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The Work Of Baking Delicious Cookies

Learn how to start from scratch baking cookies with chips by following these easy steps for preparation of the most delicious approved by experts cookies recipes.

brown chocolate chips

How it is possible that people take time to go ordering online or at the local stores, outlets bakeries and bread stores these delicates for kids and adults.

When it is so easy to make with a few amount of the ingredients you can purchase in the local supermarket store in your city town

Best homemade chocolate chip cookie recipes from scratch, 100s most delicious and an ultimate cookies ideas ever baked, including favorites like classic original mint peanut butter oatmeal double textures very chewy.

chocolate chip cookie

In this web page we decided to provide you with the necessary procedures, so your cooking and baking results are very successful for the whole family taste in any holydays occasions.
However feel free to experiment other ways to put in practice your recipe ideas, maybe you can bake better than us, who know.

Each time a holyday like Christmas for example arrives, adults and kids always think in treats and what is the best to cook at the oven other than delicious chocolate chip cookies, with a great texture soft in the inside and crunchy in the outside sweet treats.
A moderated size of cookie that fits in one kid's hand.
The brown deep color invites them to eat it as soon they see these treats at the table and their small also makes them irresistible.

The steps can be many if you want and wish to make it that way, but the best way found so far is in these of the ingredients list.

1- 1 Cup "2 sticks or 226 grams" unsalted (no salt) butter, softened
2- 3/4 cup or "150g" granulated white sugar.
3- 1/2 c. approximately "110g" light brown sugars.
4- 2 chicken eggs "biggest you can buy"!
5- 2 tea spoons tsp, vanilla extract "ingredient spirit".
6- 2 1/2 c. approximately "350 grams" It must be all purpose flour or compare to it.
7- 1 tea spoon of baking soda.
8- A 1/4 tsp "270g." half or semi sweet dark brown unique chocolate chips.

sal vanilla baking soda flower

"We hope you all enjoy these crispy unique treats of combined sweet flavors, the kids imagination came up to be truth, mom's ideas for kitchen cooking, dad's ideas and support, grandpas grammas sweet treats and the baby if he or she is born already."

The Procedures Or Making Cookies At The Oven

1- Turn the oven to heat at 375 F degrees (190c), followed by lining the baking sheet already with parchment paper on it.

2- The butter must be mixed at the mixer until it becomes creamy and sooth liquidly by beating it.
Just make sure it is done enough, that separate ingredients are completely mixed.

shake it sweet sugar

3- Immediately adding sugars and keep mixing it for 1 1/2 or 2 minutes.

4- Continuing Adding eggs, plus mix them well for 1 minute.

add 2 chicken eggs

5- Add vanilla and make sure it is complete mixed by looking at it.

6- The Ingredients like the flower, salt and baking soda must be mixed separately in another kitchen container "bowl" and whisking them.

7- Apply the chocolate chips.

8- by adding these little chocolate chips balls after, to the bowl containing the butter and making the combination well done with the mixer small machine.

9- Remember that each cookie has a size of about 3-inch round "8 centimeters cms" so you mix it with 2 tea spoon of dough.
Also remember that warm water can help smooth and manage best the dough when they are wet as this slides easier.

10- Make sure the cookies before cooking must be at a considerable space with each other in the special air cooking pan sheet.

11- Baking these delicious treats until they are brown on top, bake heat must be about 375 f, or 190 C, for abut 10 to 15 minutes, make sure of checking them regularly so they don't burn ever, just golden color around edges.

If you live in a tropical country section or US states like Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii Island, Bahamas, TX Texas, Ca. California, them temperatures might affect the oven behavior and you must pay attention to the time and texture of the dough and butter.

Treasures to make many of us fall in love with flavors and tastes the rest of our lives!

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We appreciate it.