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Beautiful Supermodels, the top film movie stars, most beautiful women celebrity or the movie stars of all time! miss USA pageant

princess crown

In Las Vegas, at the Planet Hollywood city resort-and/-casinos in Las Vegas, By TV on NBC date Sunday, June 19 at 9PM eastern time record.
A former Miss Teen USA, country United States in New Jersey Represented

Famous and celebrity Beautiful is the right word, intelligent and smart will be the name |

Belleza is la palabra correcta, inteligencia y sabiduria es el nombre

We all know how interesting is to sit and see a show about beautiful things, but when that particular show or those shows are about the person who represents our own country about movie stars, city, town or even the entire continent in the beautiful world with millions of famous people viewers at the same time, the matter changes and becomes an unique and one time for each year to see.
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It happened that a beautiful group of young and intelligent women got together and participated in the most famous beautiful world beauty countess ever, Miss Universe countess.
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In our site we provide some of the most attractive images from the five finalist. Hope you enjoy them like we did and do until today for future referrals.

For a celebrity famous picture to start liking it, the most greatest stars who love to communicate and share part of their life and beauty with us this is the maximum exploration.
Congratulations famous people like Stefania Fernadez from Venezuela! in Latin America - Photos Of Miss America.

The crown |La corona, la fama y el sueno hecho realidad
There were several particular girls competing for the greatest award on beauty countess in Bahamas islands at the time and of course not all of them could make it to the end.
In the list of countries we can name some of those famous people, world' celebrities for you today

miss Universe

venezuelan queen, miss universe

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runway model walking in high heels

Belleza Internacional De Miss America, ganadora De La Corona Senorita Venezuela, la Miss Universo 2009 y una Celebridad famosa en Ropa o Traje de noche

American Beauty, the Crown Winner.
Runway Model Walking in High Heels | Night elegant clothing show |
When a dream comes to be true, a women lovely dream. famous celebrities names American | Americana:

USA Kristen Dalton, Turks & Caicos Jewel Selver, Uruguay Cinthia D'Ottone, Guyana Jenel Cox, Brazil Larissa Costa, Guatemala Lourdes Figueroa, Bolivia Dominique Peltier, Colombia Michelle Rouillard, Ecuador Sandra Vinces

Peru Karen Schwarz, El Salvador Mayella Mena, Mexico Karla Carrillo, Honduras Belgica Suarez, Curacao Angenie Simon, Bahamas Kiara Sherman, Argentina Johanna Lasic, Canada Mariana Valente, Costa Rica Jessica Umana, USA Kristen Dalton, Panama Diana Broce, Jamaica Carolyn Yapp
Nicaragua Indiana Sanchez, Dominican Republic Ada Aimee De la Cruz, Puerto Rico Mayra Matos Perez, Aruba Dianne Croes, Paraguay Mareike Baumgarten Oroa, Iceland Ingibjorg Egilsdottir, Cayman Islands Nicosia Lawson, Iceland Ingibjorg Egilsdottir

Africa African | Africana:
Egypt Elham Wagdi, Zambia Andella Chileshe Matthews, Namibia Happie Ntelamo, Mauritius Anais Veerapatren, Ghana Jennifer Victoria Koranteng, Nigeria Sandra Otohwo, Tanzania Illuminata Wize, Ethiopia Melat Yante, Angola Nelsa Alves, South Africa Tatum Keshwar

Australia Women Australkian - Mujer Australiana:
Australia Rachael Finch.
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Europe European | Europa: Europea
Ukraine Kristina Kots-Gotlib, Germany Martina Lee, Cyprus Klelia Yiasemidou, Bulgaria Elitsa Lyubenova, Georgia Lika Orjonikidze, Estonia Diana Arno, Turkey Senem Kuyucuoglu, Croatia Sarah Cosic, Slovenia Mirela Korac, Italy Laura Valenti, Switzerland Whitney Toyloy, Poland Angelika Jakubowska.

Netherlands Avalon-Chanel Weyzig, Albania Hasna Xhukici, Romania Bianca Elena Constantin, Norway Eli Landa, Sweden Renate Cerljen, Finland Essi Poysti, Russia Sofia Rudyeva, Czech Republic Iveta Lutovska, Great Britain Clair Cooper, Serbia Dragana Atlija, Belgium Zeynep Sever

Slovak republic Denisa Mendrejova, Kosovo Gona Dragusha, France Chloe Mortaud, New Zealand Katie Taylor, Hungary Suzan Budai, Spain Estibaliz Pereira Rabade, Greece Viviana Campanile Zagorianakou, Montenegro Anja Jovanovic, Ireland Diana Donnelly.

miss australian

the show TV presenter

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miss Kosovo

La chica australiana, ella es un amor. Un grupo de chicas del mundo.
Una Chica Europea de Kpsovo
Australia women. Australian Girl, | A nice particular group of beautiful girls from the world | Kosovo excellent style, a picture to keep for ever and fall in love with her.|
Asia Asian | Asiatica

Vietnam Hoang Yen Vo, Singapore Rachel Kum, Korea Rina, Israel Julia Dyment, Malaysia Joannabelle Ng, Japan Emiri Miyasaka, China Wang Jingyao, Lebanon Martine Andraos
India Ekta Chowdhry, Philippines Bianca Manalo, Indonesia Zivanna Letisha Siregar, Thailand Chutima Durongdej, Guam Racine Manley, For much better information with pictures, assuming that in the main page they don't remove their pictures and profiles for each girl participant.

beauty countess girls peageant

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puerto rico, dominican republic australia

Pictures Of Shoes for girls, special edition.
The interviews.
The last five finalist, very single girl participating went thru a major adjustment on the process, they felt a lot of stress and it was difficult for them to accommodate to the climate, foods and the start of friendship making with other.

They have feeling and they are females, therefore the experience is for them the most important time or moment in their lives, experience to add to their curriculum worldwide.
Even if we wanted to make all these ladies a beauty queen.
It is not possible, but certain they are so irresistible and they desert to be the best from each country.
Exuma 8-8-09. The pageant is being held Sun. Aug. 23 at Atlantis, Nassau, Paradise Island.

It stands with the meaning in Spanish language:
Las cinco chicas finalistas entrevistas zapatos para las mujeres.
Hemos puesto para referencia algunas fotos que talvez sean de suma importancia para el relato de los suenos que tiene cada belleza de mujer en concursos de este tipo.

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Por supuesto todas ellas, las chicas que concursaron en el 2009 se emocionaron con sentimiento, sintieron el calor de la amistad y tambien disfrutaron en grande cada segundo de sus vidas al saltar a la fama mundial en un evento sin precedentes para adjustar a su curriculum personal.