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Published date: October 17, 2020
Modified date: October 21, 2020

Hello, I'm the person on charge to post all your ads on these classifieds, and what that means for you? Well, I will deal with the typing and creating the ads stories to make it more attractive to readers, who at the end are the consumers representing good business to you or to your company.

To explain this ads posting better, I will provide the list of the different categories available to you to decide where to post your ads.

This is the official Categories List available to all "Free USA ads" users online.
Important: When you are ready to start posting your free or paid ad, see my e-mail address and send me your ad information and I will post it for you.
That information required is:
You name, Your address or the item selling address, your contact form (phone # , e-mail, WhatsApp #, amount available, and additional details with a small story about the reason of your ad (the product or service characteristics). Note: Send me a message by the App WhatsApp # 8968-4737, soliciting my assistance, i will.

The list is:
All Community Announcements
Auction Sales
Anniversary Announcements
Birthday Announcements
Birth Announcements
Congrats Congratulation Announcements
Engagements Engagement Announcements
marriages Marriage Announcements
and Other Celebrations
Seasonal Announcements
Thanks Thank You Announcements
Company Notices, Tenders & Contracts
Business Opportunities
Death Announcements
Funerals Funeral Announcements
Government & Electoral Notices
Legal Announcements
Lost Announcements
Other Announcements
Trustee Sales
Art & Music News
Film News & Announcements
Musician & Band News & Announcements
Other Art News & Announcements
Visual_art Artist News & Announcements
Politics Political News & Opinions
Rideshare Rideshare

Property For Rent
Housing Property For Rent
Apartment Apartments for Rent
Commercial & Office Space for Rent
Industrial Property for Rent
Office Space for Rent
Retail Property for rent
Condos & Townhouses for Rent
Garages for Rent
Homes for Rent
Mobile Homes for Rent
Open Houses for Rent
Other Housing for Rent
Short Term Rentals
Storage Space for Rent
Vacation Rentals
Real Estate
Sale Real Estate
Commercial & Office Space for Sale
Industrial Property for Sale
Office Space for Sale
Retail Property for Sale
Condo Condos, Townhouses & Apts for Sale
Sale / farm Farms & Ranches for Sale
Housing foreclosure Foreclosures
Home Single Family Houses
Lands Land for Sale
Mobile Homes for Sale
Multi-Family Residences for Sale
Open Houses
Other Housing for Sale
Storage Space for Sale
Vacation Property for Sale
Jobs and More Jobs
Admin Administrative, Clerical & Support Services Jobs
Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Jobs
Architecture & Design Jobs
Art Jobs
Other Art & Media Jobs
Visual Art Jobs
Auto Automotive Mechanics, Salesmen Jobs
Bank Banking Jobs
Biotech Science, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Jobs
Business Opportunities
Civil Service Government Jobs
Computer & Software Jobs
Construction & Skilled Labor Jobs
Consulting Jobs
Customer Service & Call Center Jobs
Distribution Jobs
Domestic Help, Child & Adult Care Jobs
Education Teaching, Training & Library Jobs
Energy Oil, Gas & Solar Power Jobs
Engineer Engineering & Product Development Jobs
Entertainment TV, Film & Musician Jobs
Actor Acting Jobs
Actor Adult Acting Jobs
Dancer Dancing Jobs
Dancer Adult Dancing Jobs
Model Modeling Jobs
Model/adult Adult Modeling Jobs
Music Music Jobs
Post-Production Jobs
Production Jobs
Facilities & Maintenance Jobs
Finance Accounting & Finance Jobs
Fitness Recreation & Fitness Jobs
Franchise Franchise Jobs
General Business Jobs
General Labor Jobs
Grocery Jobs
Health Healthcare & Nurse Jobs
Hospitality, Tourism & Travel Jobs
Hr Human Resources & Recruiting Jobs
Insurance Jobs
Inventory Jobs
Law Enforcement & Security Jobs
Legal Jobs
Logistics Transportation, Travel & Logistics Jobs
Management & Executive Jobs
Military Jobs
Nonprofit Non-Profit & Fundraising Jobs
Other Jobs
Paralegal Jobs
Production & Operations Jobs
Professional Services Jobs
Qa Quality Assurance & Control Jobs
Rd Research & Development Jobs
Real Estate Jobs
Repair Installation, Maintenance & Repair Jobs
Restaurant & Food Service Jobs
Retail, Grocery & Wholesale Jobs
Sales & Business Development Jobs
Salon & Spa Jobs
Science Jobs
Social Services & Counseling Jobs
Strategy & Planning Jobs
Tech Information Technology Jobs
job/telecom Telecommunications Jobs
Train Training & Instructor Jobs
Vet Veterinary & Other Animal Care Jobs
Warehouse Jobs
Work from Home & Self Employed Jobs
Writing Media, Journalism & Newspaper Jobs

