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Awards Hollywood Celebrity Name List

Nominations goldenglobe actors and actress awards


photos Of the Best Worst Dressed celebrities.
The best celebrity dressed, and the worst clothing is not important for the Hollywood celebrities, they are pretty and famous all the way to Red Carpet.
"More Pictures Soon."

For weeks fans for famous actress and famous actors were waiting for the event from the Hollywood international press to happen " The GlobalAward " which finally did happen on the 16 of January, exactly on Sunday night.

( Photos: NataliePortman wearing a pink maternity long fashion dress at the awards 2011 / now 2015 - 2016 time for new Hollywood celebrities) A few nominated faces and names were casting out by the Television Channels on the entire world.

TV screens took the peoples attention for several hours.

Every one was interested on the beautiful fashion designer dresses and expensive jewelry that they were wearing, some actresses said their necklaces and earrings were borrowed and the cost pass over 6 million dollars from famous jewelry sellers and designers in New York or Locally Los Angeles and Hollywood Celebrities.

We have prepared many good pictures for you, me and anyone to enjoy them, along with the listings of name for each nomination movies and music songs that are important to know also.
The place were this nice event was the Beverly Hilton Hotel located in Los Angeles downtown.

Although some were winners because they received their recognition, all of them inside the room got their fame just by assisting to the GlobalAwards.
When actors and actresses, walked across the RedCarpet that leads to the main room, became more famous, specially dressed by long amazing designer clothing and elegant flats, sneakers and high heel sandals shoes.
In addition delicate white, blue and yellow diamond rings, white diamond necklaces, emeralds, red rubies on their bodies is a real high standard show.


( Photos: Justins in Theawards wears the pink glasses and a black elegant suit with sneaker shoes)

Surprises like LauraLinney got the highest scoring as the best lead actress prize for the freshman comedy 'The Big C. As the TV channels like side for TV, HBOs 'BoardwalkEmpire, new tv show.

It took the best drama series Globes away from AMCs, who were already a three-time winner.
The 'Mad Men,' 'Glee' star ChrisColfer winning in the supporting actor category

For all films categories a group of Oscar favorites scored Globes, by Pregnant actress NataliePortman Dress Fancy ( BlackSwan ), ChristianBale ( The Fighter ), AnnetteBening ( The Kids Are All Right ), Cartoon Style ' Toy Story 3 " and ColinFirth " The King's Speech ". These some of the nominees but winners many of course, following achieved goals by international press on giving away the movie and music awards for both TV and all film are:

The Film Department:

Oscar acceptance speech 211 year, I really would like and I want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to work from such an early age.

Best Picture:
The Kings Speech ( IainCanning, EmileSherman and GarethUnwin ) Kings Speech wins, the winner of the best picture, director, and actorOscars.
The actresses were wearing fancy dresses colorful green, red, blue and combination long sizes, their diamond rings were sparkle and beautiful.

Shiny elegant shoes and sport sneakers worn by young actors.
They stood in front of media video cameras to answer respective questions and opinions for the entire world to listen.

Some of them were funny and some others very serious, but communication was great.
After called, they gave a fast speech and actively many suggested that they must speak quick because they were told so.

Amazed face were seen when their names were on pronunciation by the speaker, which meant you wan an award, very exited faces.
Events Fashion 2014 2015 2016 2017 The Beverly HiltonHotel Located in Los Angeles Downtown

See Expensive Diamond Jewelry, fancy Fashion Clothing Dresses, TV Shows Nominees.

diamond necklace

The Best Drama Picture: BlackSwan, The Fighter, Inception, The King's Speech, The Social Network.
The Best Comedy Picture: Alices in Wonderlands, Burlesque, The Kids Are All Right, Red, 'The Tourist.
( Photo: NataliePortman diamonds wearing, beautiful jewelry)
Best Animated Picture ( sectors ) Despicable Me, How to Train Your Dragon, The Illusionist, Tangled, ToyStory 3.

