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htc one smartphone / cell phone

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Websites Worldwide Top Breaking News

Verizon Announced In Tweeter Acc Later This Summer HTC One Cell Phone Arrival.
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Later This Summer HTC One Cell Phone Arrival

HTC One Nexus Edition

HTC One Is Finally Coming To Verizon Later This Summer
It is considered the the best Android Smartphone to be released this year 2013.
The stock Android version was offered by the make G+ in June 03.

The Company in US called Verizon has confirmed the arrival to it's network soon this US summer.

However that company did not provide any specifics as far of dates and prices to consumer buyer in all US states cities where they hold stores sellers.

The company provider of wireless services for cell phones network communications, announced these news on their account in Twitter.

The HTC Android version could be perfectly available on Verizon wireless.
The new Droid DNA is for building soon and the latest premium Android device not made out of plastic soft materials.

We already knew that the HTC One Nexus Edition Is Official, Will Cost about near to $599.
Nice Nexus Edition of the Galaxy S4.

A Fairy-Tale- Slash-A Nightmare!

Can We Say That Miss Universe Canada Crowns Wrong Winner?
The mistake was fixed by breaking this beautiful young woman's heart.

Denise Garrido

Miss Universe Canada Stays With The Crown As Winner For Just 24 Hours ( A Day) Only Before The Title Taken Away.

Developed story is that last Saturday night, judges crowned Ontario's Denise Garrido, 26, the new Miss Universe Canada out of 57 contestant.

Right next day in the morning her crown was gone because they came up with a mistake story, they admitted the the real beauty winner was Riza Santos, 26, of Calgary city.
Denise Garrido was crowded in 2010 Miss World Canada already.

In the processing During total validation of the computerized scoring results ( It happens nest day exactly ), a simple typo was discovered in the top 5 entries, and directly impacted the final competition's results.

Some technical details: " The error was considered the 1st time instance as far of type of error in the last 10 years between young women Beauties at Canada (BOC ) for productions of the Miss Universe Canada pageant."

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The News Of Moneys:

The internet's largest payment processor and money transfer, federal prosecutors charged seven 7 people Tuesday with running what amounted to an online, the charge was for in $6B online money-laundering case.

Rolls Royce Photo

A group of players, a softball team, players. coaches, trainers, everybody inside the place basement.

The criminal activity included banks, credit cards hacked from all over the world, and Na.. activity service by Liberty Reserve, a currency-transfer and payment-processing company based in a small country called Costa Rica.

The authorities in that country are investigating also the possibility of politicians parties being evolved by receiving money for their political campaign activities.

The organization named Liberty Reserve allowed customers to move money anonymously from one account to another, via the Internet with almost no questions about identity asked ever because they had their own digital coin.

The US authorities in charge of the case said that Liberty Reserve processed 55 million illicit transactions worldwide for 1 million users, including $300,000 in the U.S. The founder, a man with the name of Arthur Budovsky

& Azzeddine el Amine, co-founder Vladimir Kats. Who were arrested Friday at a Madrid airport while trying to return to Costa Rica.

He was cached in France and Spain in the Case of the Costa Rican the beginning of this week, he an American who renounced his U.S. citizenship after deciding to set up in Costa Rica.

Several of the individuals involucrate in this case also were from he local country, the webmaster for internet, an engineer, the founder girlfriend.

Mr. Mitchell Rossetti, his business location base in Houston, use accepting ePay Cards and they own the website with the same name, he was one of several mainstream merchants that accepted Liberty Reserve's online-only currency.

The properties of such a company included several automobiles of high quality (investigators recovered five luxury cars, including three Rolls-Royces Mercedes Benz
Palace homes, they also had $10,000 dollars cows decorations that bought from international shows and lots of expensive jewelry, a Ninja motorcycle.

These pertinences will be held in hands of local government authorities and the law will decide what to do later.

The Liberty reserve was allowing all members users to open their own personal and business accounts using fictitious names ( imaginary ), including "a Russian Hacker" and "Hacker Account acc." Who was 1 one person registered under the name of " Mr. Joe Bogus" and the address "123 None Existing Main Street " in "Absolutely Made Up City Place, New York)

No more overflowing the Americans banks with extra illegal dollars, great).
With these news, now the immigration of CR is considering adjusting fraudulently marriages locally approved by laws from 1950's in the Costa Rican constitution, that includes fixing the broken system in the national.

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