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Find and Hire perfect core DJs for your special events today, Best Dj in America and the World in Naperville Rockford, Peoria, Chicago and Southern Illinois, Peroria, Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, Illinois Central and Southern Illinois
(See Our Highly Recommended SO. IL Dj Below!), Greater St. Louis area ( Missouri state), Boston Massachusetts NYC, New York
Colorado - Arizona - Utah - Delaware - Virginia, Washington DC - West Virginia - Orlando Tampa Jacksonville, Florida - Queen City - Maryland - Wisconsin - San Diego Los Angeles, California
Seattle, Washington - NJ - NC - Houston, Texas - Toronto, Dj in a Box in Canada - Melbourne, Australia - Quad City- Omaha, Nebraska - Indiana - Long Island - NJ - Oklahoma - Michigan
FL - Kansas of The USA and Selected Parts of the World Such as Paris France - UK - Ireland - Rome Italy (Europe) Costa Rica Central America, Panama.

Specialize in artists management and development, event planning, general and custom sound and light effects
Musical promotions, and so forth.

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All Djs from Mars unlimited download, huge music library, albums, songs, music videos, Virtual MP3 Mixing Video Mix Software and Dj in a Box Rental
List Of Most Popular Local DJs Global and United States Midwest Northeast US DJ Directory Rank List
Illinois local Top Notch DJs, Photographers, Videographers for weddings, mitzvahs
Or special event in Illinois including: Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, and the following Best Djs in Southern Illinois: DJ Entertainment Leader in Southern Illinois of BEST SOUTHERN IL DJ SERVICES in Illinois !
Best Method to Contact: 1-618-303-27800 Mobile # for Top DJ for hire, Jon Benet

Description:  Our LDBP Company specializes in small to medium sized events ( Receptions, Ceremonies, Parties, Weddings, Receptions, MORE ) Business with a focus on community and social awareness & they believe that it's possible to run a successful business and affect positive social and economic change in the communities around them
and that by creating opportunities for individuals in the worlds of art and music makes it possible to both empower and enlighten.

They are a growing Lights & Sound Productions, Arts Organization, Professional Dj and Karaoke business in Illinois featuring Top of the Line JBL audio equipment

Music downloads, and several GREAT DJs such as Southern IL DJ JON BENET ( He's An Awards Recipient of the Operation Bootstrap Award of SIUC Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois of $3000 and the Carbon Soup Grant of $200 ! )
Many Others Local Djs that are dedicated to highlighting the sights and sounds of the beloved Southern Illinois and surrounding IL areas and are building a multi media D.I.Y.
Empire with experience in fine art, print, film, and music of all genres. LDBP have experience hosting events large and small and hope to further their growth in the realms of art, film, and music as they become more experienced with promotions, show productions, booking, Etc.
They're familiar and comfortable in dealing with members of the press for promotional use and are currently looking for new acts to record and promote.
LDBP HIGHLY recommends their talented artists & are looking for motivated and committed people in the area now. Ask how you can help fuel the art and culture revolution in your hometown or venuee. They personally believe that... Art can be the Cure and Music can be the Hope and There can be Greatness in the Most Unexpected Places.

All Shows include basic lighting and effects.
A Basic Show : $200 for the first 4 hour session plus $35 each extra hour
Premium Package : $1200 + for the first 4 hours for DJ
and Go Go Dancers & Performers sound and lighting with each additional hour costing $200 +
LDBP Mission: To Share with the World the arts, lights, sights and sounds audio of 618 Southern Illinois
with availability to provide sound and lighting for bands and concerts. Small to medium sized venues (depending on event).

Bands, Organizations and People they have worked with are:  Minda Reames, Ryan Emmer, Descending New Angels, Odum Blues Band
Tommy Wheat, No Signal, Heavy Water, Birdfolk, Micheal Friday, 3RS, Juststyle, Big Larry Williams, Triple Threat, Tone Capone, Ricc Johnson
DJ Gea, Rawkstar, Freeflowin
Lil Mikey and TCB, FF2H, Hunter Seeker, Justin Torres, Jack Hinson, Jon E Rector, Blue Eyed Soul, The Eunuchs, Dorian's Decay, CLOUD, Christian Hale, Brett Haynes, Freeze Records
Head Event Music Group, Pirate Approved Music, Stoltz Enterprises
The Carbondale, IL Public Library, The Women's Center Inc., Sam's Cafe, Wiseguy's Pizza
The Southern Illinois Wine Trail Association, The Spotlight Grill
The Crown Jewel Lounge, Xrossroads, Cali's in Carbondale, Murphysboro, IL Kinkaid Lake Marina Donna's Sweetwater Saloon.
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DJ Quotes From Famous and Not So Famous DJs Of the World " Sometimes you need to shake up your own world and the people around you " Sander Kleinenberg " That's how we party "Jeff Mills " Sorry for being so good so early " Parklife Brisbane " I'm going to make love to every single one of you " Erick Morillo - Global Gathering "
I may be established but I will never be establishment.
" Dave Clarke " The dance floor is supposed to be somewhere you can just let yourself go and just really flaunt it out, sleaze it out, filth it out, dirt it out, just get down and enjoy.
Let's have a party!
" Metro Mix Radio interview Sasha upon walking into the sunlight after an after party in Canberra, Australia: " I'm Melting! " " Rockin the plastic like a man from the casket " Unknown " I love music more than I love people " Jeff Mills " In search of the perfect beat I found my own rhythm " John Michael " Never trust a DJ who can't dance " Gerald'

" Happy music is easy to consume, you can just put yourself in the music and see what happens.
It's passive, you don't have to do anything for it. Inclusive techno, it is not only dark but also very subtle and intense. It can make you lose your mind, make you freak totally out. " Marcel Dettmann " Have fun, party hard but don't forget to go home.

" Ewan Pearson " in 20 years of activity as a DJ I still can't realize the real social utility of what I'm doing's but I have seen the therapeutic function " Donato Dozzy and Laurent saying, " This is the last record " ( at every record he plays from 10 until 12 )

Disc jockeys, also known as DJs, are the people who select and play recorded music for an audience from their Awesome DJ Digital Equipment !!
Learn Yourself How To Become a DJ disk jockey or Hire the right DJ Entertainment to DJ a wedding planning event, class reunion, birthday party, holiday party, bash