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2016-07-06 11:40:30 PM

The Shoes Secret For The Average Woman

The average women has a minimum of two pair of shoes in their home closet and one otr two more pairs that they wear every day to go work, errands to the stores or visiting friends homes.

The heel shoes and sandals seems to make them more exited, how ever runing shoes are just wear in moments when they think that they have some over pounds.

Boots are just for some small amount of females as the majority never can afford to have them because of the pain in their unkles or the price.

A leather purse bag is essencial to almost 99.9%, so when they buy this items, they also look for best deals on shoes just be covered.
Images & Data Leak
Crocs Women's Alice Mary Jane Flat:
Manmade sole
Heel measures approximately 1"
Platform measures approximately 0.5"
"W" refers to Women's and not Wide sizes
Features Crocs Lock technology which is slip-resistant and tested to ASTM F1677 standards Odor-resistant.
Sizes for All Ages Ladies: 3 3.5, 4 4.5, 5 5.5, 6 6.5, 7 7.5, 8 8.5, 9 9.5, 10 10.5, 11 11.5, 12 12.5, 13 13.5
Women's Skechers for Work Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up, Crocs Alice Mary Jane Flat, SR Max Rialto Black Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker, Timberland PRO Renova Professional Shoe.
May you have an opinion if this news about the amount of footwear ladies shoud have at their house, then send us a message by using our contact forms online in the respective web page. thanks

3 Million Late Jeep Model, Older Car Jeeps Recall
2016-06-08 1:27:31 PM

3 Million Late Jeep Model, Older Car Jeeps Recall

Jeep 4x4 Vehicle

Automotive giant Chrysler is refusing a request by a federal transportation agency to recall the vehicles
With seriuos dangerous defects that can cause injuries and even death to drivers.
Some have defects on their gas tank and explode causing fire.
Jeep Company warms about several cases where fire was the reason of accidents.>
From all the models that were early 1930's 40'd 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's and up made and till now 2013 they are on the rod or inside a garage, the Grand Cherokee is the the one with less probles and defects.

The manufacture said thta those a cars were made in the pass when the regulations did'nt exist and therefore they are at teir own now.
The government wants a recall of 1993 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but Chrysler corporation automobile maker and selelr in US, refuses Jeep recall, saying fuel tanks are safe.
The Jeep Cars
Chrysler recalls 630,000 vehicle Jeep SUVs for transmission, other mechanical and electrical malfuntions problems, For two separate issues.
Some because of delayed deployment of airbags and others due to the potential of leaking automatic and manual transmission fluids.

221,100 Jeep Wrangler SUVs with 3.6-litres engine from model y. 2012 and 2013 will be recalled because of a possible continuosly a leaking leak of transmission fluid.
The manufacture Chrysler announced about a component of the Wrangler’s power steering system that may rub against a transmission fluid cooling line, causing the fluid to leak and becoming dry, then lost of steering and an accident.

They are refusing a request by a federal transportation agency to recall nearly 3 million late-model, officials said.
Latest models: 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee - ‎2013 Jeep Patriot - ‎2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
Jeep has been an worldwide iconic & legendary 4x4 sport utility vehicle for the past 70 years, inclusive used in the second world war as transportation for soldiers generals etc.

Face Book Plans Are To Become A News Feed Channel 2013-06-25 12:16:34 AM

Face Book Plans Are To Become A News Feed Channel.
The users worldwide soon will recieve i their smartphone or cell phone an application feed to allow everybody reading the latest Facebook news.
Facebook News
All is with a focus on a cell mobile, that it works on project for news via users consumers and so the company maintains ejenomy over their competitiors the newspapers and websites news updaters and providers.
 Probable Face Book integrating online feeds opportunities for many journalists without borders participation of each upadte.

The smart way of keeping the center of attention worldwide and selling higher price stocks.
Facebook's plans are working torchlight multiplayer and to become a newspaper for mobile devices.
The company's software programmer, computer programmer experts, the site's developer, code maker and designers called the application and internally called "The Reader".

