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Destination Nature's Sports

Some small town with an outstanding natural attraction with the name of Nosara beach. The Ocean | "El Mar "
Adventures in a zip line as an amazing sport inside green forest " zip lining near beautiful Nosara beach.

zip line sports

The adventure begins with salted waters, sun and ocean at the most famous Central American beaches.

Yes maybe across the globe many people can be thinking that it is possible to find nudist or nude beaches, well there are, but we reserve their names and addresses or directions, maybe per accident these people arrive to site and find out by surprise.

All we can say is a special moment is not sky high, a wedding, a fair vacation or a trip for tourism or fun, for surfers for example and much more can be achieve.

For the most of the world the place to be on vacations is always very close of the famous beautiful beach, over there they want to have a party, a wedding or just lay down and take the sunshine wile reading a book or sleeping and protecting their skin with a blocker best quality body cream.

The god news is that Costa Rica has more than one hundred of this natural sites and they are a true paradise

People locally and international visitants mostly check the web and travel agencies before they begin their journeys

But nothing will compare to that particular information until they are already inside this magnificent country located in Central America, just in between Panama at the south and Nicaragua at the north countries both, who are our immediate neighbors.

weather seasons in hermosa beach

(Photos inside the image representing different weather season in central Americas) Weather stations.

From most of these locations visitors can practice several activities as diving, horseback riding, biking, boat tours, canopy tours, surfing, sport fishing, basketball and volleyball in between some others
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Beaches at the Pacific Ocean side with access to sport fishing, surfing, camping and many other activities things to do:

Ocotal beach located in the northern side of the region, nice place to be relax and have connection with nature. At only about two miles from el Coco Guanacaste state

El Coco, the largest amount of visitors and villagers living beside '' located in Guanacaste and the local international airport in Liberia.
(Sports zip lines adventures Costa Rica rain forest)

La Playa Nosara beach with the town and the same name of it. Easy to get a feel of city seaside. It has many Beachfront accommodations alone the landscape services.

Hermosa, located once at Guancaste and the other close of Jaco Beach also, it could be the most beautiful because of that name, but it not really true when we take the time to check all at them.

Find out about every site have an unique natural and attractive touch.
Anyways it is matter of pleasure with fun choosing any one closer to the hotel where the tourist is located.

Jaco perhaps can deliver a sufficient room rental services so far, but the landing sands are kind of mix with small rocks and that is not really good.
When it comes to mountain view.
It is an outstanding place for hiking and motorcycle driving as a sport of course.

The place is located at the state of Puntarenas.
Conchal and Brasilito beaches, both side by side, with white sands and blue waters, millions of colorful shells can be the perhaps a great surprise at the first one mentioned.

water and sporting waves for surfing

La Playa Conchal, Close of this two are also many all inclusive resorts always expecting for tourism

Zancudo ( Mosquito ) location is on the Southern Pacific Coast with a tranquil atmosphere for many that already know the place close Golfito city port.

Playas San Miguel y Coyote location they are close to Bejuco on the south.
The sand is kind of silver grey and some animals can be observed like green olive riddle turtles for example.

Caldera has a nice niche where visitors can be and have a day out at the open air, the views about the sea port and mountains, cruise ships and boats is unique.

Location just 15 minutes from Puntarenas downtown, over there also the Puntarenas beach with black sand, as well of Caldera.