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Uruguay VS Paraguay Highlights Goals 3-0

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Diego Forlan Copa America

Notice: Last time this website review was in 2018 and 2019. The date of these events happened on the year 2014 and the football soccer world cup is now in Brazil where this team will have to play against Costa Rica 3:00 PM, Estadio Castelão, city Fortaleza, the Group D
The other Uruguay matches will be on:
Thu, Jun 19, 3:00 PM vs team England
On next Tue, Jun 24, 12:00 PM vs Italy, Italians.

The American Champion, Sunday July 24

Fist place and before talking about play game highlights, we must have some explanation about this information online.
Specifically this web pages about sports is some ways and some how bilingual because the Americas are the whole continent and for US, what happens in Canada or USA, also has a mirror in Argentina or Costa Rica in the Central area of the continent.

Taking in consideration, that's why our website talks about major American events through the whole Colombo's land ( America ).

Soccer is the biggest sport recognized worldwide, and it is called the head sport where a smart team is need to play well and become the winner of a championship, which means you as a player of 11 elements cant play alone, you must share your playing process by passing the soccer ball to your coo-players around and that's the beautiful thing a complete thinking team. for this reason Spanish and English are present on these pages

Victory of Uruguay defeats Paraguay 3-0 goals because the national team of this south American nation did their best concerning for playing a very clean game and obeying the Fifa rules in the stadium.
This gave Uruguay the record of fifteen times champion in the continent.

They came to play smart and effective and from the very beginning of the first time set, they score their 2 goals.
Luis Suarez the first goal and Diego Forlan scored twice 2 goals, his last one second half.
His 2nd scoring was a beautiful shut that by receiving a head shut from Suarez, " La Bruja " " The Witch" as Diego is called a his nickname in Argentina, scores after the goalkeeper from Paraguay comes out and fails to stop his move.

General, Paraguay's team had applied the defensive play in all their games and pass to the very final, but it did not work and it was a lost, achieving the Sub-champion position in the tournament.
Also goalkeeper Justo Villar became the best goalkeeper in the event.
Justo Villar plays in Europe.
Next are a set of pictures and remember on 2018 the next world cup will not be Brazil, instead the tourmnament and major sports event with more than three hundred million fans worldwide will be hold or host in Russia.
2018 World Sporting Event Calendar:
Date(s) for next sport event:
14 Jun -15 Jul 2018 Football (Soccer)"FIFA World Cup.

Line Up Uruguay National Team 2011 Final Game.

Trainer Coach Tabarez in the Stadium Monumental ( Estadio Monumental ) Buy soccer Shoes, Balls, Uniforms accessories online
Fernando Muslera, Maximiliano Pereira, Diego Lugano, Sebastián Coates, Martín Cáceres, Alvaro González, Diego Pérez, Egidio Arévalo Ríos, Alvaro Pereira, Diego Forlán y Luis Suárez.
( La Alineacion de La Celeste ).
Names of Players Paraguay:

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Goalkeepers | Porteros: Justo Villar (Valladolid), Diego Barreto (Cerro Porteño), Joel Silva (Guaraní) y Roberto Fernández (Racing de Avellaneda).

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The Defense Group: Marcos Cáceres ( Racing de Avellaneda ), Paulo da Silva (Zaragoza), Luis Cardozo ( Cerro Porteño ), Darío Verón (Pumas), Antolín Alcaraz (Wigan), Miguel Samudio ( Libertad ), Aureliano Torres (San Lorenzo), Iván Piris (Cerro Porteño), Elvis Marecos (Guaraní) y Ismael Benegas (Rubio Ñu).

Middle Fielders: Volantes: Víctor Cáceres (Libertad), Cristian Riveros (Sunderland), Néstor Ortigoza (San Lorenzo), Jonathan Santana (Kayserispor), Enrique Vera (Liga de Quito), Edgar Barreto (Atalanta), Osmar Molinas (Olimpia) y Hernán Pérez (Villarreal).

First Position | Delanteros:
Roque Santa Cruz (Blackburn), Nelson Haedo Valdez (Hércules), Orlando Gaona Lugo (Boca Juniors), Osvaldo Martínez (with the Monterrey), Marcelo Estigarribia (plays with Newell old Boys), Lucas Barrios (Borussia Dortmund), Federico Santander (plays with Tulouse), Pablo Zeballos ( Plays with the Olimpia ) y Julián Benítez ( plays with Guaraní ).