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Titles, for decorations for home and office

Note: This is a public notice offer for business.

titles of costa rica

The customer stands for the home, office building builder and he or she representing the construction firm is never the final consumer, instead these kind of buyers ask for a wholesale price

The person in charge of the buying department calls or goes around searching for the biggest deal and then decide for the right place to make business with and close an agreement with payment as they deliver their material final products.

Decoration, bathroom, floors.
These are some selected pictures. ( Spanish Azulejos).

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This is a ( coffee) brown dark and light colors title for decorations of bathrooms, living room walls, home walls exterior and internal etc.
The wall store title doesn't have any bright. Stone Colors.

Decoracion para las pared, No brillo.
The Titles sizes 25 x 33 size have a higher cost price.

7,200 Colones m2 (14 $ USD)

Information cell phone number:

Easy installations. ( size is 20x30) 6,350 Colones.

Approximately 8 Dollars per each square meter, m2.
The amount of 800 m2 takes about a week for delivering it to Puntarenas.

Este Azulejo de color café, esperando que sea el color y la calidad que usted gusta comprar,
Precio es de Seis mil 6,350 Colones por metro cuadrado.
Note: Además, el transporte y impuesto de venta aplican por separado ( de lo cual se estaría hablando una vez acordado el pedido).

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( El total de 800 m2 llevaría aproximadamente una semana para enviarse)

Si desea mas información puedes llamar al teléfono del vendedor en linea
Mas grande azulejos para pisos y paredes.