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Why are we talking about this small town? well, in the colony times Harry Morgan the English Pirate Morgan visited and took some profits out of it.
Remember that English Pirate Harry Morgan used to move from Panama city to the remaining nearby nations and islands pacific and Atlantic collecting the precious jewels and yellow metal.
Plus later around
The American colonizer journalist lawyer and adventurer, had organized several private military expeditions.

William Walker also visited it several times with his men who were very interested on stealing the the yellow rich metal from locals and Indians aboriginals.

The American lawyer, warrior and filibuster William walker was time after the President or dictator of Nicaragua and Managua.

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(Latin mineria) minery gold tools for work

gold tools

Original beautiful sites. Top one in ten 10 beautiful web sites to see.

Probable you already have made lots of trips on different American countries and even though, you never experience seen the ocean with the gold city eyes, I mean under the locals everyday spectrum and colorful rainbow.

People that love nature is people very happy, they live longer and their lives are with joy.

The next group of pics is a second set of city heights in Puntarenas state with joy (province in Spanish)
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Miramar History & Photo

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Next " the gold tools, the pans used to break dirt and stones till reaching the yellow material or powder prime gold.".

gold mine

Now Remember, start reading quotes from left to right, English is as usual the first on the left of " | " Vertical bar and Spanish top the right side of the same bar too.

The owner of this old horse is inside the establishment and let his animal waiting for a while
I guess the horse is already used to be on standby "still standing". Waiting faithfully until his manager arrives and both go home loaded with groceries or accessories for agriculture and work at their farm, more at north and far away from downtown.

The question is, This is a nice Place to relax. Do the locals in this town have a motor gasoline or diesel vehicle for their personal transportation?

The answer is yes, but traditional and rituals about riding horses come from 1800's and so it passed to the newer generations, till now that a reliable transportation and secure to go across rivers is a faithful horsy.
Soon he will be retired and be able to stay eating green grass all day without worrying about his daily jobs.

street dog

white horse

Part of gold exploit metal machinery, Country today | Partes de la maquinaria para explotar las minas, las minas de oro. El viejo perro del parque

Gold mines downtown city mountain-view |.
The old dog slow and looking to fin a place to retire | .
What about the doggy daily jobs? does he do anything during the entire day?, who owns him? where does he or she lives?

Honestly, I asked about this small white dog and people answer with an expression on their face, they said, he lives at the church, that's it, the priest owns that guy.

casa vieja
An Old House Photo (Abandoned weird homes, abandoned houses)


I wait for my master, horses thoughts, wile they wait for their master | Espero por mi jefe, la mente de los caballos, cuando esperan por su amo. Las casas de edad avanzada, viejas casas La Localidad Las cosas simples siempre son mejor para agradar la mirada y El mundo de las mas típicas viviendas.

The old man lived inside this house, the history was his life.
older houses |
The simple things happen to be the best to delight the look by the corner |

orange landscape

gold ocean sea

Once again, another incredible yellow color landscape, something that happens by luck and accidentally, because the majority are silver color or red.

light blue skies

The wonder sunset, pictures Americas, orange colors lands | la maravillosa, atardeceres maravillosos de América, tierra naranja.
Puesta del sol color oro, la puesta del sol, oro y plata, imágenes valiosas.

Gold sunsets Costa Rican Golden sunset, golden and silver views.|