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The List Of Goals

Last seen was in Brasil 2014, (Endeed it did but it was put out on the eights crashed by the Netherlands tops Mexico with 2 goals)
Chicharito Hernandez goal (He plays in 2015 with the Real madrid of Spain as attacker Chicharito)

chicharito hernandez goal

One of those were by Rafael Márquez, right, fouled Arjen Robben) it has been eliminated in the Round of 16.

Ver en Español la Victoria de México contra Francia, mas abajo

Polokwane, Peter Mokaba Stadium On Day Thursday 17 June 2010, The Match 18 | For The Group A.
2014 in Brazil and they also will be playing for the world cup 2018 in Russia. The group is located at the Group A and face Cameroon in Natal on next June 13
in their opening game, before playing hosts Brazil in Fortaleza on June 17 and then vs Croatia in Recife on June 23.

The Mexican soccer national team shows quality and power in the defense and attack to the France national team, several times the opportunity to make more than two goals but at end of the game, still Mexico walks away after a penalty to favorite its well done job.

A total of 2 goals for Mexico and 0 Zero to France.

The First 45 minutes with a very an interesting game, No much clear picture of a goal, both teams were in the defensive game style than opening up to a score.
Mexicans were the dominant part for this part time.
Joaquin Dosantos (Giovani dos Santos Ramírez) disappeared when he was needed to concrete the shots to the left, also Vela did the same.
Frank Riven 3 occasions did a lot if afford that almost became goals.
There were two yellow cards, 1 For a Mexican and 22 faults for both teams. Group A Of Sports Competition

French soccer team did two direct shots to the Mexican home, but no goals neither. 235 passes each team, with 186 completed France, 158 Mexico till now.

penalty against france from mexico

In the second 45 minutes part, at minute 18, Mexican player Chicaharrito Javier Hernandez, in this case the frame was practically empty, the French goalkeeper got confuse and Javier Hernandez "El Chicharito" connected the goal, for a score 1.

After that the game continued with much other tries from Mexico, where the French team was under a lot of pressure.
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The weak defense from France and the lack of attack to try to make in an smart way the tie did not come thru when one of it's players committed a penalty right on minute 32:12. Second time.

This famous penalty will stay in history from many years to come.
Famous Player Cuauhtemoc Blanco took the position to score in a impeccable shot, another goal to become the pass and second.

The party began in between fanatics inside the stadium and at their home in Capital Mexican too.
We call these the Mexican world cup, their tremendous potential is clear, beautiful vertical style game by Chicharrito and the players at the field bands.
Efrain Hernadez definitely changed the game.

La selección Mexicana participa en el mundial 2014 en Brasil.

las caidas fuertes

fotos futbol mexicano

el portero listo

France: 21- Anelka 2- Sagna 7- Risgay 13- Evra 11- Andre Perre Gignac 21- Nicolas Aneilka 20 - Mathieu Valbuena 10 - Sidney Govou

E. Jlare 5 - R. Osorio 14- J. Hernandez 16- Efrain Juarez 14- Javier Hernandez G. Dos Santos 9- Guillermo Franco 10 Cuauntelmoc Blanco.|

No es que los equipos Latinos están teniendo una buena racha en el fútbol.
Es sinceramente que ellos están sensacionales, es bello ver a un equipo Norte Americano Ganar el partido con una definición tan clara y precisa.

Se merece el triunfo nuestro gran Mexico querido.
Con un juego bien controlado y varios tiros de esquina con llegadas al marco francés pero sin concretar en el primer tiempo los mexicanos se van al descanso.

En el segundo tiempo se dan los dos goles que le dieron a los Mexicanos el triunfo ante la selección francesa y aun mas con un puntaje de 3 puntos para su grupo en esta copa mundial de Sud Africa 2010.

El primer gol fue de chicharrito y el segundo se dio debido a un penal, el cual lo tiro Cuauntelmoc Blanco con gran puntería y dejando a los franceses muy tristes en las galerías y en Francia también.

Francia por su parte también de defendió con alta calidad pero sus tiros de esquina y ataques de frente a la cancha Mexicana no concretaron así como ellos lo tenían programado, perdió con Zero en este juego de fútbol.
Este Gran juego pasa a ser el día que Mexico mostró futbol can estilo y calidad de los grandes de America

La historia mexicana de los deportes mexicanos internacionales en una copa mundial de esta envergadura.
A celebrar.

marca mexicana

goles del equipo de Mexico

A strait shut, execution from left to become a score 1-0 in first part.|

Una ejecución de la parte izquierda para volverse un golazo.

the soccer ball passes to go and be a goal

The soccer ball passes to go and be a goal (un dolazo)

the penalty executed

The penalty | (la ejecucion del penal )

Vista desde el frente de la red, net. En la foto de la izquierda se ve cuando la bola va de camino al gol y el francés se le queda mirando como pensando, " se me ue" y espero que el portero la logre atajar.|

In the photo
The player from France stays frozen when he lets the soccer ball pass and in his thoughts he things " I hope the goalkeeper stops it"

the frech fanatics

The frech fanatics (los fanaticos franceses)

playing style

Playing style - (el estilo de juegos)

la caida

mexican fanatics

Mexican fanatics - (Photos: Los fanaticos

The colorful fanatics for France and Mexico, light blue colors and green Mexican colors of both flags.
All times with in these moves along the entire game there were several playing satiations in between both teams |

Varias situaciones comprometidas para el desarrollo del juego entre ambos equipos.
Los colores de ambas banderas de sus países, Francia con el celeste y México con el verde.

Jugador Mexicano

(Marcando el juego) - Playing the game

marcando el juego

Estas son varias imágenes de ambos toques y tiros en los que la selección de México concreto positivamente con buenas jugadas después de los cambios del técnico del equipo.