In the project of amny, which the company's engeneer employess has been developing for more than a year already.

Articles designed to showcase as latest news content in particular.

The recent versions of reader resemble company style Flipboard Inc.
 Do you think they need more jobs to make more money? Tell everybody what do you think.

Costa Rica's Controller's Legal Office Halted Near $1,500,000,000 USD Investment 2013-06-20 7:50:04 PM

The Controller's Office in Costa Rica Has Halted the Biget Investment from A Chinese Company in Latin America.
An oil refinery, a modernization largely funded by the Chinese government's company due to a contractual violation, paralyzing
the Central American country’s biggest investment project.
 The mistaken was made by the Costa Rican petroleum company Recope " Recope Administartion".

Images & Watches Gift
A feasibility study on the refinery modernization was conducted by Chinese company HQCEC, which has ties to China National Petroleum Corp., or CNPC.  The comptroller general’s office said in a statement on its website.

The Costa Rican Organization Recope spended so far ( One Billion and Five Hundred Tousand) $1,500,000.000 Dollars, performing data factibility investigations with engineering facts.

The controllers's office moved fast because the sudy was analized by enegneers college and University of costa Rica's Experts. The statement can be found in  Statement Site.
They claim that it is more expesive to refine a barrel iside the new refinary rather than buying it ouside else. And thta CR people will pay higher prices in the future.

As a result from the investigation, legal comptroller general’s office determined the breach of a clause 5.02, signed by Recope and CNPCI International Ltd,” according to the statement.

“The company that conducted the feasibility study has a relationship with the Chinese state oil company, which is prohibited and a breach of contract, so it can't be done ever.

Also, because of that decision the general Recope' s administrator quited as soon he heard the information on the media.

Experts are saying that corruption is an iminent fact and that they need to analize government's agreements no on.

Brazil 2013 Latest News Brasil 2013-06-19 7:28:14 AM

The university and college students continue after several days of protesting on the streets of Sao Paulo, At the international city were the confederation world cup tounament is celebrating some important games like for example Espana (Spain) Italy, Mexco and other contestant soccer national teams, these days.

Brazil Protester Demostration
One of the hub economic square of this country located in South America and naibor of Argentina.

When the protesters and strikers wre asked why their protesting, their answers were that the constanly raising cost of life and specifically the transportation for them to go work and feed their family, eldery and kids.

The about the soccer competition celebrating right now, they said, who cares, after all thta's is a teat that only benefits the rich and famous, never the big masses of citizens who don't have any opportunity to assist the games because they are struggling for food and jobs.

The group of tousands, inclusive locals citizes who after coming out of their jobs decided to join the protesters who mainly are young people wearing green and yellow body paints and carnival customs as a dress.

The local army police stay on the line riding their military horses and maintain the order inside these cities.
Brasil Colors

The young protesters complains are against their goverment irrelevant capabilities to govern the country's economy as it should be "said a few men and women".

 Considered a tremendouns massive anti-government demonstrations in Brazil, all news worldwide channels are following the South American's nation  events very close.

Live Updates: Warning in US Severe Weather, Tornado Threat, Derecho Potential 2013-06-12 8:11:27 PM

Live Updates: Warning in US Severe Weather, Tornado Threat, Derecho Potential

The second wave is in right now.
Alian Storm
Severe Weather Risk.
9:00 Pm Night. States affected are: Wisconsin Illinois North Chicago, North West Virginia, Ohio Pennsylvania, Indiana and moving northeast.
Northeast Regional Weather Radar.

Red Flag Warning, Tornados Watch. Lightning Strikes - Past 31/2 Hours.
Also, keep in mind to remain in a safe place till the warning is lifted off.
Driving inside areas where it a potential risk is not the best idea.

To add this news, the south Americas ( Pacific and Caribbean Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala) also is recieving a major wave the whole night and tomorrow heavy rains with electrical activity in Central America and Panama.
 Tornado Watch

When is Father's Day For A Gift To Give Him? 2013-06-11 1:49:16 PM

When is Father's Day 2013, 2014, 2015 etc?

