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What to Pack for the Trip Costa Rica Travel

Tips vacation guide list, Costa Rica travel insurance

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Of course every person packing for their trip to Costa Rica travel for a vacation will depend on many things such as how long your visit will be the regions and the climates that you will be in

What you plan to do in Costa Rica
And basically, your personal packing list preferences.
We will offer the best valuable what to pack C.R vacation guide.

Remember that many things can be

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Purchased en Costa Rica after arrival
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So, keep this in mind for your packing list.
First and foremost, you will need your essentials:

Passport and driver's license or a valid photo ID
Credit Cards applications to fill up
( highly recommend one or several Visa or MasterCard to buy travel essentials online)
- Diving Certification
If you drive
- Travel Confirmations
A· Copies of your passport and credit cards (or scan them and email to yourself)

- Emergency contacts phone numbers
- Copy of packing list, just in case
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- Travel insurance and Traveler's checks (if you want)
- Airline tickets

- U.S. American dollars in small amounts, not in excess
- A very good Costa Rican Map on your car rental vehicle is covered by a travel insurance quotes and ideas.
Besides a good map and guidebook, you might want to pick these up.
* Nature Guide
* Spanish / English Phrase book
* Bird Book.
Clothing - Think of this: Pack waterproof, breathable, and Quick dry clothing:

4 to 6 Tanks and T-shirts / Tops (100% cotton is best in hotter tropical climates)
- Shorts
-1 or 2 of more Formal or ' Less Casual ' Pants or Jeans
- 1 or 2 pairs of Quickdry pants for hiking, etc.

These are the things the Ladies should buy or bring with them on the trip:

A Sundress or 2 & maybe a skirt, we recommend cotton or lightweight breathable bras (sports bras come in handy
as well)
- Lightweight hoodie, jacket, or sweater and a Lightweight windbreaker, raincoat or poncho (depending on your
- 2 or 3 Swim Suits and a beach cover up for the ladies like a song, if they prefer
- 5 to 8 pairs Under clothing to wear
- Sleepwear

Mesh laundry bag. ( The photos left:
Travel vacation packages packing advise Mexico Canada Brazil Colombia Chile Argentina Panama, Hawaii Jamaica Costa Rica )

- Hat with brim

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- Sunglasses
- Spare Prescription Eyeglasses
- Lightweight Scarf or Bandana
- Headbands
- Water resistant watch
- Quick dry towel (unless you will only be staying in hotels)
- Daypack (one with a waist strap)
- Backpack or carrying bag
- Flashlight
- Binoculars
- Pocket knife, Nail clippers, Nail file (do not pack in carry-on bag on plane!)
- Ziploc baggies to keep things dry
- Emergency little sewing kit can come in really handy
- Comfortable walking shoes, and we highly recommend flip-flops
- Hiking or trail shoes
- Dress Sandals Shoes, if desired, for a special night out
- Teva or shoe with a back-strap for river rafting and reefs ( Teva sandals brand is the best choice )

- 8 to 10 pairs lightweight hiking socks and running socks
Personal Items ( most can be bought abroad ):

- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Dental Floss
- Shampoo and Conditioner
- Antiperspirant Deodorant
- Styling products (Tropical climate usually means frizzy hair!)
- Body wash and soaps
- Shaving Cream and Razor
- Your eye contacts and eye contact solution
- Face and Body Moisturizer
- Brush or comb

- Hair Accessories (many kinds abroad and are not expensive)
- Perfume or Cologne (attracts bees and insects, so be careful!)
- Make Up Cosmetics
- Sunscreen Lotion or Oil with SPF 30 and up, and Lip Balm with SPF 15 and up
- OFF Insect Repellent with as much Deet as possible (should bring with you, it is costly in CR)
- Prescription Meds (in original containers)
- Pain relievers like Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil
- Allergy, Sleep, & Motion sickness meds, Anti-itch cream, Neosporin Antibiotic cream. Can get most en Costa Rica at decent prices
- Hand sanitizer
- Feminine products (Tampons are expensive and you might not find your particular brand)
- Birth control items
- Basic but well-stocked First-aid Kit
Electronics (must not be in their original packaging or look brand new):
- Picture Camera and Video Camera (or 2 in 1 kind, Waterproof would be especially nice)
- Cell phone, or rent cells in C.R.
- Laptop, I-pod/ mp3 player( optional )
- all needed Chargers
- USB storage drive
- Travel alarm clock
- Spare batteries
- Calculator
Tips: Highly recommend that you do not bring valuable articles that are not necessary such as expensive
jewelry, computers ( Unless you need your computer laptop or Ipad), luxurious garments, excess cash, or any
objects of sentimental value.