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Property Pictures Of Buildings On Sale

Industrial Establishment Located in a semi- industrial zone with a high increase value in the real estate market

mechanic shop

420 square meters land for sale and land to buy at a price of $ 40.00 USD American

More real estate for the money!
Great pictures from our National Capital City, Building Sale San Jose, The Heart of our Gorgeous Central Valley

Find here properties on sale by the owner with huge potential for successful business at only $235.000 USD (SOLD Property Right Now).
American Dollar What a Bargain!
Realtor Office Listings For Land For Sale in Costa Rica

To contact the seller and get the Realtor Office listings.
An interested buyer should use the 506 area code before the telephone numbers for this country in Central America

Building Number One

Building For Sale Number One On Top Half Of Page.
The Realtor Office Listings said!
A nice property for sale.
An all inclusive Costa Rica Land for sale with the building constructed.
You save tousands on materials

These are two buildings right on the outskirts of Costa Rica's capital one has excellent potential for a high income business or businesses.

Specifically, the first one has more than enough conditions for the buyer to establish the perfect restaurant with wonderful views of the city limits for the many customers to relax and appreciate after a hard day of work, or for a private romantic evening of dining.
Just imagine the magic that could made.

panoramic photo, overview

What a wonderful investment opportunity this could be!
The second building is an established successful metal shop with a fantastic location
Must see them!

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Local Numero Uno. Su propiedad también puede tener una pagina propia
Para vender una propiedad contáctenos para saber cual es el precio de la creación comercial.

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Vendo en cinco esquinas de Tibas, a solo 10 minutos del Centro de San Jose dos grandes y atractivos locales
Uno es un importante taller de precision y el otro esta vacio y puede ser ajustado para un bello restaurante con vista por toda la ciudad capitalina.

city san jose

On sale by the main owner.

A great bargain on two nice properties, the first property is already an established operation and the second property is empty and just waiting to be developed into a magical restaurant with wonderful views of the whole city, or something else
That would be up to you

The building sale pictured metal curtain or known as wide entrance sliding doors on the outside (right) and the stairs leading to the top floor (left).


Las persianas o cortinas metálicas de la entrada y las escaleras arriba al espacio vacio

metalic sliding doors

upstairs, top floor


En la foto de la izquierda se observa la puerta de entrada del taller de precicion, compuesta de una cortina de metal para mejor seguridad y privacidad durante el tiempo que el negocio esta cerrado o de noche.
La otra foto es la parte de adentro del edificio con las escaleras

(Las Escaleras

The upstairs stairs a good workout fir fitness and exercise. Or ask yourself is running up and down stairs good exercise for fitness while pregnant or heavy?)
las escaleras

A metallic section part of the business apartment or compartment.

division metalica

In the pictures above the one on the left is the door and the other on the right is of the inside.
The building has a strong metal curtain as the front door or entrance for ultimate security when the business or businesses are closed, great privacy and peace of mind.

habitacion comercial

Property pictures - the photos:
A stainless steel metal curtains for protecting the place at night or on the weekends when it is shut down and opening till next day

cortina de hierro

The roof inside and out is reinforced with strong frames made from galvanized metals, welded with precise measurements to hold time and weather differences
Building Number Two ( pictured below ), A Metal Precision Shop With Metal Services |


Las estructuras metalicas estan reenforsadas con armaduras de hierro y acero galbanizado para alcanzar la mejor durabilidad del tiempo y el tiempo | Local de taller de precicion para preciciones y servicios en metales numero dos.

(Top property pictures - the shop space selling

el taller de precicion / the shop


Local construido en materia gris y estructura con piezas metal hierro galbanizado, metalica ubicado en zona semi-industrial de muy altas ganancias en plusvalia, 420 mts cuadrados de terreno y 840 mts

Cuadrados total de construccion en 2 plantas, excelente para el campo industrial.
Establecimiento comercial y de atractivo unico para todo tipo de ventas, localizado en 5 Esquinas de Tibas carretera principal a la Uruca $500.000 Para mayor informacion o citas sirvase comunicarse a los tels: (506-333333000012)

Industrial Establishment Located in a semi- industrial zone with a high increase value in the real estate market, 420 square meters of land for sale for you to buy at a price of $ 60.00 USD American, the shop on sale is located in Cinco Esquinas Of city Tibas
Just over the road to La Uruca In the Capital City of San Jose.

It is operating as a precisions on metal shop with maintenance services, metal materials and tool, plus machinery ( note: negotiate tools and machinery separate with the owner).


Photos: Rescission machinery and power tools for adjustments and fixing automobiles, vehicles owned by customers

taller mecanico

All shelves are used to hold the accessories and tools, parts needed for the operation.
Metal beans and machines for the job.