Asking questions is none an excuse for never buyimg on time that small or big gift to give my father.
It takes 24 hours to go personal where he lives and giving him the thanks for takeing car of Us when we were little.

Lots of Americans have being in situations just like this one. Images & Watches Gift
The Co-parenting on dad in the Father's Day. How to continuing celebrating this special day.
Or how difficult could be to cope with a holiday you no longer celebrate as a family because actul status of divorced parents.

Always remember, father is not necessary the one that have the same blod of the kids song or daughter
Instead he is the guardia who takes care of those loved childen and spending excelelnt valuable moments to take place instead of the blod father.

Many grown up daughters or sons have said that they love more their step father than their real blod father.
Giving a gift for this special day belongs to an action with feeling and not for busienss or an obligation because the American tradition every year.

Any gift inclusive a simple card will make the treck for him, like what could be worst than nothing because that will make your dad think that you did not rememeber his day.
These special yearly dates are unique when they get family ties close and it goes for generations in avery positive way.
Remember, people like to be taken in consideration and their birthdays or dedicated days are highly important for them.
May all of us have a gift guide for the outdoorsy dad, and ready to grab gift in the bedroom closet always ready.

If not and by the way, no time to shop in a hurry online or snowing outside, perhaps raining of so.
Then order now with enought time from the stores online, deliver those preciuos gifts anywhere you live in United States.
The father gift ideas are loaded with sparks that go in all diffret directons, some of the ideas could be very expesive or affrdable deals to buy.
The details for shopping and deciding to buy that item or items, are yours
we can't tell you the specifics of what or how to spend the money you earned during your life.
Images & Watches Gift
What it is a fact is that people who go shopping will find what they need and like
Inclusive savings on the price and in compare with those that send someone else to shop for them.
Got something better, then take that man to eat at the restaurant he likes and wants, a dish with food that he'll nver forget.
Or what about letting the man have the cash, have you ever thought that maybe he has bills and a little or big money will help?

Women Makes $77 Dollars VS Men Who Earn 100% 2013-06-10 6:23:51 PM

Women Makes 77 Dollars VS Men Who Earn 100%

A commercial economics study  says that in the United States young women workers make only between 64 to $77 Dollars as salaries, when compare whit the worker male who is always making $100 Dollars or 100%  big salaries.

Women Career
The international women's day is the reason why news like this one get published online.
If now 2013 a woman is the only food and shelter supplier for the family kids.

Why she have to make less income for the same job on a standard of work result being the same as expected to be by companies and the boss.

The women should have equal work and pay rights by now. Why are they making lettle money?
However, there are other studies who said that older ladies are making bigger paychecks than many men out there inside corporations, medium small and large corporate in US.

Older women know better their jobs, plus they hold responsabilities dutiers, and they have best college degrees to carry one with evreything in the working place.
The larin Woman makes only $59 USD vs the men and black women make over $60.00
Hopefully someday soon these lady will make the same as a man in the same working possition and they can be more happy with the thought that they earn it working.

Tell Us if you think different and want to express your concerns about this matter.

Florida's Very First Tropical Storm This 2013 Year 2013-06-06 10:24:40 AM
Weather news. Latest Updates!

Florida's very first tropical storm This 2013 extreem bad weather events year.
While a new tropical storm warning was issued for a swath of the U.S. East Coast.
Andrea Tropical Storm, Hurricane Season

The top image is a Satellite photo provided by NASA NOAA, Andrea, the first named storm of the Atlantic season, forms over the Gulf of Mexico.
The weather departments issue Tropical storm warnings were in effect for a large section of state Florida's west coast 
from Boca Grande to Indian Pass and for the East Coast from Flagler Beach, Fla., all the way to Cape Charles Light in Virginia.
Plan B when weather is involved," said Ocy Ertzberger, head bookkeeper at the school of 2,400 students.
Brighthouse Field, the spring training home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Teacher Pricipal of school Philadelfia move the ceremony to the high school's gymnasium, but the gym wouldn't accommodate the nearly 500 graduates, friends, families and school officials so it was decided that the seniors would graduate in 2 large sets, two sessions.

