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US Games Volleyball Beach VS Netherlands Results

By now 2014 and next 2015, all about the 2012 FIVB beach games.
Beach volleyball girls follow the rules, they swatch world tour could be irrelevant
Swiss players sport team.
(The photos of volleyball rules: Beach volleyball girls playing for a score and meadals)

bikinis white

Beach girls know how to entertain lots of fans under the sunshine, the volleyball bikini dance team.
Dalhausser and Rogers are the reigning Olympic gold medalist for last twelve years consecutive

The Swiss Pair of girls were at the third place i the tournament just passed, but there will be much more soon! Updates on 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 and on.

Next medals in men's and women&'s beach volleyball will be held at the London England Olympics
The total final scores, all tables, complete fixtures and match information for each gold medalist.

The American sport team Pro beach voleiball girls players Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor regain winning form in Switzerland this date tournament and qualifying for London worldwide Olympics

Some other teams that were eliminated on the games process for the 2012 FIVB Beach volleyball rules world cup olympic qualification tournament were women's teams from China, black shorts Italy, Russia, Brazil, black shorts Netherlands International European silver medalists.

The temperature was just right for such big beach event play, Beautiful young women playing with the ball on the white sands, becoming a final gold medalist

beach games

For nobody it is a secret that advertisers are very aggressive and they are taking over most world volleyball beach events with these pretty female athletics bodies, these companies are announcing their names brands and products on the rear of the small tiny bikini, just on top of it as a tattoo form and on the girls arms.

European Championship

Watched worldwide by TV.
This way when the videos cameras from photographers and media TV channels are graving their pictures from the event female players, the publicity goes far worldwide.

Netherlands Kyzer & Van Iersel Ned wan $29.500 USD Dollars check and a silver medal each girl. 2nd place.

Third for the team two girls from Switzerland " Brass medal".

the american voleiball sports team

First place US Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh made $43.500 with the gold medal, gold medalist in Switzerland.
Women's final Gold Medal Match:
May Treanor Walsh 21 - 21
Silver Medals Match:
Keizer Van Iersel 10 - 13 3 sets

Again what is the review without images, sure, we have many pictures, take a look and enjoy the panoramic views in the Switzerland's Alps mountains in Europe, The Facts.

I will be glad to see all encounters and start counting the United States Gold Medalist, one behind another in all categories, as they are many. "Left: award for US team cash money $43.500 dollars".

white bikinis

Right now many people are guessing about the most relevant questions:
London Olympics brass silver gold medals, the tickets sale prices, the ticket price, dates, when they begin, the opening ceremony, what time
The complete schedule, what is the mascot?

Oh by the way, the English Crown have changed the name for the tower and now it has the same. Name of the eternity lady queen Queen Elizabeth I.

These all means that the sports continue and everyone must stay on touch because now on these get better and better.

The pretty women will play harder and smart against their opponents for real gold medals and they will pass to the history of European Olympiads. It is not an easy work, they must stay on diet and practice hard everyday for best performance and shape.

The Netherlands team two girls did a lot of mistakes and they went ahead set after set "three sets" by losing for almost the half of points torch the United States team.

misty may treanor best hut sunglasses volleyball beach

Their short bikini pants is color black and white with strips tops, white hats for the sun light. In the other hand, the American two players were having typical dress black bikini shorts and light blue tops and red blue hats.

Probable thousands already traveled from Asia, the travel Africa and America agencies sold out to the English country for the events and they bought their respective assistance tickets first class, comfortable sits.

award for US team cash money $43.000 dollars

The setup list for 2014 team games. By now in 2014 everybody is a fan of these players and of course they are star candidates for movies and novels, books and magazine, advertisement perfumes, clothing accessories, sport uniforms and much more.