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Easy Applications For Mobile Phones

millions are looking into getting their job done with their online niches sites and the responsive Web design.

riskfree app create como

The responsive Web design means more than a simple CSS or html5, html and Php code mastering, it is the line drawn in between responsive Web design vs. their competition.

The best alternatives
Which aren't many because there is proof already that users online are leaving laptop and pc desktop machines for their fancy fancy tablet and all portable devices.

And these incredible modern online users are asking for best online security to be able of perfuming bank transactions, online store payments and paying with their credit card Visa or Master card, their ability to communicate freely with friends at Facebook, Twitter Instagram sites

The Book of Like and others social media sites
All of these situations are happening now! (Adapting the WebPages one by one is not an easy option)

The PC and laptop machines are missing buyers and users, their time is gone.
Now the digital Apple watch and competitors are fighting for the selling consumer market in United States

UK Spain Germany Portugal Italy in Europe, Africa, Australia and And Asia Tokyo in Japan, South Korea.

We went shopping online and trying to pay nothing for a free install and operate application for our websites

There were so many interesting managing system with information about why webmasters and people who want to have their own domain name online with easy access for the mobile cell phones users.

Recognizing the how important is to have your website showing on mobile devices these days
We just couldn't wait and went finding a great deal for an active application, other than those that Twitter and Facebook offer.

The first try got a company called Como .com with some free "make your application and a mobile friendly templates to apply for your site" between comas!
The ( riskfree app como) took about 45 minutes to go thru the steps and adjusting my images as logos to place on my creation with them.

We believed their managing system and actually faithfully too it for grounded the "Over 1 million business apps and counting ".
What a lie, what a senseless joke

The total crash of my hopes went the drain when this "Take your small business to new heights"! And reach new clients (customers) and boost your bottom line by integrating e-commerce activity, the save money coupons

Your rich selling product catalog for your customers to start shopping and placing orders, and much more!.
View more small business apps.

We got invited to begin the system very exited, create my app today for free.
They said: Keep in mind, the price Apple store charges for this same service is way high, $100 per month at year.

And calling it their deal is Popular for a cost of $33 per month at year for an easy applications for mobile phones.

popular app price

Learning to master the code:

It sounds betetr to hire an expert or engage with Google application store for our own and personal

Open source and free app create software, script and code maker

When finally all blanks were full because of our sites information and e-mail, bingo! next final step was publish and publicize it!

Guest what?
Money, pay now or get nothing with the excuse that some other companies were selling it for more on the price.

Something like fees or else.

The Como' people actually have the courage to mention Google store apps fees to create manage and publicize it for an entire year.
Then, when we noticed that all was a joke and they wanted to charge big bucks for their services
This guy who they called with the name "Dr. Robert Lofsky, Wilmot veterinary clinic and animal pet care" and his success stories.
Wondering if there are still stupid users online who will believe about Wilmot veterinary clinic and animal pet care?

Fully Customizable to make you engage and fall in love, they get you tired and a wide range of features, styles, backgrounds
And color themes to match the look and feel of your brand!.
Wondering, if you ever heard the same sentence before somewhere about Customizable?

And these letter telling us about $ monetization, money to Boost your bottom line (way up ) with our vast range of ROI-generating features, such as printable coupons, loyalty cards engaging the users to buy from the online store e-commerce, etc.

To finalize the bad deal, they offer everyone a price cost close to the sky "Pay six month and get extra six for free" (Risk free).

No, it did not work and we quit it immediately.

The next was this software to download and install, with a slogan saying " let your customers use your unlimited apps.

The big benefits for your small business!.
Engage your potential customers with 25 app features.
Sell products thru your app all day long 24/7 and 365 days at year.

We just went ahead and made the download, saved the open source software and wait till some more time to precede the install and setting.
Compare with developer Google with a fee $25.00.

The app benefits, what it does good for my personal website or my business company and brand?

app benefits

A promotional tool kit "toolkit" anytime with push notifications.

Get also repeated visitors and buyers with gift cards and digital coupons.

Then, finally edit and track all the achieved success analytics system.
Some reasons
The creator claims, are the success will bring more positive business to your brand, fully friendly for iPhone, tablet iPad, Samsung galaxy, Sony Xperia z3 smartphone Xperidia z4 z2 and Android devices.

The Convertigo application development platform with the name on letters like " M A D P" to be installed on your computer and setting as the maker describes to start creating apps.

Connects with connectors to enterprise sys SAP and selling force.
Results for this compare advantage are:
The Convertigo application development platform could be the best, if you were assured that it works just fine enough.

open source software free convertigo app maker

A tool that works in a cross platform and mobile devices.

A Life cycle management and Security Encryption code and identity managing system.
Like we said, it takes time to go thru the painful installation and setting up the database on the server.

Making sure all software demanding requirements are met and having a worth fully working platform on the PC or server hosting.

The last and we're clothing these reviews online respecting downloads and try free, then buy or else.
The "Siberian free mobile application".
It seems that these people could be the winners because actually they tell the world that they are a company or group making their living selling services and giving US the optional ways to download the paid or free software.

They just are saying the truth, never a lie. (Photo: Siberian sae free edition app with the pretty woman and the smile, fitness and soccer players playing")

siberian sae free edition app

Obviously, neither one installed or started to go thru the process to learn further, but the free edition app is open minded and many thousands are happy with it right now.
Grab it at "Forbes's site
At Forbes there are million programs waiting to be on trial"
You could be the next
If taking time to get it before it becomes a sale minded group.

It is up to you to try it! The open source software and free applications software to create, the script program and code maker