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Red Flowers

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For Costumes Costa Rica

You'll learn Spanish with us, we are bilingual English & Spanish.
The Costa Rica honeymoon & 7 reasons for Costa Rica adventures, 7 day vacations or 15 days stay.

Two things are normal average in this place, eat all you want and tell others what's your mind freely.
Exercise on those tours to the wild environment and climbing tall rock mountains, surf, play soccer and run for fun

Visit Costa Rican cities, the best city guide online and their histories, city travel advisor.

Learn Spanish with Us, You're Invited Begin the expedition online with our WebPages, find truth on reviews, opinions, comments made specifically for info.
( Photos: American Garden red flowers Maria, Costa Rica adventures) ( Photo Middle: wild flower images, garden beauty Tania, Costa Rica honeymoon) ( Right:


Quotes "el Casado con pollo"

Food mixed, spaghetti, tomatoes, white rice chicken cooked, the married food)
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Manana dia

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married casada


Nota: Para leer en lenguaje hispanoamericano, pasar mas abajo a las versiones en ese lenguaje, gracia.

Wild Flowers

Flowers of the Paradise Costa Rica honeymoon.

The colors part of landscapes and valleys Costa Rica vacations adventures. Foto e imagen del casado Costa Rica
( comida typical #1 ) Caribbean lands and rivers are very noticeable, Our towns Pictures of nature |


Profesional, para todos los Ticos exigentes. Comida de tiquicia

To decorate your imagination, also Tiquicia ", Land of the ticos and yours of course too!

Food from ticos lands, towns pictures, the casado ", by the way, what in the world peoples call fast foods or basically French fries and hamburgers, these mainly our dish takes those faster jewels served, and it replaces them for a real kings table pleasant and elegant treat.
The Professional Casados with Chicken $7.00 USD Cost

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Guias de ciudades e sus historias. Queremos que usted consiga una casa, financiamiento seguro bancario.
Los personales como créditos hipotecarios, abrir una cuenta, la alianza con empresas, leer planilla empresarial, BCR bolsa de valores y las novedades

For the most demanding customers at the restaurant or casa,. No you don't find these typical food dish in a famous restaurant or a 5 stars mountain hotel, the beach.
Because for these kind treats, you need to go in between the Costa Ricans and meet them, the women cooking at their homes or the smallest convenient and tiny restaurants, known as " sodas "

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Travel Costa Rican 7 Seven City States


El directorio comercial Americano con las siete ciudades mas importantes.
Un viaje por lLas 7 siete provincias, Las grandes estrellas del futuro

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Do we want to learn more details while we are traveling or travel city by small city, town by small town and histories, plus images all over the place, welcome onboard of the Americas.

Feel like in your own house because we love visitors.

The travel city's states history. As we mention below, you can visit those that are already finished.
The information will be different in many cases from the other Costa Rican states history websites.
Sometimes their main concerns are to direct the visitors to their Real Estate offers or Hotel rooms.

foods recipes


Estas Son Las Ciudades Que se puede visitar

No, are not a restaurant, we don't sell food from this website.
This is the Costa Rican's most popular dish

Coffee and food rice and beans.
You can select the red, they are Passages on lead to cities, already have placed information. This Country is also an American, that's why we are also Americans.

We're free and with sovereignty, it's own language, ideology and with it's own true history.
Our pass man took the duty of making the peace system of life with, wile progressing.

Over this land crossed man with good and bad, and even so with all that European influence we kept only two teachings Reformed Greek Democracy, Spoken Spanish language.

We live in peace and allow our neighbors to do so too, that's has been our allowance for us to keep progressing.

Lets remember " If you see a Costa Rican, you will understand the Peace thought our pass have no been so at ease, still in 2007 we keep growing in tourism and we hope to keep doing it, to remain this beautiful country in peace and with democracy.

The locals are people who care about needed man & woman.
They tell us " We are entering in the global business process and we are prepared for it"

Luis Guillermo Solis (El Pak Accion Ciudadana), till 2018.

The Country land deserves it. To the Ticos as worldwide we are called, we're interested in keeping the peace without hungry, but also to keep the forest, that's why we lawfully protect the national parks.
Our women are not only beautiful & sincere, but also they are intelligent, excellent companion.

We are a civilized society with all rights and we accept the Divine and human laws honoring them as one.
The visitors from other countries have a positive opinion about us and they continue investing in our country, " our lands are an earth Paradise ", they say around the globe.

So, lets keep living in peace wile still working with intelligence to progress with honesty.

Video Miss Universe

Video Miss Universe Costa Rica Universe 2013 Fabiana Granados, Wearing a long elegant silver dress.
( /watch?v=lEez9tkZyeE/ ) Video Miss Universe

She passes the first round with first 16 contestants
A countess where Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler was the crowded beautiful woman.
(pageant at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow November 9, 2015 / 2016)


Rogamos disculpas y paciencia pues estamos trabajando constantemente al terminar la historia en parte de las ciudades, estas son las ciudades de las que hemos colectado fotografías e información. Por favor proseguir. Lo sentimos por la demora en presentar la información de algunas de las ciudades de este país.
Es importante de recalcar que nosotros estamos trabajando constantemente en ello.
No, Nosotros no vendemos comida.
Este es el plato preferido " Casado Mixto".

Casado con arroz y café Casado Mixto
Esparza Santa Cruz Bo. El Carmen Puntarenas Centro, El Roble Barranca, Miramar, San Jose, Central Información, Limón Alajuela Cocodrilos Tarcoles, cocodiles.
CostaRica también es un pais en las Americas, por eso somos Americanos. Somos un país soberano y libre, con su propio idioma, ideología y verdadera historia.

Nuestros antepasados se encargaron de mantener un sistema de vida pacifico y progresista.
Por este lugar pasaron hombres de bien y del mal, sin embargo con toda la influencia Europea por nuestra tierra solo nos quedaron dos de esas enseñanzas Democracia Griega modificada y el Idioma Español Costarricense.

Nosotros vivimos en paz y permitimos a nuestros vecinos hacerlo también, eso es lo que nos ha permitido prevalecer creciendo. Recordemos.

Si miras a un costarricense comprenderás la paz. Aunque el pasado ha sido difícil para nosotros, aun en el 2010 nos mantenemos creciendo en turismo y esperamos seguir haciéndolo para mantener este hermoso País en paz y en democracia.
Nuestras gentes son hombres de bien, trabajadores, sinceros y humildes.

Nosotros estamos entrando en la etapa de comercialización global y todos nuestros comercios ya están preparados para enfrentar ese reto.
Nuestro Presidente era una mujer, despues un hombre 2015 / 2016

A los TICOS, como se nos llama mundialmente, nos interesa conservar la paz y sin hambre, pero también nos interesa conservar el bosque, por eso protegemos los parques nacionales legalmente.
Nuestras mujeres además de ser muy bellas, también son inteligentes y excelente compañeras.

Tenemos todos los derechos como sociedad civilizada y respetamos nuestras leyes como también las leyes Divinas.
Los Extranjeros se expresan mayormente de una forma positiva e invierten en nuestra tierra, nuestra tierra es un verdadero paraíso terrenal ", dicen en el mundo entero.

Así que Costarricenses mantengamos el buen vivir y trabajemos inteligentemente para progresar honestamente.