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Sunday June 29 2014:(Remembering now in 2015)

greece defeated by costa rican soccer team 5-3

Great news: Round of 16 Stadium name Arena Pernambuco, Recife.
Top Costa Rica Soccer Football National Team has defeated Greece land, after the game first time 0-0, the the second 45minutes time.

Ticos made their first goal by a center to Brian Ruiz who made the goal, from there the game went under Greece pressure all the way to the add minutes when Greeks tie the game with Socratis Papastathopoulos (#19 ) 90+1'.

Then went to 30 minutes extras, 0-0 and Costa Rica with only ten man because the referee was against them, using the whistle to fault little things to the ticos, several yellow cards and ignoring a Greek arm and not making the penalty, the bottom line was that Costa Ricans gave a strong fight and both teams went to penalties.

the ball

Kaylor Navas became a hero by stopping a penalty shot from the Greek and Ticos won the game against all 5-3 goals final, The team has passed to quarters of finals to face with Netherlands next weekend Sat, Jul 5, 4:00 PM.

Full-time Round of 16 the game was at the stadium: Estádio Castelão, Fortaleza

Mexico 1- 2 Netherlands results

Netherlands 2 - 1 Mexico. (Good Bye Mexicans, they are out! Probable their mistake was to feel they had enough with one goal and did not go for more, while the Orange Machine kept trying till the last moments with the desire to win the competition game today. Never settle with less when you can get much more. ).
Made their goals:

Netherlands: Wesley Sneijder (#10) M 88'
Netherlands: Klaas Jan Huntelaar (#19) M 90+4' (P) (Classified to 4th round)

Mexico: Giovani dos Santos (#10) 48' (Went home after losing).

Mexico will match Netherlands today in the game where many expect a strong fight for qualification from Mexicans.
Costa Rica will Match with Greece and the one who loses go home (their words "we will play game by game and will adjust as the opponent style is, their strategies and their positions. Our main goal is to make of this tournament the best in our history, we will give the best from us.
By the Group D

Saturday June 28 2014:
The first sixteen are already competing and there are a group also already going home!
Sadly, Uruguay went home after they lost with Colombia, the lost their hero Luis Suárez grounded by Fifa after he gave a bite to an Italian player, caused the team to become weak and this was their final.
Although we recognized that Uruguayans gave their hard battle on the soccer field, no matter what for 2 hours.

We must to remember that Unite States forms part of these sixteen best teams when Portugal went home after their game with Ghana, US qualified with Germany in a game where they lost by 1-0, even though they pass and celebrate along with Germans under the bridge of Manhattan in New York and Miami Florida.

brazilians party

Also yesterday (Hulk (no. 7 ) made a mistake and gave Chileans the goal of the tie)
Brazil beaten Chile 1-1 and then they went to penalties, where Brazilians beaten Chileans 3-2 (Scoring summary: BR: David Luiz (no. 4)18'.
Alexis Sánchez 32'(# 7). Brasil's goalkeeper (Júlio César 12) stopped several penalties and put his team ahead the other.

chile, chileans party

Brazil beaten up the selection of Cameroon 4 -1
Fred (#9) 49'--
Fernando Luiz Roza (#5) 84'--
Neymar (#10) 17', 35'

June 19:
By the Group D

Uruguay 2 - 1 England
At the Arena Corinthians, São Paulo
Luis Suárez (#9) Minutes 39', 85' Simple, Luis waited till the second quarter and just did those two goals like he always do them when playing in England Premier League club Liverpool (Luis Suarez just brought the Uruguayans soul back to their bodies and big hope (heroe -hero - hero Zuarez), now they dream winning the world cup again after their first game where they lost against Costa Rica

Meantime Wayne Rooney (#10) at the minute 75', just to feel proud.
So far England is almost out of the competition.

Continuing with June 19:
By The Group C
Japan 0-0 Greece (These 2 just need more time to practice how to win and never waist 90 minutes in vane again.
brasil vs chile
Group C
Colombia 2- 1 Côte d'Ivoire (a very fast game with tow set of players decided to win, but Colombia was most concrete by placing two goals in the "Costa de Marfil" home.
The latest match stats online.