At the near State Georgia, forecasters at the National Weather Service said heavy rains and flooding would be the main threats in Georgia, but isolated tornadoes also were possible.
Attention Fl Residents: The National Weather Service in Tampa confirmed two tornados touched down early this day Thursday. Meteorologist Rodney Wynn said there were reports of downed tree limbs and power lines and minor flooding.
In Myakka City and the other in Sun City Center.
Blake added that flash flooding was a concern, with 3 to 6 inches of rain expected.
A few Isolated areas in South & Northern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina could get 10 inches of rain.
As of 12 a.m. EDT Thursday, the storm was centered about 103 miles (170 kilometers) west of Tampa and moving northeast at around 15 mph (24 kph).
people locals int he area where the storm will pass ( keep attention to the dpt weather for updates every hour and follow it), they must make sure to obey authorities orders as the story develops.

Top Music News From Taylor Swift
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Mick Jagger Invited Guest Taylor Swift

They are about to Perform in Rolling Stones Concert 2013-06-05 4:28:20 PM

Mick Jagger Invited Guest Taylor Swift to Perform in Rolling Stones Concert

Taylor Swift Joins Mick Jagger for

Pictures of Taylor Swift in a Music Video Performing Teardrops On My Guitar Songs.

Swift, 23 years age, showed off her dance moves while singing "As Tears Go By" with Jagger, 69.
A version of the classic rock ballad.

The country American pretty blond girl showed a picture and also sent a tweet to her followers fans. The photo was about Dancing with Jagger on stage Singer.

Her tweeting message was "Filing this under ' never in my wildest dreams.'
Thank you Rolling Stones for inviting me to Chicago to sing with you".

The Rolling Stones Music Group Rock and Roll Mick Jagger Invited Guest Taylor Swift To Perform With Them.

Taylor Swift Joins Mick Jagger for

The American smart and beautiful blond hair country singer has captivated millions worldwide and everything she does ,m her fans want to know more details about.
She has several hits in music songs and albums bestselling right now.

Taylor has some medium list on radio and TV stations where people can listen her music creations list:
Red, Fearless, Speak Now, Beautiful Eyes, Speak Now World Tour Live, Journey To Fearless, Holiday Collection, Just for You, & Def Leppard, Cotton Songs

News in Filadelfia United States
dir solid business

Breaking News: A Building Colapses in Filadelfia

2013-06-05 10:55:21 AM

It happen this morning in the city Filadelfia.

Collapsed Building

Authorities are thinking that there could be more than 8 eight people trapped inside the building remainings.

Fire dept facilities, Lloyd Ayers informed.

Jeffrey Thompson said it happened around 10:43 am.
An old out of use building thta was in the list for demolition, and authorities are asking the locals public to move away, so they can work on the case event.

An exact number is not clear, Near to 12 hurt were taken to near hospital.

13 hurt and 1 still is trapped in Pa. building collapse

Several emergency crew searching in the rubble of a 4 four story old structure the fell on a Salvation Army store whith occupants and customers inside. Furthermore information can be found at CNN news website.

Barcelona FC Soccer Spanish Club Sings Naymar Brazilian Player
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The Brazil Striker, Naymar Barcelona Spain Soccer Football Deal

2013-06-03 6:01:24 PM

Brazil Striker, Neymar Signs a Five-Year Deal With Barcelona Soccer Club 2013-06-04 10:59:23 AM Football Soccer Barcelona, Brazilian Naymar's Deal

Brazil Striker, Neymar Signs a Five-Year Deal With Barcelona Soccer Club!

