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Germany Wins The Football Soccer Final World Cup in Brazil


Vladimir Putin president of Russia, Shakira, Gisele Bundchen, Carlos Santana

(Photos of assisting important figures: (Waiting for the next event in Russian soil 2016 and the World Cup in 2018) Vladimir Putin President of Russia.
Let us apologize the facts that on these sports pages many words represent names in other languages other than English and therefore they can't be translated to the English.
Expect Spanish and German Languages all together."

A game tournament final always carries lots of happiness and sadness meantime.
When a team training lasting several years to prepare of becoming the world's champion. It is something like an investment from a national club be and win the game tournament.
The feeling and positive results acquiring for an entire country's population is just huge

Singer Colombian Shakira, Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Guitarist and Musician Carlos Santana)
We all seen how Germany's team was passing test after test on each game, they showed important physical and organized capabilities, their trainer had a career developing from a long time and the players were just adjusted to function as a goal making machine.
They became all legendary heroes of for Berlin Germany.

Germany wins also recognition worldwide by all nations
remember that the last time, this country was at the top of soccer football
It was a champion was twenty years ago and now one more time to sum the 4th time to the top.

The dedication of these young players and leadership of experience open minded men and women who worked behind the preparation for their national team is just unique.

When the game between USA and Germany happened, two big friends then working as coaches was the long time expected reunion.
There wasn't any missing that
Joachim Löw knew how to play against his big friend.
Jürgen Klinsmann the coach of USA soccer team.

We recognize that the full-time Final celebrated at the stadium ( Estádio Maracanã) was one of those days when a champion won it's crown and the blessings from the Christ of Rio de Janeiro

germany football soccer team world cup champion

The unlimited pleasure to be watching a game with the top soccer players of the world.
Art on the field, art happening for 120 minute, a non stop waiting for a goal to seal with gold the final and finally it happened by the number 19 Mario Götze who at the last minutes 113' scores the only point, just to win the biggest worldwide award.

We can't forget that there were several tries and that Leonel Messi and his co-players also tried hard with none positive results and none scoring
The action inside the field evolves several player names:

On the minute 65'Argentinian Sergio Agüero with number #20 jersey got his yellow card.
The minute 64' Argentinean Javier Mascherano with jersey number #14 Fourteen also got his own card yellow color.
The changes for Argentina were:
Sergio Agüero No #20 (In) for Ezequiel Lavezzi with No #22 twenty two (Out)

At the minute 78' Arg. Rodrigo Palacio No #18 (In) Eighteen For Gonzalo Higuaín No #9 Out

Also for Arg. another change was:
At the M. 86' Fernando Gago Numero Five #5 For Enzo Pérez Numero #8 Eight
For the German:
Changes were:

romero, rojo, Javier mascherano

The minutes 88' Mario Götze (In) Number #19 Jersey changed for Miroslav Klose T-shirt No. #11 (Out)

Minutes 120' Per Mertesacker No. #17 seventeen (In) Changed for Mesut Özil #8 eight

Change Min 31': André Schürrle with the #9 T-shirt for Christoph Kramer #23 twenty three.
German yellow card winners:
M. 34' Benedikt Höwedes the fourth #4 and Bastian Schweinsteiger #7 the seventh 29' Minutes

Fanatics at brazil were the witness of one in the lifetime event where things were getting kind of nasty at the streets with lots of strikes and then a success final game to leave the memory of great experiences.

The truth is that Argentina couldn't have their best attacker and runner Di María 7 because an injure at the prior encounter
Leonel Messi never found a partner and therefore we seen an Argentina very defensive with a fast attacking once in a while by the right and left corners with no results.
Later round, Leonel Mesi ( The best world cup player 2014) won the Golden ball and the goalkeeper of Germany M. Neuer (G) won the Golden Globes.

19 Mario Götze makes a score, the only goal to win

(19 Mario Götze scores the only goal to win, Angela Merkel celebrates, the girls from Argentinean's fanatics were sad, as well of Messi.)

The entire list of the participating Germany names:
Mesut Özil 8
Miroslav Klose 11
Thomas Müller 13
Bastian Schweinsteiger 7
Mario Götze 19
Manuel Neuer 1
Lukas Podolski 10
Philipp Lahm 16
Mats Hummels 5
Sami Khedira 6
Shkodran Mustafi 21
Toni Kroos 18
Jérôme Boateng 20
André Schürrle 9
Per Mertesacker 17
Julian Draxler 14
Benedikt Höwedes 4
Erik Durm 15
Christoph Kramer 23
Kevin Großkreutz 2
Roman Weidenfeller 22
Matthias Ginter 3
Ron-Robert Zieler 12

The substitutes list:

22 Weidenfeller Goalkeeper (G) and R R Zieler also Goal Keeper 12
17 Mertesacker plays as Defender 120'.
10 Podolski, he is a Foward
2 Grosskreutz a Defender
9 A Schürrle Foward
19 M. Götze a Foward
14 J. Draxler a Middlefielder
3 M. Ginter, he plays in the Defense
15 E. Durm, he plays as a Defender

Line Up Arg.

