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About Shakira Bio

Why after many years of personal and business career, she still remain on the top worldwide singers ever achieved the goal as a happy dancer singer.

in the world cup brasil

Invited to sing the FIFA "federation soccer Association of the world) and presented on the opening and closing in Brasil (Brazil 2014).

Her song "La La La" reached a million over to" approximately 39.7 million likes" likes at face-book, that's what the media news declared).

She performs during the closing ceremony prior to the final game. La La La is a new self-titled album
promoting her well done work along with Carlos Santana, the guitarist, and with Brazilian star Carlinhos Brown
It was a treat for her after he husband got defeated with soccer team of Spain and kicked out of the World Cup on the fist round
Lyrics Like Gypsy, lil Wayne, Crazy Or Loca, In The Album 2010 Greatest Hits Wolf.

The best Shakira's hits are many, but we collected some name of music album great songs and lyrics, so everyone can have a general idea how big and famous this Colombian singer female is.

Play now for free Hits for the year 2011 Shakira Loca ( Featuring El Cata ), Ca Me Regarde, Raise Your Glass, More, Hey Baby ( Drop It To The Floor ).
Not the "on the floor" because that song belongs to singer female Jennifer Lopez.

Shakira Bio Anyways, this beautiful natural born black hair and bleached it to become a Latin Grammy awards winner and a star singer icon worldwide, right after acting in the world cup Fifa in South Africa.

Like we said right after the Latin Grammy awards. There appeared several videos online to watch and the most safe are in Youtube sites.

shakira whatever song lyrics

So who is Shakira? Below This Post Review Videos website of YOUTUBE.

She has many available videos that all of you can watch, after reading this reviews, of course. Chante "Loca Loca" aux NRJ Music Awards 2011 2017 2018 2019 2020.

Perhaps the things that the Latina girls has achieved the best is a world followers who love to watch her music videos where she is as usually perfuming dancing and moving exotically her hips.
After all of that, the music hits and going around the web internet to find free Mp3 download.

As a matter of fact, we want to re-call the bio or Miss Shakira biography to be found complete and reviewed by experts on wiki .com, Wikipedia.

Add that Shakira represented her country in the top American Meeting in Cartagena 2012
She net with all business men and women in the US Canada and continental Americas
Speaking about investing in children education and women

In there, they made the entrance with: She is Colombian singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer, and philanthropist who emerged in the music scene of Colombia (right before Venezuela in the south Latin America.

And her real name is Isabel Mebarak Ripoll ( plus she was born in the month of February 2, 1977 ), starting a singing and acting career on the years 1990s.

In the city Barranquilla, this woman starting to revealed many of her relevant personal talents at school as a live performer.

Her demonstrations included the vocal ability with rock and roll music, Latin and Arabic exotic influences with her own original twist on belly dancing (her sexybody).

who is shakira

Like no other celebrity woman singer, the song list is extended, but a few names are these:
¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?, Pies Descalzos, with Whenever Wherever and Laundry Service, she enters United States and UK and which sold over 13 million copies worldwide, With 2 two Grammy Awards and about Shakira 7 seven Latin Grammy Awards, plus 12 twelve Billboard Latin Music Awards

Everybody knows why the best selling song of the 2000s is "Hips Don't Lie.
Her new single 2011 album is Rabiosa.

loca waka

After making the release of the 6 sixth studio album "She Wolf", The nice music album sold roughly 2.1 million copies around the world (execellent "she wolf "
We must recognize that her acting and arts are unique, plus to become the first Latina to represent Soccer Football tournament worldwide is something that will stay in history for ever.

"Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)
To learn more information about places for tours she is making during the last months of October, November, December 2011, and 2012 January, February and close, you must take a closer look to her personal and official website.

As a whole selection of wallpapers, and photos can be found with tips and other important info about the profile or bio.
Also Ritchie Martin, the Puerto Rican ex-Menudo singer was invited to Germany for the world soccer cup tournament with the song named The Cup Of Life " La Copa de la Vida".

And latest gay artist, this because he himself told it to the whole world a while ago on TV.
remember that prior these great artist there were another two more in the early seventies.

Their names where Gloria Stefan and married to Emilio Stefan, and one the all times famous celebrities, MR. Julio Iglesias who spoken ten languages and his songs in English sound were famous in United States, Japan Germany and UK ( The Father of Enrique Iglesias in Miami Florida)