Naymar Barcelona Soccer player

Brazil Striker news.
Neymar after signing from Santos for a fee of £48.6m ( 57millon euros ) Big Money.
Neymar has completed his personal dream of moving to play soccer football to barcelona FC team in Spain leagues. His dream was To play with Lionel Messi from Argentina.
He will be with his idols' at Barcelona's tounaments in

Spain and Europe Cups.

The Brazilian The 21-year-old has signed a five-year deal with the Catalan club

He passed several 'exhaustive tests' right before committing his future to the club until June 2018 in the presence of president Sandro Rosell, vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu and

Sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta and Naymar has Neymar will join Lionel Messi, number one in the world ( Argentinian soccer player)

Now that brazil proven to be exporting great soccer players

We can't say that it loses the Brazilian football biggest star.
 all the opposite, Brazilian national team trainer is very smart by sending his players to learn from the biggest worldwide experts on the game, the Spaniard soccer at the

National team Brazilian Naymar Top of the world right now, and by the time of the world cup, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, who has scored 20 goals in 33 appearances for his country.
This story shows the power of will of young sportist men and women who want to achieve a goal in life and they fight for it, they work hard untill getting it. Congratlations Naymar

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Mom Delivers Twins on Utah Highway 2013-06-04 10:18:25 AM
On The Side of Highway I-80 Twins Delivery by Mother

Mom Delivers Twins on Utah Highway, Revives First Born Herself

On the side of Highway I-80 - about 25 miles outside of Wendover

Baby Twins

This woman revived one of the babies that was in danger to die.

Lynette Hales recieve help from the authorities 911 on how to assist her baby that wasn't breathing (nonbreathing baby).
Her friend who was driving, delivered the first

Twin and then found out that it wasn't breathing.
911 dispatcher Ashley Hunter walked Gerber and Hales through the process over the phone because near help place was many miles away.
The second baby was delivered by state troopers.
They shutted down a portion of the highway or at least part of it to attend the birth.
Who'd shut down a portion of the

Highway to assist with the birth.

Hales and her two sons were going to be attend for birth untill next Augost.
All three patients were carried to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah US

After a few hours the hospital reporting was that Hales was doing well and was recuperating

The twin baby boys, baby J.J. and baby A.J,are being treated in the newborn

Intensive care unit. Mama said: They're such miracles and they're fighters.

Mutual Cooperation Between Costa Rica And China's President With His Wife
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Mutual Cooperation Between Costa Rica And China's President With His Wife

2013-06-03 6:01:24 PM

An Unprecedented Visit Event To CR, Historical Meeting

Xi Jinping and Jinping Peng Liyuan China

History: Upon their arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica on June 2, 2013.
Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan offered a hands Wave greetings to the locals of the Republic Of Costa Rica.

The President of China spent June 03, 2013, discussed bilateral projects with Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla and government representatives.

After several agreements they announced the importance of his visit to the central American nation.
about the cooperation of business and technologies with clean energy applications.

The two leaders on bilateral relations and other issues of common concern.
And a future set of agreements in were CR will receive loans up to $900,000 USD Dollars for building an oil refinery of petroleum.
Lets don't forget that China initiated their cooperation with CR early 2005 when they agree building the La Sabana stadium for football soccer, today's first class in central America "Estadio Nacional".

The China's president words were: "To deepen the traditional friendship between China and Latin America and expand their mutually beneficial cooperation.".

A total of nine agreements were signed in this first visit.

One of the most important agreement is the rout 32 to Limon, The rads construction (Atlantic Export Port).
Transportation that uses natural resources rather than petroleum gasoline and diesel.
Agreed to development plans to make it a true project.

Later that night the President from the biggest Asian economy was invited with all of his company assistants to have a dinner at the National Theater ( Just like president of United States Barack Obama's dinner)

After those agreements and pre-agreements, Chinese leader went to the congress and met with several congressman for several hours.
He got a touch and taste of Democracy.
His message was about getting to meet all of the Latin American leaders and develop projects because China has lots of resources to share.

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