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kitty cat

I met a woman with the greatest sweetheart in the summer of 2003, right after I had moved from State of Florida to midwest Illinois in the U.S. American country.
Thank You sweetheart my new wife for taking the time to teach me how to accept little and big animals as part of my life!.

The fact is that i did not have a pet ever and what it was relevant is that I did not like to share my life, kitchen, bed, bath, a food dish, the car, and living room when a TV- television show was coming up with them (the sweet pets).

The Obsessed Pet Lady From Carterville So. Illinois

This obsessed woman original was born in Massachusetts and then moved to South Florida

The she had five cats and a small dog inside our home and trying to replace a child loss and baby by filling up the house with pet animal cats and dogs.
And the place was where I supposed to live with her after were engaged

( The images:
A kitty cat has a mom, a female dog love and feed the kitty cat - Nutritional milk from a female dog for a small kitty best feeding )

Observe how the Dog Mom is holding her baby with her left paw. Of course, for hours she had to go running after the kitty over and over till find the way of keeping it for long periods of time eventually.

The mother started lactating when she first saw the kitten, she hidden the small baby, so we will not notice it!.
And then baby cat grew up healthy with the breastfeeding or nursing from her.

My life really started to give a 100% degree change, a simple cuddle from a cat and a dog following me to my office where my job was did impact my style of thinking.

feeding kitty cats

Till those days as my understanding was that people living with small or large animals around and close to the point that they eat from he same dish, were nuts and lonely with lack of companion
but that wasn't me.
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How came this change so drastically to the point that even my personality changed too? well, think about
I'm a Latin American and that woman, who today she is my wife live happy with this little creatures surrounding us.

What Happened?

The story begins early in nineteen seventies, when in my childhood people in Latin America just only belonged believing in making money and eating, anything else was to use as a tool or simple way to get there.
Caws and horses were a plus, all because if you had them inside your land, then your family name was powerful and settled

For convenience the families also had some fat or skinny pigs or pork for meat, goats to clean the grass from the land, garden chickens ( roosters and hens all colors chicks ), dogs to take care their properties and to collect the cows or going hunting

But these animals slept outside.

The cats were used to exterminate the mice and rats and with a wild style, they also slept outside.
I learned not to spend time with the animals at all in the way of sharing feelings ever.

By the year 1992, my arrival to Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida caused me to get married with the first American woman that I found somewhere, with no details please!.

The fact was that she had her own " pet friends"
But the tv was more important to her than explaining to me how to become a pet lover.
Certainly the dog did deliver some feeling for me, especially when she took the doggy to put her to sleep with the excuse of being too old of age.

a puppy, a doggy

At that moment I felt very uncomfortable to have a pet, because it did not make sense to arrive with those feelings and then let them go at a place where they take these little ones life away like nothing.
In my world, that did not ever exist, animals died naturally.
I told this to my first wife, but her answer was, "who cares.
I still have three cats at home".

Followed by many other stories, the three wild animals inside our home at that particular time of 7 seven years caused me a frustration to the point to of not knowing what the purpose of having a pets if there was no enjoyment and entertainment whatsoever, it was totally senseless!

The horrible unclean ferocious smells of the cat litter box, that was shared by all three animals and hair everywhere impacted my thoughts in a highly negative way.
There was a good reason to break away and move on with my own personal life.

Finally a good understanding on how to get the best out of your pets came to me, the present wife acts like them, she gives fresh cool water in all of their dishes, have constantly clean litter boxes, enough food all times, the right vaccinations on time, a continuous love sharing both ways, taking good pictures of funny moments, lay them over her shoulders, calls them by name for each, play at all times and laughing, delivering happiness to everyone around.

Bingo, I learned to to love them easy, I even found their personalities clearly now.
For every " Meow or woof " bow wow " there is a word, just paying attention the animal tell you what they are up to, funny.
If it is about food, or comfortable or uncomforting, getting even better if stress is the main reason.

Please if after reading these story, you have a suggestion, an opinion or a small or large story about your best friends.

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Please pay attention to the image with a group of furry strangers sitting on the bed.
It happens that they do not know each other, that's why their looks are directed to different sides.
It was so hard to maintain them in one place for a picture with my Canon camera.

My brother and I collected these species from the street, in a moment when we had nothing else to do ( we were very bored and started having fun!), we call it "

Said in Latin " Genus Felis, Felis catus ' grouping by their size and colors.

(1- A small cat, kitties homes, a cat house for a kitty - Two doggy brown color and a white one together, new born pets puppies. brown, black and white colors)

(Photo: Cathouse catbed)

cathouse catbed

Photo: puppies cute together)

puppies cute

Pets house or cat bed is always a special place to rest and sleep or just to hang out, so no wonder they love it.