Personals Personals
Men Seeking Both
Men Seeking Men
Men Seeking Women
Missed Connections
Everyone Else
Women Seeking Both
Women Seeking Men
Women Seeking Women

Sale Merchandise
Adult Merchandise
Antiques Antiques
Appliance Appliances
Dishwasher Dishwashers
Appliance Microwave Ovens
Other Appliances
Oven Cooktops, Ovens & Ranges
Refrigerator Refrigerators & Freezers
Freezer Freezers
Refrigerator Refrigerators

Small Appliances
Blender Blenders
Bread Machines
Coffee Makers
Food Processors
Juicer Juicers
Mixer Mixers
Other Small Appliances
Toaster Toasters
Water Filters
Washer Washing Machines & Dryers
Appliance washer dryer Clothes Dryers
Washing Machines
sale/appliance/water_heater Water Heaters

Sale Art Arts & Crafts
Craft Arts & Crafts Supplies
Bag Bags and Luggage
Backpack Backpacks & Briefcases
Briefcase Briefcases
Bag Bandbag Handbags & Purses
Luggage Luggage
Wallet Wallets
Book Books & Magazines
Book Audio Books
For Kids Kids Books
Magazine Magazines
Book Manual Manuals
Textbook Textbooks
Business Office & Business
Building Supplies
Farm Agriculture & Forestry
Medical Equip & Supplies
Office Equip & Supplies
Retail Restaurant & Retail
Business for Sale
Dvd CDs and DVDs
Blu-ray Blu-Ray Discs
CDs and DVDs
Other Movies and Music
VHS Movies

Cellphone Smartphones Mobile Phones
Android Phones
Blackberry Phones
iPhone iPhones
Cellphone Other Mobile Phones
Windows Phones

Clothes & Accessories
Belt Belts
Glove Gloves & Mittens
Hair Hair Accessories
Hats Hats & Caps
Neckware Neckware, Ties & Scarfs
Eye Gklasses Sunglasses Sunglasses
Clothes Coats, Parkas & Wind Breakers
Dress Up Dresses
Exercise Exercise & Fitness Clothes
Clothes Military Gear & Surplus
Clothing Outfits & Sets
Pants & Jeans
Shirts & Tops
Shoes, Shorts, Skirts
Sleepwear & Underwear
Socks & Hosiery
Suits, Blazers & Jackets
Swimsuits & Swimwear
Wedding Dresses & Accessories
Collectible Cards Trading Cards
Military Memorabilia
Sports Memorabilia
Collectible Stamp Stamps
Computer Computers & Accessories
Component Computer Components
Desktop PCs
Input Keyboards & Input Devices
Computer Keyboards
Computer Mouse
Laptop Computers
Monitor Computer Displays
Crt CRT Monitors
Monitor lcd LCD Monitors
Network Networks Equipment
Hub Computer Hubs
Computer Load Balancers
Other Network Equipment
Router Computer Routers

Hub Computer Hubs
Computer Load Balancers
Network Equipment
Router Computer Routers
Switch Computer Switches
Wifi Wireless Networking
Computer Equipment
Printer Printers, Scanners & Accessories
All-in-One Printers
Inkjet Printers
Laser Printers
Scanner Scanners
Supply Printer Supplies
Server Computer Servers
Software Computer Software
Storage Computer Storage
Storage CD Drives
Dvd DVD Drives
Storage External Hard Drives
Flash Memory Drives
Floppy Drives
Internal Hard Drives
Mdia Blank Media

