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Nature's Spectacular Shows

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For the world viewers and readers, a monumental and unique show.
A moment we thought that the crocodile would attack the cow, when the cow came close and drank some water

crocodile with a cow

What a surprise, he did not get attacked, instead the crocodile stood evenly, not a move.
Notice, however, that the cow marked his territory (look closer at the photo).
The adventure awaits for you river, with safari and excitement at the wild day, followed by a best picture gallery, photography made on true story and galleries for all.

Excitement and fun to spend a couple of weeks or just buy a farm and stay, just enjoy their lives from the bridge.
Not a chance to go swimming for us

Then we could be the next delicious meal for them, so let's keep on top of the bridge and take care well done about the children from regular driving vehicles and cars or trucks and the meantime from not jumping into the habitat of the wild animal kingdom

resying crocodile

The pictures containing arts are for sale in this same place, just across the river bridge
The Crocodiles, in the really outstanding show for everybody, including the Costa Ricans.

So you should not miss this unique spectacular and natural wild animal just waiting for the next meal. Exotic birds are also easy to fins in the area of Puntarenas Province.

top crocodile

island of crocodiles

The skin is rudimentary and their faces look very happy, they are friends and sharing the same habitat with territorial other creatures, all seem to be surviving well and adjusted.

Some restaurants are close of this crocodile site, but the most appetizer dishes are located at Jaco-beach or at Caldera in Esparza.
Actually the Wild Life has Some turns around, they get foods.
Something from their environmental surroundings and by afternoon, they just rest.

creature tropical

segal bird

( A Bear river migratory bird and seagals or a seagal) Nature reveals some of the real preferences on survival
(Bear River Migratory Bird) (Ave migatoria. La natura esta revelando las preferencias para sobrevivir.
Revista del Espanol:
Los cocodrilos por un momento, tuvimos suspenso, cuando la vaca, o mejor dicho el toretillo, se acerco al cocodrilo y ocurrio lo contrario.

Se acerco la vaca y el cocodrilo la miro y se miraron, tomo agua el toretillo y al mismo tiempo marco su territorio. ( la foto abajo ).
En rio tarcoles

This is what the travel agencies never told you! Maybe some food will come down the hungry wolf.
Adventure is the feeling while looking how is nature, how these animals feed themselves of the available options inside the continues source of foods.
The water must be clear and pure all times in order to maintain the living been, interesting too because the local government has chosen this place for this particular spectacle.

wild life

a towel

There were more wild creatures than rice on the water.
Towels and Printings from local souvenir stores with in the Costa Rica's bridges areas Hotels
It is not a surprise citizens can be found looking at these great animals too, alone with other observers from countries worldwide.

Travelers love to take some of these to their homeland when the time arrives of returning home

So the thoughts and remember will remain in their minds.
However a trip to this natural and luxury country takes more than a look of nature.
It also demands fun, yes a lot of fun on the beach, dancing at night clubs at night, assisting to museums, store shopping, restaurants and trying their best food dishes.

Drinking cocktails made locally, trying on leather handmade shoes, safari, mountain bike or motorcycles, car racing, art observing and purchasing to take as souvenirs, letting their friends knowing about the greatest ever escape in America, mountains and thermal waters close of the volcanoes too.

No wonder a lots of office travel agencies are booking and making huge groups reservations for international travel tourism to come abroad and spend their lifetime vacation.
The road on the Costanera, the bridge from where a crocodile can be seen.

river dark afternoon

crocodile river

Roads to Jaco beach And Guanacaste, the Costanera highway.
These roads are to drive with a route map of the place, go to Quepos, Manuel Antonio National Park and San Jose.


land animal

Just Before The Tarcoles River beginning, We reached this houses and restaurants with souvenirs and shops, sales and services.
Who wants to be a visitor and try to be a hero with these guys just waiting.

A Animal That Fights For Territorial place and It shows respect to others, no it is not an iguana and it is not that cute neither.

It is a water amphibian, and runs faster than anyone else on the water, with out to sink.

cocodile skin

la panoramica

Si puedes tomar estas fotografias para tu coleccion o memorias natural de cocodrilos del rio, cuando quieras.

Solo te pedimos un favor, dile a todos tus conocidos que vengan a visitarlos, el mundo entero debe saver de esta vida marabillosa.

Your Memories or collections, specially if the because you could not take your own when visited our land wonders, but please tell everyone about our animals, their habitat, it is predominant, important that the world get to see them in their own house.

Free picture gallery to watch and sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Goggle+, like we said feel free telling all families, friends and coworkers, co-students at college high schools etc.
Birdwatching tours, bird watching career, how to become a professional bird knowledgeable?

Great Egret Casmerodius albus \ Garza

souvenir america monkeys

Souvenir America monkeys pictures Un pajaro del rio, la garza blanca.
Para que molestar los animales, tomando o privando a ellos de sus libertades, si elloas y ellos no nos estan molestando, se ven mas bellos y saludables en sus hogares salvajes que en lugares que no conocen.

Great Egret "Casmerodius albus"

in Latin scientific name is a Great Egret Casmerodius albus.
Some of the names in the tropical rivers bird list are:

Little Blue Heron Egretta caerulea, Tricolored Heron Egretta tricolor, Snowy Egret Egretta thula, Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias, Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron Tigrisoma mexicanum, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron (inmature) Tigrisoma mexicanum.
Fasciated Tiger-Heron Trigrisoma fasciatum, Rufescent Tiger-Heron Trigrisoma lineatum list.

Of course monkeys, colorful parrots from the Caribbean and many other wild life wonders that can be seen.
With a very small effort
Taking the time to purchase costa rica houses in some area where the tours are available.
Top travel agencies in the market
The international and national tourism may go to visit other locations much closer to their costa rica houses.
Like hotels, reservations and beaches are for the international tourism.

When we seen something so cute like this, a whish cross our mind, why to disturb and trapped or maybe taking their freedom away from them, if they aren't coming to us ever.