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Where Should I Go Traveling?

In the month of March, just a few weeks will pass until the local international carnival!


The city is still receiving hundreds of tourist from all 4 corners of the entire world.
This Country is well known as the Switzerland in the Americas, with a huge different, who arrives for a vacation or business trip to this small place have a higher risk to stay fallen in love with it.

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Most likely when these people are retired from US and want to live abroad, but within the last years the local government is not that much interested on allowing everyone to stay, jus three month as maximum in the case of college students and business men o business women.

Surfing will always be the most popular water sport, followed by hiking cliff and high mountains, bicycle ride, mountain climbing and forest walking.

But tourist attractions caused all world sporting activities to become with popularity and specifically river rafting adventures tours down any qualified river, boating with sport boats, kayak fishing and sport fishing open Pacific or Atlantic Oceans and near islands.

What do they play?
the sporting events hold in the country's most popular sport soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, cricket, American football, girls soccer and basketball or girls volleyball too
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At this point our main concern is that not everybody wants to be wild and they prefer to enjoy a honeymoon time, spend some months exchanging studies in local schools and colleges

Actually many visitors do stay in a beach hotel, a motel, a break and breakfast or a beachfront resort and enjoy quiet ocean waves sounds with a nice unpredictable everyday sun posing over the islands like in this particular case of City Puntarenas Pacific destination.

( The right side Images: the best beaches in Costa Rica, get a cheap rate hotel to stay )

Travel To Costa Rica affordable deals. We will show you how this works with great pictures images, taken with a video camera Canon co. Our expectation is that you enjoy our job made under the sunshine and at evening along with other visitors who were spending their day stay at restaurants and hotels all kinds you an imagine.

Now for summer time season, and we must specify that this central American country has only two long seasons, winter and summer. The summer usually picks up from late November to mid April and the Winter from late April to late November also.

In some states people just can't get enough water, this is Limon, in there weather is most likely to bring longer periods of raining activity compared with northern state Guanacaste. ( more dry )

To break on the city name, lets concentrate abound only what's near the Ocean, who can live and work on it? Young people love to go the beach, they choose it on an average of 80% decision versus city and mountain stay. Where elderly also love spending time with their loves ones, looking at the length of the sands throughout the endless view.

Much farther views than across islands and passing boats, perhaps they thing on their pass experiences and hard work made, personal lived situations across their own lives.

Young people play games on over the grey and white sands, they practice basketball, swimming with their girlfriends in a case of the boys, taking pictures and watching what their friends and other youth is doing around.

This is what we do for a living, making the American website bester for everyone to like it somewhere somehow.

sunset puntarenas

( The top images: The shape made with the hands can wrap around the sun at the evening time so we can focus on the light.
A very powerful solid gold set of colors.
This one was an idea that came to my mind in a second.)
On the image to the left.
A visitor college student 19 years old men and his young sister girl high school students both from Massachusetts ( New England USA ), decided to cooperate by wrapping with their fingers the sun's silhouette patterns, just for a second.
After that, we the three spoken about why they were in this place at this particular time and where they are from.
( Shadow of a vacationers )

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On our conversation I told them about if they realized that the most beautiful sunset was happening and the place where people are right now is the beach of love, which means romantically paradise, romantic honeymoon destinations.
Their answer was Cool!.

On my personal trip to the famous American tourist sidewalk, my friend and me visited local large business and small bars, restaurants, medium hotels, medium beach resorts etc.

For example by asking questions to the Yadran hotel resort, located at the very end, their answer about rates and prices was $100.00 dollars at night, but their real answer was given to me in local coin, the Colon, something interesting because the USD coin is going down on popularity money exchanging. For how long the Central bank is going to lower the American dollar? no body knows, expectations are as longer they run out of them and then dollar gains purchase value again.

amenities and features

On this other cute image, for locations in the Pacific Ocean, the beachfront hotel swimming pool, guessing tourism will bath and cool down from the hot sands of the long beach. The garden looks in good care, it has many green plants and red flowers.

In the inside single rooms with single beds, costing the same of the master double matrimonial beds and family double occupancy large rooms well decorated, hot water, international restaurant to sit down at the table and order continental breakfast with hot coffee and could  juices for the kids, pets allowance or lets say pet friendly place.
Could air conditioned all unites and in the front of the building, a free parking and kids playgrounds loaded with excitement toys and chairs along the whole sidewalk.

When respecting dining outside and friends bar time at evening and night, everything seams to be in order, caution, there are many different and for all tastes.

sun flashes on the water

(Image in the right: The sun flashes lights on the water )

While we speak about the food and drink tours, watch the silver sunshine sunset captured by our Canon video camera, a 2005 with just a small resolution, but big job that can't compare with other expensive professional cameras today's market sale.
I love my video camera equipment handling.

