to proof how these today's kids and grownups are stream interesting on watching them over and over, like an obsession, almost.

For the whole world, toys are already a deja vu meaning, because the majority of them keep going up on the price at stores as the cost of life also keeps changing for worst

Extra: At the Disney princess aisle and exactly the girls toy aisle at store Walmart

The five haunted American girl doll, an awsome Barbie doll, and the last 2019 December will be a little surprise for visitors´╗┐.

Setup & Play" 5 Stars

Rich stunning videos and rich media to watch now!

On top of all of that, this isn't a game or a collection of great dance songs to listen
The expensive toys break or get lost for any reason, and then the scare kids appear when times after, They find those " lost items left behind by hundreds or thousands of years ago kids generations).
(Photo: A set of creepy vintage haunted dolls)

creepy vintage haunted dolls

This websites, The Bookoflike and Solid America have put together a set of information containing images, or photos and interesting scary videos about those dolls you want to watch and enjoy. Have a good night sleep tonight

We hope you like them and decide to register your own free profile at the Bookoflike site and start sharing your mystical scary experiences, so others do the same too.
Discovering the deja vu meaning. Lets make it fun!.

Great Videos

My Sisters Doll I'm Sick of It

The number one is about a young man or "a guy" who claims to be tired or sick of it!
(Also, this can be a get paid to watch videos and download app trailers at your local app stores. Fake, real crazy and creepy but cool stuff) Words said by the maker!
A pretty recommendation will be " Sleep tight" take it as a good recommending stuff
You be the judge and make your own thoughts after watching of it

Think, how boring will be the people's lives online without this kind of entertaining.
This isn't a game!

Top Five Scariest Supernatural Clips

For someone to claim that this job describes the top five scariest supernatural clips that you and me want to approve and recommend to everyone, then they must be crazy!
Even, they are inviting everybody to move one the updated section with another media to keep the viewers engaged. and watching

Anyways, be the judge, again please

For sure you like it!
Funny, someone said to the make these words " Do you know that if you scream at 12 am to the mirror marry, a ghost.. What ghost are you talking about?"
That's thick!
Then, someone who was watching it, actually having hungry and without any pop corn or snacks, said "eat all the food away immediately"
Somebody else said "Man, people must have a very a brave soul to see this"

Real ghosts in the Haunted Doll Room At A Road Hotel
Another scare group of entrepreneurs trying to catch with the money flow
The videos of haunted dolls also should add some spice to the list
Let's give a try because Nothing is scarier than these little ugly guys, why not?
It could be probably a good guest for a Halloween time movie in Hollywood movies

Let us know if something goes wrong on your laptop computer, the smartphone or even, the flat large screen TV
Promise me, that you won't screen loud, please
This is what happen when people play with a set of digital paranormal camera channel at night and in the dark and see a the guy running toward the camera!

Remember A Doll Called With The Name Of Annabelle? Then, watching this terrific and outstanding Annabelle and Ellen in her show will probable refresh your mind

Media samples the world wide web and handmade by Ellen will captivate your eyes for a bit

The True Story of The Possessed Haunted Annabelle Doll and Real Conjuring Story of the Perron Family and Scary Happenings!
This is a very creepy story and freaky spooky footage including photos so Beware!
Annabelle Doll

Anything that is trending big becomes TV and a movie star business. On fact, Television shows, television news also engage themselves over and over to catch with the advertisement money flowing through.
How much cost to become a rich man or women or a company dealing with haunted homes, scary houses, places, boats and hotels is a daily bread served portion only?

Even a single picture of this famous fake spirit will provoke bills of a million or more dollars for Hollywood and big news channels brands
Someone's opinion was about famous singer cute Taylor Swift who eventually got scared by Ellen eight times