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We got to quote this story, digging deeply on every place we visited and stayed several days.

a doll in a cart costa rica

Talking with locals in their own language makes them feel great, important enough to tell beautiful and unique stories.

Who wants to win a travel vacations unforgettable ever? we don't have that! We have photography and reviews.

Got to practice water land wild sports, the ocean and the green mountains, all in one outstanding nature's package to free you up from stress and worries acquired in the big metropolis, the Large cities like New York, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Peking, Paris etc.
Life is much simple and pure, better air to breath, best white sand beaches in he Latino American paradise.

Hotels in Costa Rica

There wasn't any hotels in Costa Rica in those long time ago years!
Christopher Colombo became the first official world traveler when at early age he used to sit at a rock in somewhere of the Italian European coast and think about such a dream coming some day thru.

It was all about traveling after getting a guide from the best buy books online with no limits and discovering new horizons while learning and having a lot of fun, no becoming famous
Because he did not named the continent America, after him.
The point is that almost everyone inclusive children, women or men want to take an expedition after Christopher Columbus did it.

(Check the best buy books to acquire your travel map and guide).

Today's market offers a huge amount of discounted packages with all-inclusive at one only price all over the world or planet earth, and maybe some day soon to the moon or the galaxies.

Like an queen of Spain yesterday allowed our star discoverer to be the traveler facilitating him the canvas Atlantic ocean cruiser boats to go and visit new horizons in America.

We must do the same with our lives and allow ourselves to travel all over the world
The Caribbean islands for example (Note:
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They don't speak Spanish language in there) with exotic foods and customs, white sands beaches
Rich costs around the main continent, Mexico, Panama.
Orlando Florida for Disney World in USA, France with the Eiffel tower in Paris, Frankfort Germany, El Cairo with pyramids in Egypt.

Costa Rica volcanoes, raining forest and natural paradise reservations, Panama Canals and Balboa, brazil with Rio De Janeiro, Ipanema beaches.

Travel vacations unique destinations

Alaska cruises and icebergs.

Discovery for all, do not let any behind imagination ever.
We were asked to make the directions at easy as possible for great full visitors to our WebPages of traveling with comments, reviews and pictures, a lot of pictures. Bugs CR.

We all were born natural discoverers, we like to see, smell and learn at same time.
New things are always in front our eyes, let's go and do always do the best.
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More blue than that, it can't get

Brilliant blue bugs from the tropics.
International Tourism
And directions, reviews and comments |

Non All Cities Are for Sale
This one is for sharing the past and the history of almost 500 years of age
He Gave His Best Years of Life
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La revista y comentario de la cirugía plástica, tratamientos, implantes de pechos en cirugía y medicina por doctores.

Una aventura que tomara tus sentidos y los dejara volar en la naturaleza pacifica, una catarata increíble.
Una tica chica con arte para procesar el Arroz.

rare blue bug

wild bugs

Sabemos que unos libros o al menos uno es importante para leer en la piscina o la sala de descanso del hotel cuando se esta viajando y es un placer leer.

Para los estudiantes locales, internacionales que desean estudiar, el estudiar, los estudios son importantes, para el buen estudiante las escuelas, colegios, universidades, institutos bilingüe o non bilingüe.

Los mapas son grandes en asistencia muchas veces para recorrer América, el mundo, los mejores mapas en la línea desde tiendas, mapas mundiales, de las Americas
Mantengámonos bien verde, ayudemos al verde natural, protejamos lo mas precioso, nuestro verde, mirar los perritos y su mama alimentándolos debidamente.

Lots of traveler arrive with one idea or plan already set, getting themselves an adjustment, getting better looks and shaping their bodies.

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a girl holds an antique

| A tool to process rice in the hands of a Tica girl.

Reading And The Books
are our best traveling friends, we know that almost everyone that travels need a book or several books sometimes their resting moments at the hotel swimming pool or living room, so some books will be available too |
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One of those that shows the historical sites.

Maps containing everything, maps for city roads, international information that you can find on cell phone, Smart Phones or a single Smartphone or tablet apps can do the magic.
The app who claim they can fix the address for you
Yes, those tablet apps in CNN, New York times.

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Another person taken the room and you must start all over again making the reservation, just buy your own map and go personally to the hotel or place of destination.

Plus a quote, important notice! Wear safety belt while driving on the streets and roads, make a Stop of the vehicle when reading the map, it is better and safe. Have a Nice Good Trip!