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United States International Games

Proud feeling to call it the American soccer game.
(To remind everyone about many like this will be the point
Then in 2014 the Brazilian Wold Cup already happend.
The year 2015, 2016, 2017 2018 2019 news game etc.

History may repeat again, now USA is about to qualify for second quarters at the World Cup in Brazil - Brasil after the play against Portugal

mr bob bradley

A Game Number 38 for the Group C 23 June 2010
A Very Suffered Victory For The American Soccer Team Today.
In The Last Minute.

Coach Frank DE Bleeckere ( Belgium in Europe ) |

Bélgica Europa Arbitro Arbitrajes Partido 38  - Grupo C - 23 Junio. 2014 en Brasil EU va a pasar a octavos final

City Tshwane Pretoria | Loftus Versfeld Stadium
United States Professional's Soccer Player Middle fielder Landon Donovan Scores A Goal At the 90 Minutes, with 4 Minutes Time Extra.
The excellent game.

These kind of unique events are hard to find these days on the internet
This is why we kept the records for eternity

When the US national soccer team in the future have big competitions against hard to break European and South Americas teams and get to beat them up, on soccer of course.

Non disagreement that the Americans dominated the complete two halves, several tries to make goals

flag united states of america

all inclusive a goal that was void by the official central referee.
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(Enjoy the image galleries, the job was made by an amateur photographer who did not have the best digital camera brand.

Even so, it is easy to tell who is on the photo and what these images of the gallery are about, so enjoy them and return next time with lots of your best friends.

mr. rabah sSaadane

algerian fans

Line Up USA |

Alineacion Estados Unidos:

1- Tim Howard (Goalkeeper) |

El Portero Americano Estadounidense, para las gentes en Latinoamerica y Europa.
2 -

Carlos Bocanegra (el Capitan )

4 Michael Bradley, 6 Steve Cherundolo, 8 Clint Dempsey, 9 Herculez Gomez, 10 Landon Donovan, 12 Jonathan Jonathan, 15 Jay Demerit, 17 Jozy Altidore, 19 Maurice Edu

americans fans

algerian meeting - reunion

Coments and reviews on an algerian meeting |

Comentarios en la reunion
Equipo Deportivo De Argelia

| Algerian Sport Team:
23 (GK) Rais M Bolhi, 2 Madjid Bougherra, 3 Nadir Belhadj, 4 (C) Anther Yahla, 5 Rafik Halliche, 8 Medhi Lacen, 11 Rafik Djebbour, 13 Karim, Matmour, 15 Karim Ziani, 19 Hassan Yehda, 21 Foued Kadir.

last minute soccer goal

USA playing - EU

team soccer algelia - seleccion de argelia

En el banquillo

| Seating Waiting List:
18 Brad Guzan (GK), 23 Marcus Hahnemann (GK)
2 Jonathan Spector, 5 Oguchi Onyewu, 7 DaMarcus Beasley (

Tarjeta Amarilla

| yellow card ), 11 Stuart Holden, 13 Ricardo Clark, 14 Edson Buddle.
Save all your positive comments about these hard working athletes, educated and trained to win each challenge they get in front at any time

Note: these names are for the very purpose of decorating the review, they in their own are or could be registered names brands, and public star players meantime for the entire world to review them and their performance
16 Francisco Torres, 21 Clarence Goodson, 22 Benny Feilhaber, 20 Robbie Findley, 1 Lounes Gaouaoui (GK), 16 (GK) Faouzi Chaouchi, 6 Yazid Mansouri, 7 Ryad Boudebouz, 9 Abdelkader Ghezzal, 10 Rafik Saifi, 12 Habib Bellaid, 14 Abdelkader Laifaui, 17Adlane Guedioura, 18 Carl Medjani, 20 Djamel Mesbah, 22 Djamal Abdoun.

Rais M Bolhi golkeeper of algelia

Tim Howard goalkeeper USA

maurice edu

Americans will always remember this soccer great game, as the game 2010 where they really qualify because they work hard for and deserve it.

I as a spectator, perfectly could stop watching today the ball games in this world cup, and with the example these American great athletes had given, the power of their will to go and get it
Never quit until the game is over

I will be satisfied for probable the best show ever.


| Coaches: Bob Bradley (USA)
(Alg.) Rabah Saadane.
Arbitros - Referee Officals
Frank De Bleeckere ( Belgicum ) | Belgica.

Arbitro Asistente 1

: Peter Hermans ( Belgicum ) | Belgica
Assistants |

Asistente 2: Para los octavos final

Walter VROMANS ( Belg. ) | Fouth: Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh (Man )
Fof: Mu Yuxin (China )


celebration US team

officials inside the game

En un partido dramático, los norteamericanos vencieron a Argelia con un gol de Landon Donovan en tiempo adicionado y se adjudicaron el Grupo C. Los argelinos quedaron siempre clasificados con un punto de puntaje para la segunda ronda.

USA Soccer team

Juegos profesionales EU
Los Estados Unidos de América hizo un gran esfuerzo futbolístico antes de ganar este juego de fútbol y clasificar, paso todo el primer tiempo tratando de realizar su primer gol

Hubieron muchas llegadas, pero la suerte a pesar de la presión y posesión del balón mas tiempo entre estos jugadores americanos, simplemente no se dio.

En el segundo tiempo las cosas cambiaron en el aspecto de hacer el gol que les daría el pase a los octavos de final junto con Argelia,

Los Estados Unidos con cinco puntos y los argelinos con 1 punto.

Pero que sufrimiento que se podía notar entre los aficionados de las galerías inclusive, cuando al minuto noventa 90'' el Jugador Medio campista Landon DONOVAN logra este maravilloso gol para el cierre del partido y lo pone después de los 4 minutos de reposición arriba 1 por cero 0 al marcador.

Así clasificaron los Estados Unidos para los octavos de final.

El arquero de Argelia estuvo excelentemente bueno, pero su equipo no ayudo para hacerle el juego mas concreto, sino que estuvieron perdidos durante el primer tiempo y el segundo, parecía que querían entrar con la bola en lugar de disparar de larga distancia, los pases de corto y por alto no sirvieron de nada.