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If you own one or more of these outstanding places and probable you might want also to let the entire worldwide traveling community know about the benefits and features of your hotel line, then, start today.

1- Step one is about making the suites and rooms very color friendly, the bed sheets, the ceilings, the lighting, the bathrooms
The entire environment very pleasant for both, guest women and guest men
2- The swimming pools, including the swimming pool for kids must be transparent and pure clean, water well treated with the right amount of bleach and algaecide

The hotel personnel for providing services must be well respectful and trained with excellent manners
3- Tell your staff to always smile, no matter what.
Travelers have their own Face book pages and they make serious comments that everybody read, positive reviews count as the best advertisement on this industry
4- Make your place unique and earn the travelers trust, love and earn also their recommendation.
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Kids with excitement talk about being able and stay somewhere else other than their own homes.

They go on vacations with mom and dad, an aunty or some relatives, and as the days and weeks go by, they realize that the is no better place to live other than their own home.

So they want to go back and next year return.
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These are the steps on how to start searching first your preferred state name, Choose the most likable destination place you have in mind, first continent " Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa, the country, then the state, then the city and if the suggestions in the box doesn't satisfy your needs, then type the respective name for the resort or hotel you want.
For example:

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1-California, MD, United States.
2-Brazil, IN, United States

3-Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy, 4- Mexico City International Airport, Mexico.
5-German Village, OH, United States.
6- Las Vegas, NV, United States, 7- Vegas de Matute, Spain.
8- The Niagara amazing waterfalls in Canada. 10- Orlando Fl. and Dallas Texas.

By default you will be taken to the top Destinations page:
New York City, Panama City, Jaco Costa Rica.
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