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sea sunsets

We hope you like these small amount of colorful images.
Photography of Nature For Free to look online.

The each image has proximally 400 x4 00 images pixels resolution resolution.
Most relevant information sorting.
If in some cases you don't find in one web page, then try another one for a diversity, because we are constantly growing and becoming a very busy website.

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The rain fall in the forest always keeps green, mostly when mountains in places higher than 200 meters high.
Naturally it receives about a few inches of rain fall per day and mainly at the afternoons.

Every time that sooner visits a new place in another land other than their own
They make discovery of stunning sites locations and they want to share it with others

These others can be friends, relatives and family.

How ever that's not our intention about sharing this town, city place.
We just work making photography and we aren't the best

So please have patience and understand that the heat, tiredness and lack of sleep causes our camera Canon to make imaging out of focus.
Of course, thousands have been in this place before US
But, they didn't do the same job and stayed till next day to catch the bus to go the capital and next taking an airplane back to United Sates.
All causes people to get worry and confused sometimes.

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hill buena vista

It is normal to be found plantain plants ( source of bananas foods in an unique photography nature) in all the tropics, green yellow bananas Foods plants, Sea and sunsets up hill in Costa Rica property wonders from tropical.

jennyfer green red flowers

park walks

The image to the right belongs to the central downtown park and the other below this text is about an accidentally photo trick that happened by throwing white water paint and then showing it from very close view. ( I guess)

snowing on a leaser

Found flowers behind the park, natural. Paradise, red flowers |
Rojo, flores rojas.
Encontramos estas flores en el parque de la naturaleza.
El parque publico e historia | The public park in the city.

gallinas wild chicken

typical cart

typical share

Photography of Nature For Free.
The Chicken animals are every where |
Typical small cart, painted virgin Mary by a local proud man, Costa Rican typical cart with colorful painted virgin mary desig |
The good neighbor sitting at his typical long chair style made, decorated with nice art flowers chair |

Las gallinas de esta localilidad, lugar  predilecto, ellos están por todos lados
Carreta típica, La carreta típica y popular del tiempo pasado La Virgen.
El buen vecino sentado en su silla decorada con tipicas flores.

mormon church

kids paintings | murales de ninos

This is a sign that these people love to have a reliable near place to work and support their families many years ago, early from 1700 and 1900 hundreds, locals were doing the hard work for digging with rustic mine tools and earn their weekly bread to feed their kids and wives.

That's main reason on how the wall design and paintings to remember when international companies exploded their lands and took the rich gold power, making engagement rings for weddings, necklaces, earrings for ladies, women and finally to sell at international markets.

miners paints | oreros

Iglesia Protestante | Another church is noticeable the natural forest protection |
Se nota el interes de los miramarcenos de proteger el bosque natural.
Older golden miners working in Montes De Oca, Miramar mines.
Pinturas los viejos mineros.
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