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Celebrity Music Songs And Hollywood Movies

2014 to 2017 and in 2018 were and will be the most great years because of famous names collection that got on the board in history.
As a reminder for the "famous Hollywood actress" active and still very healthy and young, or at least dating young people.

A Very Successful Female singer with all albums included songs lyric, from 2012 to 2015 & 2017 tremendous success as a result from her music album songs career

Jennifer Lyn Lopez

We all know that our preferred original Puerto Rican actress in Hollywood is a mother for a pair of Twins, golden globes from year 2011 till today's 2018 nominations, inclusive 2015 2016 / 2017
For her personal Wiki web page you might like to visit strait forward her profile over there, getting to know why this great Latin female is so popular in both communities, it is important to learn what is every one talking about her achievements in the big and small screen around the world

Starting by checking about what people is looking for musician Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lopez:
All I have lyrics, Im Real, ain't is funny, Spanish, Loving You, Dear Ben, In Spanish, and perhaps the most loved is Lyrics to "Jenny From The Block, children grow and women producing.

As a revolutionary stars get a hit from technology also, in this case most popularity is downloading lyrics to cellular phones know as " Ringtone to your Cell ".

This way each song from her is a single hit second by second. in the other hands her clothing takes a valuable attention from her fans, each dress wear by this actress singer is a target, long white dresses wearing in the golden globes is an example of finest and shine and increases her popularity.

( Images in the left side: Lyn white dresses, fashion elegant clothing line).
Hold on, this is furthermore than music lyrics and a movie in action, actually it is about designers and clothing selling, Hispanic style and clothing designer shoes.

She has an entire closet room collection! a black dress, the one used for the wedding dress, dresses yellow color, the prom dress.

You can perfectly purchase one of those dresses at Macys In New York for a couple of thousands, if you Like it enough to buy, just like the one being worn by Jessica alba on every season trend shows, who happens also love the white dress Black one shoulder dress with gold nice embroidery brand new piece.

Nice combination with the red color of the famous Red Carpet.
Along with the wearing an engagement diamond ring from the star's jewelry line bracelet

These jeawels are borrowed on many times, however, the engagement diamond ring can be hers perfectly.
As she can afford to buy for herself all jewels online and at the US malls outles
The said for a threatened happened our actress in Golden Globes to Mr. Hollywood actor and comedian the host Ricky Gervais with possible physical violence in case he poked fun at her when she was taking to the stage as the ceremony presenter is not really confirmed jet.

presenter golden globes

She has released two remix albums, twenty-four singles, 4 four great DVDs already and goes for the fifth soon.
Apparently certain mean comments were made by the actor and made somehow jenny feel offended by comments like "Jenny From the Bloc gang".

Also we all should know about the profile highlights for the famous Hollywood actress, who jump early in the nineties 90's by bringing one of the most discusses movies to the big screen " Selena".

 With this particular master piece she captivated the Mexican community and together with Mexico, all Southern Latin countries too.
 Then across the United states and finally remained with a permanent fame in the most quoted females in Miami Florida, New York city, Texas and Los Angels Hollywood stars.

So make sure you never pick at Jennifer Lopez, because this is the Latin American Idol for more than 30 million fans across the entire world.

Famous Singer Selena history left a big pain on her fans when her life was taken away by someone she knew and after that, her family decided to allow Jennifer to make it a true story on the movie with the same name "Selena".

Both names represent a strong potential business brand, whether a big brand company decides to make music mp3, electronics, perfumes, lotions, clothing pieces, shoes or anything else, it will sell like crazy and fast success for the story behind

By the way let's take a look to Jennifer Lopez shoes worn in combined with the nice and expensive designer class long dress.
One time ago she became a mother for her two twins, these two babies are already 2 years old and almost three already.
( Photos right side: together presenters at the red carpet golden globes awards).

jeniffer twins baby

Listen to songs lyric and watch pictures of baby twins. The attention by major magazines became almost a strong competing fact, they became children's collection in the Gucci's new campaign in Miami. So already celebrity babies and a great future soon.
( Photos left side: both babies pictures and family).

Trust Us, these two cute baby will be the future star and most popular perhaps singers in the Americas, as they get birthday after another birthday, people will be in the search for everything they do and live. No surprise, three years, four years or five and six from now, you will hear great news.

Leaving a little bit, there was another big movie star and TV actress nominee at the golden globes and who happens to love wearing fantastic diamonds and rich solid gold pieces like famous Actress Jewelry line, diamond earrings, rings, sapphires, anniversary rings, rubies, ocean pearls on her sexy figure body.
In this case was the beautiful Colombian and resident in Miami.

Best supporting actress Sofia Vergara, "La Latina", most loved and requested Latin beauty who takes many fan male breath away every time they see at her at the beach.
Continuing with Jenny, this is her personal website address and this the Wiki Page, personal also.

Make sure you learn about music lyrics songs to download, wallpaper for computer screen, cell phones and even the Apple Ipad.

Taking a real-time tour in the personal website people can find about newer songs, tours presentations, the biography, her height and body sizes, items for sale like perfumes, clothing, shoes, relationship with family children and husband.

dress outfits new years eve

Newer videos online, if a store selling makeup pictures, So already celebrity babies and a great future soon, listen to music, see photos in the local gallery, watch best rated videos, read about all Films and upcoming.
( Cute & Best supporting actress Sophia Vergara, Latin American idol beauty, right images).
( In the left the pictures new years eve jenny dress a tight grey outfit clothes designed by herself).
American Music Awards recognition and, the news update and more.

Congratulations, by us paying respective respect for a beautiful personality and we whish longer more success for her and her family.

sophia vergara

American pop singer, J.Lo (album) On the 6 is one of the singing melodies she called "On the 6" for a reason nver tell.
Cris Judd, Let's Get Loud, A lifestyle brand incorporating relevant aspects around her business and personal life in WikiPedia world encyclopedia biography World Encyclopedia Profile.

white tight pants clothing

Really outstanding reaching to the United Kingdom " the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with four of her singles albums, real success.
( If Music Songs: You Had My Love, Waiting for Tonight, Feelin' So Good Plus, Let's Get Loud ). Were the first four most hitting listeners.

( Solid Gold Jennifer is wearing a full white diamonds necklace and beautiful earrings) note:

diamond necklace earrings

Sadly she broke "divorce Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony" her husband in a Texas court in 2011 for personal issues relating to cheating after seven years being together and having three year old twins kids Max and Emme. "amicable conclusions on all matters.".