Best Director: DarrenAronofsky, Black Swan | DavidFincher, The Social Network | TomHooper, The King's Speech | ChristopherNolan, Inception | DavidORussell, The Fighter.

Best Comedy Actress: AnnetteBening, The Kids Are All Right, | AnneHathaway, Love and Other issues | AngelinaJolie, The Tourist | JulianneMoore, 'The Kids Are All Right | Emma Stone, Easy A.
Best Drama Actress: HalleBerry, Frankie and Alice | NicoleKidman, RabbitHole | JenniferLawrence, Winter's Bone | MichelleWilliams, BlueValentine | NataliePortman, Black Swan.

Best Drama Actor: Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network | ColinFirth, The King's Speech | JamesFranco, 127 Hours | RyanGosling, BlueValentine | MarkWahlberg, The Fighter.
Best Comedy Actor: JohnnyDepp, Alice in Wonderland | JohnnyDepp, The Tourist | PaulGiamatti, Barneys Version | Jake Gyllenhaal, Love and Other issues | KevinSpacey, CasinoJack.
Best Actor Supporting: ChristianBale, The Fighter |
MichaelDouglas, WallStreet: Money Never Sleeps | AndrewGarfield, The Social Network | JeremyRenner, The Town | GeoffreyRush, The King's Speech.

Best Supporting Actress: AmyAdams, The Fighter | HelenaBonham Carter, 'The Kings Speech | MilaKunis, Black Swan | MelissaLeo, The Fighter | JackieWeaver, AnimalKingdom.

TV Awards Winning:

( Photos: Unique fashion innovated clothing ChristinaAguilera wears an elegant and fancy black dress)
Best Drama Series: Mad Men, AMCs The Good Wife | CBSs with thee Boardwalk EmpireHBO | The Walking Dead, AMCs | DexterShowtime.

Best Comedy Series: GleeFox | 30 RockNBC | The BigBang TheoryCBS | Modern FamilyABC | The Big CShowtime.

Best Actor: Drama SteveBuscemi, 'Boardwalk Empire | MichaelC.Hall, Dexter | JonHamm, Mad Men | HughLaurie, House | BryanCranston, Breaking Bad.

Best Actress: Drama JuliannaMargulies, The Good Wife | PiperPerabo, Covert Affairs | ElisabethMoss, Mad Men | KyraSedgwick, The Closer | KateySagal, Sons of Anarchy.

Best Comedy Actor:  AlecBaldwin, 30 Rock | SteveCarell, The Office | ThomasJane, Hung | MatthewMorrison, Glee | JimParsons, The BigBang Theory.


Best Comedy Actress: ToniCollette, United States of Tara | EdieFalco, NurseJackie | TinaFey, 30 Rock | LauraLinney, The Big C | LeaMichele, Glee.

Best Actor Supporting: ScottCaan, Hawaii Five-0 | ChrisNoth, The Good Wife | DavidStrathairn, TempleGrandin | EricStonestreet, Modern Family | ChrisColfer, Glee .

Best Supporting Actress: JaneLynch, Glee | JuliaStiles, Dexter | KellyMacdonald, BoardwalkEmpire | HopeDavis, The Special Relationship | SofiaVergara, Modern Family.

ChristinaAguilera dress black

Best Mini Series or The Art Group Made for The TV Movie: 'The PacificHBO | CarlosSundance | Temple Grandin, TVHBO Chain | You Don't Know Jack, HBO Also | The Pillars of the Earth, StarzEntertain television.

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie : DennisQuaid, The Special Relationship | IanMcShane, The Pillars of the Earth | EdgarRamirez, Carlos | AlPacino, You Don[t Know Jack | IdrisElba, Luther. ( Pics: SteveBuscemi makes act of presence to the event accompanied of his wife.)

Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie:
ClaireDanes, Temple Grandin | HayleyAtwell, The Pillars of the Earth | JenniferLove Hewitt, The Client List