Home Audio
Home Audio Accessories
Amplifier Amplifiers & Preamps
Cassette Decks
CD Players
Home equalizer Equalizers
Audio Media
Receiver Receivers
Speaker Speakers
System Home Theater System
Turntable Turntables
Personal Personal Audio
Boombox Boomboxes
Cassette_player Cassette Players
Personal CD Players
Clock Radios
Headphone Headphones
Accessories Camera Accessories
Digital Cameras
Film Film Cameras
Telescopes & Binoculars
Car Electronics
Gps Car Navigation Systems
Radar Detectors
Stereo Car Stereos
DVD players
Dvr DVRs
Gps GPS Devices
ipod iPods & MP3 Players
MP3 Players
Gadgets & Other Electronics
Phone Home and Office Phones
Satellite Dishes & Receivers
Tablets iPads and Tablets
Android Tablets
ipad iPads Tablets
TV Televisions
Vcr VCRs
Video Cameras

Free Merchandise

sale/furniture/bed Beds
Bunk Beds
Set Bedroom Sets
Water Water Beds
Benches & Stools
Bench Benches
Stool Stools
Bookcase Bookcases & Shelves
Cabinet Cabinets, Armoires & Cupboards
Cabinet/armoire Armoires
Cabinet Cabinets
Cabinet Cupboard Cupboards
Furniture chair Chairs
Recliner Recliner Chairs
RockRocking Chairs
Desk Desks
Dresser Dresser & Vanities
Furniture clock Clocks
Lamp Lamps
Mirror Mirrors
Rug Rugs
Sofa Sofas
Couch Couches
Futon Futons
Loveseat Love Seats
Sectional Sectional Sofas
Sofa Sofabed Sofa Beds & Sleepers
Table Tables & Stands
Changing Changing Tables
Table Coffee Coffee Tables
Table End Tables
Stand Stands
Health & Beauty
Cosmetics Makeup & Cosmetics
Hair Hair Products
Skin Care Skin Care
Supplements Supplements
Home Home & Garden
Bedding Bedding

Home Clean Cleaning & Vacuuming
Decor Home Decor
Floor Carpets & Floor Materials
Food & Produce
Heat Heating, Cooling & Air
Heat Ac Air Conditioners
Firewood Firewood
Heat Heaters, Fireplaces & Furnaces
Home Kitchen Kitchen & Cooking
Lawn, Garden & Patio
Lawnmower Lawnmowers

Light Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans
Pool Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs
Security Home Security
sale/home/windows Windows, Drapes & Curtains
Gold and Fake Jewelry
Jewelry Bracelet Bracelets
Earring Earrings
Necklace Necklaces
Ring Rings
Watch Watches
Kid Baby & Kid Stuff
Accessories Baby Grooming, Bathing, and Feeding
Backpack Baby Backpacks & Carriers
Kid Bedding Kid's Bedding
Bikes Kid's Bikes
Books Kid's Books
Car Seat Cars Seats
Clothes Kid's Clothes
Crib Cribs
Furniture Kid's Furniture
Safety Baby Safety Products
Stroller Baby Strollers
Toy Toys
Kid Toy For Baby Infant & Toddler Toys
Toy Cars, Trains, Airplanes
Dolls Dolls & Action Figures
Toy Educational Educational Toys
Games Kids Games
Outdoor Outdoor Toys & Structures
Stuffed Stuffed Animals
Music Musical Instruments
Music Accessories
Metronome Metronomes
Musicstand Music Stands
Sheetmusic Sheet Music
Tune Tuning Forks
Brass Brass Instruments
Baritone Baritones
Bugle Bugles
Cornet Cornets
Flugelhorn Flugelhorns
Horn French Horns
Trombone Trombones
Trumpet Trumpets
Brass Tuba Tubas
Drum Drums & Percussion
Drum Base Drums
Bongo Bongos
Chimes Musical Instrument Chimes
Music Drum Conga Drums
Cowbell Cowbells
Cmbal Cymbals
Glockespiel Glockespiels
Gong Gongs
Hi-Hat Drums
Percussion Percussions
Snare Snare Drums
Tambourine Tambourines
Timpani Timpanis
Tomtom Tom-Tom Drums
Triangle Instruments: Triangles
Xylophone Xylophones
Guitar Guitars & Basses
Banjo Banjos
Bass Bass Instruments
Dulcimer Dulcimers
Lute Lutes
Mandolin Mandolins
Ukulele Ukuleles
Musical Instruments
Piano Pianos & Keyboards
Accordian Accordians
Keyboard Instruments: Keyboards
Piano Organ Instruments: Organs
Synthesizer Synthesizers
String Classic Stringed Instruments
String Autoharp Autoharps
Cello Cellos
Harp Harps
Viola Violas
Violin Violins
Wind Woodwinds
Bassoon Bassoons
Clarinet Clarinets
Flute Instruments: Flutes
Harmonica Harmonicas
Oboe Oboes
Piccolo Piccolos
Recorder Instruments: Recorders
Saxophone Saxophones
Everything Else

