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Celeb News Happy 2011 Weddings

The will have lots of babies!

Respecting the best Royal Wedding.

love kiss

A better fairy tale became a true dream.
The little girls also can have true fairy tale dreams sometimes.

The Royal Pictures

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The great month April 2018 has been a happy year for many so far when millions were waiting to discover the secret of the clothing the couple were wearing on their wedding.
So many could get inspire or have some inspiration for their own wearing. At the best Royal Wedding celebration present wedding flowers.
The Wedding celebration was on 29 April 2011 at 06:00 EDT "beautiful white dress the Princess was wearing, unique clothing piece at the special event of the century"

The new beautiful married couple will be King and Queen some day in the future and their popularity among their fans is so high that their " prince me 2 best Royal Wedding soundtrack " which will be out in about fifteen days for sale is already on backorder worldwide at most famous stores.

The orchestral instruments of London England, the music played inside the church as soon the Prince William accepted to take Princess Kate for ever in any circumstances may arise in their married days as the permanent wife and love her for ever till God's separation.

From that moment the sound track DVD started to get recorded and it will be the biggest music DVD best seller in the world for weddings equal to he Prince & Me II celebs and celebrity specials.

Anyways let's stay with the plan already program and lets see some real pictures, special of the wedding nice and Princess Kate's dress was 1000% gorgeous designer creation.
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She captivated millions of young female and even male fans around the globe, since she and he started to have the first date, till the day when counting minutes left prior to the most important celebrity wedding event happen

The secretes behind and specifically the color of the bride wedding dress.

Kate Middleton

(The prince kisses the bride with love, Kate Middleton veil, and diamond earrings).
Just beautiful and romantic moments.
Kiss the bride will, that's what life gave to you to be together for ever, prowess you will love and respect her till the end of your days.

The diamond earrings that princess Kate is wearing and the simple wedding clothing makes her even more special.

Moments in where the Royal Wedding Watcher's Countdown to the Nuptials of Prince William Joints to Kate Middleton.
Best dresses white color, a dress pictures and wedding flowers.

bride kate dress white

Many dresses white were observed, but only one was important, the Princess dress!

royal red prince

( Bride Kate marry, Prince William marry Kate Middleton in London Friday - William wearing his red dress in the wedding and kissing the bride Kate ).

The celebrity Royalty couple also now known now as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
They attended their second wedding reception of the day, about an amount of 300 of their dearest friends and family.

The prince wears a red outfit with a light blue belt in representation of the royal family and Kingdom of England.
The wedding flowers that the princess bride is holding in her hands.
And the red carpet represents celebrity events Westminster Abbey in London.

A moment special also for designers evolved in the process for British fashion, Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton

william and kate

( The wedding bride princess and prince William walking down the isle getting married | Ivory white wedding dress worm by Kate princess designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen).

Kate Middleton veil, what a beautiful designer wedding detail, her face can still be seen through even when it is  veiled, she walked down the aisle of the ornate cathedral held by her father and wearing the veil making her look elegant and pretty.

A set of expensive but simple jewelry wedding diamonds

By the way William made a bit of effort to by pushing hard the diamond wedding ring into Kate's finger, perhaps the wedding ring was a smaller size. hardly seen because of the color ivory white of her clothing
But "diamante detailing around the waist made by designers Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, designer of the royal wedding dresses worm in the event by several family members.

wedding dress

Small but important details to watch are that for example the designer too care about The Carrickmacross lace-making technique, which it was also present on featured on Diana, Princess of Wales's wedding dress and in Kate's wedding dress designed by Alexander-McQueen too.

In Scotland people is waiting for the married couple to arrive at anytime to have their private honeymoon and then perhaps they will come back to rest in their private mansion in an island near British island.

Expectations are that in the United States the souvenir and clothing sales will boom because of this year 2011 event and it will be able to stop in New York by the year 2019 with millions of American dollars.

Today's date the sales are astronomic already at stores online selling anything related to the astonishment selling machine.

And now she is pregnant and had lots of visits to the pregnancy clinic in London.
Plus now on people heard that she was eating lots of chocolates and a famous painter painted a portrait for her, something that doesn't look like that much to her, these things are happening in the princess life 2013.

Note: The baby will be a future King or Queen, this means in agree with laws and traditions
That's the next crown of the UK English people.
Meantime America wants to see this cute baby boy or baby girl soon. Great news 2013 by January and February.