Anyways, some of the restaurants near, do offer actually allowance to just walk in and sit for a delicious sea food meal,  unlikely US and Panama restaurants where people must make sure of a reservation prior to show up.

And sunshine screen creams to protect the body skin from ultra violet sun rays and skin burning spots all day long.
Others are Coppertone Lotions, Badger SPF 30, Loving Naturals, Banana Boat UltraMist and Banana Boat Kids Tear Free.
( The to image:

It happens often, when friends spend time together to watch the ocean waves go and come with the islands view in between for hours as the night makes arising and sunshine&'s dies till next day.)

travellers joy

People should bring their prefer sunscreens before arriving to the beach, as a rule of thumb, but for a great number the possibility to find accessories and medications abroad is a great deal, always.

international travel

( How important is to spend time together with your wife or husband.
In this images to the right side:
Old tourist at the best of their lives, they want privacy on their chairs, and under the umbrellas.
As well the pet can have a good time too.

 Shadow of a young student vacationers

Long views mist terminal.

The menu has a lot of other great things you might be interested to read today.
Super good things to discover online not necessary have to be behind the curtains where people looking must pay fees to register and be part of the benefits, it is just available worldwide open internet what makes this so beautiful, the facts that we can read or at least try to and enjoy colorful photography on hand.

We knew that places destinations inside this land most to hold fame worldwide are downtown capital San Jose, Liberia because they contain the two international airports near like less than fifteen minutes car driving.

How ever following those others cities Jaco, Hermosa, Limon are also named constantly by travelers who already taken their personal time to visit as a tourist, surfing sports.

( I promise to my future's wife that in honeymoon, we visit Puntarenas, her eyes were full of joy ).Please make sure to ask the air line company about hours and differences in between continents and destinations country time of arrival.

Lots of interesting sites can be discover from an open landscape, the tremendous opportunity to learn about other cultures and costumes, taste delicious dishes new to our knowledge and pleasure of eating out, tasting different beers and wines, dancing with Spanish music, watching new TV shoes and news on the cable satellite TV, accessing the internet and networks is something in comparison with Hawaii islands and Bahamas.
Puntarenas has it all and for all ages, all-inclusive packages reservations are available days 24/7 and twelve month at year.


The dishes are combinations of several sea species, shrimps, shells, and fish with vegetables, pork with rice and wine dishes, Beef rice and veggies for the red wine drinkers.

Hold on, locals do not like wines that much, so they order big pitcher and the pin up of beer with their food dishes, even if they are having a honeymoon romantically with their wife.

Awesome deal on sunscreen. The mayoralty of local stores will sell Coppertone, Best sunscreen brands in the budget for protection damaging rays 100% standards of the UVA - UVB Spectrum, the Coppertone battle excellent creams to apply.

Buy beautiful artisans hand made souvenirs, exotic tropical long dresses for women, mens exotics hats and so on is happening in the Americas.
No wonder our ancestors said many times an awesome quote " please stop working and take off to the Puntarenas fun time' go find love, you are too much stress out, relax ok!"

it was after the older years of my life when I finally realized that those words meant " life continues, but if you don't take a break, your life is no going any longer with out a break at the beautiful pacific ocean beach.

If comments are going around in Florida, New York, Washington, Texas, Los Angeles Las Vegas NV, or in he European nations.
Peoples are saying that tourist is carrying their electronic devices to download books and joining the media networks like Face book and Twitter, plus others, this examples show that people like to be alone and not to bother by cell phones or computers or computerized machines ever.
Solution, be in peace and calm to relax the stress watching and hearing the ocean waves sounds).

Renting a car to drive around the country land roads and highways is a good practice for the peoples who happen to know stick ship operation in a vehicle, as these seems to be the only option car rentals office have to offer.

However making a car rental booking from the country you from in advance can save time money and aggravation and on many occasions an automatic drive 4x4 truck, a sport or family vehicle can be found for a small amount of money more.

long beach

Somewhere were our eyes can't see no more and it is all flat and great, a place that can perfectly hold more than a million visitors comfortable along with the sands.
Practice running and exercise for body fitness, play games with your friends, listen to music groups on weekends, go shopping to small stores across the all place.

Thanks to everyone who with facilities allowed me to take special gallery shuts.

There are many books and songs already selling in stores in the web, affordable prices can be acquired from storefront to storefront, as a recommendation is better to surf the websites with those deals and learning furthered more on incredible awesome quotes most wanted relaxing destination.
Concerning what is important buying to use on every tour are the sunglass hut, they make tours more enjoyable always, so buy some cute sunglasses for your eyes.

( a long beach with about 4 miles long, important to take measures when vacationing, specially when time goes by so soon and the night arises sooner )
One of the most important factors is that all car drivers can shower without to worry for parking and ballet's services at this location, parking is free of charge all time.

Make reservation for as much as necessary things, bring cash up to ten thousand dollars American and credit cards visa, master card and American express, in the last instance travel checks and Discover credit cards.