Ezequiel Marcelo, Manuel Peter Neuer Goalkeeper Green jersey

( Ezequiel Marcelo 2,  1 Manuel Peter Neuer Goalkeeper Green jersey)
Mealtime the Lineup for the Argentina's team names:
(Goal keeper ) Portero Sergio Romero 1 (footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Italian Serie A club Sampdoria)
(Defensor ) Pablo Zabaleta 4 ( professional footballer who plays as a right back for Manchester City in England
(Defensor ) Martín Demichelis 15 (Middle fielder, Center defender, plays for Manchester City in England
(Defender) Ezequiel Marcelo Garayand known as E. Garay 2 (for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg in Russia
(Defensa) Faustino Marcos Alberto known as M. Rojo 16, (Sporting CP)
(Medio campista) Middlefielder Lucas Rodrigo Biglia Numero 6 - L. Biglia (Currently plays for Lazio)
Javier Alejandro Mascherano Defenser and Midfielder, (Trained at the club River Plate)for FC Barcelona in Spain
(Middle )Argentine E. Pérez 8, real name is Enzo Nicolás Pérez ( plays as a midfielder for Portuguese club Benfica)
La pulga Leo (Middle fielder | Medio campo) L. Messi 10, Real name is Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini (Argentine footballer as a forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona, the top soccer league for Spain in Europe)
(Foward possition ) G. Higuaín 9. Real name is Gonzalo Gerardo Higuaín ( as a striker for the Serie A club SSC Napoli )
(F) E. Lavezzi 22, Best of Ezequiel Iván Lavezzi ( for Paris Saint-Germain as a forward or winger)

Argentine Substitutes

(Medio campo) di María 7, and real name is Angel Fabián di María Hernández (Real Madrid Espana, a winger or attacking midfielder
Below the Christ of Redeemer statue seen at the very moment of the tournament end with almost sixty thousand expectators

the Christ of Redeemer

(Photo: The moon on the Christ of Redeemer in Brasil Rio de Janeiro)
The Christ statue at rio janeiro in brazil.
(Defenses ) Campagnaro 3, Hugo Armando Campagnaro ( a centre back for Serie A club Internazional)

(Goalkeeper / Portero) A. Orión 12 - Agustín Ignacio Orión (with the club Boca Juniors in Argentina.)
(F. / Delantero) R. Palacio 18 - Rodrigo Sebastián Palacio Alcalde (for Internazionale in Serie A)
(Def ) J. Basanta 23 - José María Basanta Pavone (Defensor CF Monterrey in Mexico)
(Medio) F. Gago 5 - Fernando Rubén Gago (la defensa del Boca Juniors )
(G) M. Andújar 21 - Mariano Gonzalo Andújar ( a goalkeeper for Serie A club Napoli.)

(M) Fernández 13 - Augusto Matías Fernández ( for Celta de Vigo in La Liga )
(M) R. Álvarez 19 - Ricardo "Ricky" Gabriel Álvarez ( attacking midfielder for Serie A club Internazionale)
(D) Fernandez 17 - Federico Fernández ( a central defender for Napoli)

leonel messi very sad for the loss | triste

The coach for these athletes: Manager Alejandro Sabella
While the triumph went to Europe after playing against Argentina and winning a golden trophy, the sadness stayed in America and the Argentinean president received her players with a "I did not watch the game on the TV".
The south American team achieved the goal of becoming the sub-champion and the second place, that is a star that not many can reach.
Quotes: A Championship in Brazil that was seen by millions, people who watched it by TV, and live at Rio De Janeiro in a night with a large moon and a Christ

the champions

How were the heroes received in their country? Berlin waved all the flags they could! All winners 100's of thousands of jubilant Germans started to scream! More that six hundred thousand men and women, (The Germans welcome home their champions) inclusive kids were waiting all over to see their heroes arrive. Also they traveled across the city on a bus with all years when Germany was also champion of the world on playing sports soccer games

Quotes: Super supermodel Gisele Bundchen was the person together with Carlos Puyol from Spain who unveiled the World Cup 2014 golden trophy,.
The Spanish player Carles Puyol plays with national Spanish team and who was a part of world cup.

Also Russian president Vladimir Putin Russia, President