We had the mechanic orange crashing the Australian team this day!
Estadium Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre Australia 2 - 3 Netherlands.
(a dramatic challenge where no one wanted to lose their achievements, but at the end, a small mistake from the goalkeeper and defense of Aus, cost the Australians to stay and wait for further results to pass to second quarters (if possible), just like Netherlands did pass already.
Mile Jedinak (#15) 54' (P) Tim Cahill (#4) 21' (Both scores are from Australia )

Then for the Netherlands:
Memphis Depay (#21) 68' Robin van Persie (#9) 58' Arjen Robben (#11) 20'

USA defeated Ghana 2x1 results.
The American fans were loud like a storm with a big celebration.
Photo below has an image where the Americans taken this competition in serious and they also celebrate from their heart each time a score comes up!

United States victory over Ghana

Instant Numbers as they are going around and happening live!
John Brooks Jr. 86' - Clint Dempsey One 1'
Ghana: André Ayew 82'

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Portugal = 0 Against Germany =  4 (La Gemania - Alemania Deutschland ) This was a tragic day for the Portuguese: They lost 4 Goals, one was a penalty and a man got the red card and out "Pepe". Cristiano was very frustrated as he couldn't pull his national team out of the whole were it went this day with the " German Tomas Muller" player. So far the leader of goal maker on the tournament.

 famous soccer trainer

french player

(Soccer football trainer Uruguay's national team, manager\ French player

France )

Soccer trainer & a layer from the French team 2010 South Africa WorldCups in the game against to Uruguay with a zero score, a tied 0-0 Best champions know how to lose a game and win another.
Today in Spain people can't celebrate right after playing against Netherlands in brazil, where they lost 5 goals by 1/ In another words, it wasn't their bets day, the best year and of course, being down is not the final, there are other opportunities where Spain can win and keep up with the race.

A lost of 5 against and 1 one in favor is nothing in compare with the glory this country had lived these last years in Europe and the world.
They are living healthy by training everyday with a good diet also

Meantime, Mexico defeated Cameroon one goal per zero 1x0, and The Mexicans will be playing against Brazilian team next week.

Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo

(Pictures celebrity Ronaldinho from Portugal

That's right, as you all heard, the EuroCups Final will be held In Ukraine Sunday " Called : Spain Italy Euro 2012 final score".
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without shirt cristianoronaldo workout

Top money maker, best Barcelon's player.
Ronaldinho from Portugal hair style. Brazil vs Cristiano Ronaldo Brazilian history Ronaldinho vs CristianoRonaldo.
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The time runs fast, it is already a newer year going bye, 2015 and 2016 are going to be full of sport surprises! Guest who just got another gold ball (awarded the prestigious FIFA Ballon d'or award) as the best player of the year, he also lost his beautiful girlfriend meantime!
Just split rumours of IrinaShayk and C.Ronaldo.

Stay tune for more soon!
Match Report June 30 2014
France 2 - 0 Nigeria
Paul Pogba (#19) 79' Joseph Yobo (#2) 90+2' (OG) Nigeria Goes off.

Germany 2 - 1 Algeria (Abdelmoumene Djabou (#18) 120+1'_
Abdelmoumene Djabou (#18)120+1'
GER André Schürrle (#9) 92' Mesut Özil (#8) 120' (The German were more precise and took control over the field.

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2-1"one penalty" in a Poland Stadium On June 28 of that year 12 / 2018
We will see what happens now on 2014 in Brazil's world cup

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Meantime Right after the First quarters the remaining athletic soccer group are the top in the world.

When first the participants names where announced, the critics said that Costa Rica was the little one that everybody will get their way easy to score their goals and pass themselves, surprise, it became the barrier for these famous groups and clubs.

Now the ticos, the smaller became bigger like the sun and they are going for the cup, they wanted and they will get it.
One step at the time, humbly, said the best world goalkeeper Keylor Antonio Navas Gamboa (he plays for the Levante in Spain's league.