Sale Pet Pets
Bird Birds
Cat Cats
Pet Dog Dogs
Fish Fish
Horse Horses
Livestock Livestock
livestock Supply Livestock Supplies
Rabbit Rabbits
Reptile Reptiles
Small Furry Small & Furry Animals
Supply Pet Supplies
Supply Bird Pet Supplies, Birds
Supply Cat Pet Supplies, Cats
Dog Pet Supplies, Dogs
Pet Supply for Fish Pet Supplies, Fish
Horse Pet Supplies, Horses
Auctions, Estate, Yard & Garage Sales

Estate Estate Sales
Garage Garage & Yard Sales
Sport Sporting Goods & Bicycles
Sport Bike Bicycles
Apparel Bicycling Clothing
Bike Helmet Bicycle Helmets
Bike rfor Kid Kids Bikes
Mountain Mountain Bikes
Parts Bicycle Parts & Accessories
Road Road Bikes
Camping Camping Equipment
Equestrian Equestrian Equipment
Exercise Exercise Equipment
Exercise Treadmill Treadmills & Stair Machines
Treadmill Stair Stair Machines
Treadmill Treadmills
Sport Hunting Hunting & Fishing
Fishing Fishing Equipment
Hunting Hunting Equipment
Indoor Indoor Games
Air Hockey Air Hockey
Darts Darts
Indoor Foosball Foosball
Indoor Ping Pong Ping Pong
Pool Tables & Equipment

Sports & Fitness
Snow Sports
Snow Ski Skiing
Snowboard Snowboarding
Sport Sports Equipment
Baseball Baseball Equipment
Basketball Basketball Equipment
Football Football Equipment
Golf Golf Equipment
Hockey Hockey Equipment
Sports Equipment
Soccer Soccer Equipment
Tnnis Tennis & Racquet Sports Equipment
Water Water Sports
Dive Scuba & Snorkeling
Water Sports
Paddle Canoe, Kayaks, Rafts
Paddle Canoe Canoe
Paddle Kayak Kayaks
Rafts Rafts
Water Ski Waterskiing & Wakeboarding
Surf Surfing
Wind Wind Surfing
Weight Weights & Weightlifting Equipment
Tickets Tickets
Sale Tickets Concert Concert Tickets
sale/tickets Group Group Events
Business Networking Business & Networking Events
Class Workshop Classes & Workshops
Conference Seminar Conferences & Seminars
Dance Dance Events
Group Festival Festivals
Tickets Group Food Wine Food & Wine Events
Free Free Events
Health Spiritual Health & Spiritual Events
Kids Family Kids & Family Events
Sports Outdoors Sports & Outdoor Events
Movie Movie & Film Event Tickets
Travel Travel Tickets
Sports Tickets
Auto Racing Auto Racing Tickets
Baseball Baseball Tickets
Basketball Basketball Tickets
Boxing Boxing Tickets
Cricket Cricket Tickets
Football Football Tickets
Tickets For sale Golf Golf Tickets
Hockey Hockey Tickets
Horse Racing Horse Racing Tickets
Olympics Olympics Tickets
Sports Tickets
Rugby Rugby Tickets
Soccer Tickets
Tennis Tennis Tickets
Track Field Track and Field Tickets
Wrestling Wrestling Tickets
Theater Theater Tickets

