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Results USA VS England National Soccer Teams

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usa national soccer team fanatics, girl fan

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I still remember way back in 1992 when I live in South Florida and I think a world cup for soccer was happening, I asked to several Americans living with the area, which team did they like the most? I was surprised with their answers, "I don't know, what's that? we think that " Brazilian Pele plays for Us".

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Later around the USA public started to learn more about these games and sports, rather than getting stocked with American football games championship in between states.

Till today when I watch how far these soccer made it into United States and how good they became with reunion and hire for international experienced players.

Coach Fabio Capello ( National Selection Team For British England Player), Bob Bradley USA Coach Trainer
Rustenburg,, Soccer Stadium in South Africa June 12 2010. ( Now is 2013 January 15.)

It could be the game U.S.'s earth-shattering, history and historic winning at that time 1-0 win over England back in 1950 World Cup, the Americans have proven to know how to keep their affords to earn a value points. But today they got to make a tied with the English on a result to 1-1 goals.

Yes the famous stadium did get to show what really is to play strong, secure and wisely. United States Soccer team proven to England that they are serious about soccer and eventually win over a world cup soon. Their constantly advice on how English players had their way to frame the game was guessed clearly by Americas and a strong battle in the field kept everyone with 100% attention on the best game till now for this world cup 2010 / 2014 2018and 2019

England did a goal to the US goalkeeper and team at the first 45 minutes, but the tied came almost at the end when an auto goal made by the English goalkeeper happened and bingo the tied. It was almost an accident, but it happened. At the second round 45 minutes all was just play, when the goalkeeper for England got injured and out, replaced.
Please see pictures: A Draw Result for a TIE GAME 1-1, the famous world's sports inventor England, called " Soccer the head game" and the daughter competes against it making it's way to fame, giving a lot of hard time to her mother country.

The Fans Are People With Colorful Customs Dress And face Painted With Their National Soccer Team Colors Of The Flag.

Both Countries Are represented in These
Two samples of Images.

english net football

coach Fabio Capello

The final net to make a goal, the coach and trainer mr Coach Fabio Capello instilled in the group British.

soccer shoes play

british fanatics

Nice Soccer running Shoes and the professional ball in a game.
You got to have the ebst US goalkeeper!
Look an Fan for team England with a big hat on and the uniform white t-shirt<

english ready to shoot

twosoccer  players

Three players from England, attack to the American gate door playing.
Dempsey became the second U.S. player to score in two World Cups, giving the pleasure to goal

keep English to receive a about thirty foot shut and a goal for US. At that moment Dempsey and the others celebrated the tied.

american soot corner

usa frame work football

Catch this shoot, and a corner out. It was the trainer Pierre Barrieu who assisted Howard in the second time foe the game, when he got his ribs hutting during a match with Heskey.
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U.S. coach Bob Bradley said that he was totally comfortable when the game occurring went on, because now they knew how to play with in the competition.
The next players gave hard job to do to English players: The backline of Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi

Onyewu, Jay DeMerit and Steve Cherundolo
Note: That was a memorial to those emotional days when United States started to show up on each important athletic event worldwide, 2010 world cup was just like any other sports, famous athletic event 2010 world cup.