Tool Tools
Hand Hand Tools
Hand Axe Axes
Chisel Files & Chisels
Clamps_vises Clamps & Vises
Hammer Hammers
Knife Knives & Cutters
Ladder Ladders
Tool Hand Level Levels
Masure Measuring Tools
Hand Tools
Plane Tools: Planes
Plier Pliers
Pry Bar Pry Bars
Puller Tools: Pullers
Punch Tools: Punches
Hand Saw Saws
Saw Horse Sawhorses
Screwdriver Screwdrivers
Sledge Hammer Sledge Hammers
Socket Sockets
Square Tools: Squares
Stud Sensor Stud Sensors
Tool Set Tool Sets
Wrench Wrenches
Home Tools for Sale and Rentals
Pwer Tool Power Tools
Air compress Air Compressors
Air Hammer Air Hammers
Power Air Ratchet Air Ratchets
Chipper Wood Chipper
Drill Drills
Engraver Engravers
Power Generator Generators
Grinder Grinders
Impact Wrench Impact Wrenches
Lathe Lathes
Leaf_blower Leaf Blower
Nail_gun Nail & Staple Guns
Planer Planers
Polisher Polishers
Pressure Washer Pressure Washers

 How to post new ads step by step is EASY! First type your text, then publish it without photos at first, then go back to your ad to insert up to 8 clear images. Don't forget to confirm your e-mail address first, because that is how to get your own unlimited access account to American advertisement absolutely 100% FREE! U.S. advertising posting online in America and Abroad is here to help YOU sell your car, buy a house, find a pet or job, and so much more!

 Try To Avoid Scams and Fraud On Our Classified Ads In The U.S.: The next tips were posted because we want to keep you safe while you are using our services of free advertisement at United States Official Classified Ads Service

 1.  Dealing and doing business with local people can be the best way to avoid scammers, this is because you know where they live and you can tell if they are real or fake Those who buy from you and buy selling products or providing services, are people you can meet in person. When someone is asking you to ship you selling item to them, then you have the reason to be suspicious and please confirm that they are scammers living far away from your address. Please be weary of wiring money funds using methods of payment like Western Union, Money Gram, etc.). If some person (stranger) asks  you to go and wire funds, they could be a scammer.

 2.  Beware of fake cashier's checks and money orders coming your way, they are methods of payment scammers use often.
Scammers will often send you a fake cashier's check valued above your asking price, they want to think they are real and at the meantime, they want to hide their identity. The scammer will then ask you to wire the over-payment back to them. Your bank may even cash this check, but when at the time it's discovered that the check is fraudulent (fake checks), you will be held responsible by your bank, for sure, and you must pay.

 3.  Beware of identity theft (they will get you if you release your private data thinking that they are real). Don't share your private info. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Don't give out your bank account numbers, passwords, mother's maiden name, date of birth, credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other personal information.

 4.  Use caution when accepting relay calls from the hearing and speech impaired. Relay calls are a legitimate service for people with hearing and speech disabilities. However, scammers often use this service to contact you, pretending to be deaf. Remember to deal locally, with people you can meet in person.

 5.  Avoid shipping and escrow. Scammers commonly employ fake, online escrow services. Avoid deals that are 'too good to be true' such as fake advertisement that are selling items significantly under priced. If you see any of these fake ads, please report them to us at the "Report this ad" tab. is a freely available service to help buyers and sellers (and etc.) to find one another, we are not involved in any transactions and can not police the actions of our many users.

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