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The seven rules of coffee temptations:
1- I can't go to work if I don't have first a cup of hot classic roasted Coffee

gold coin

2. If you make a delicious drink
I will visit your home

3. Never eat raw coffee beans because you will regret it.

4- Having to go work in a coffee factory everyday and drinking it at all times while working

5-Making a living with selling it on an e-bay store

6-Living in America and with a doctor prescription of not drinking drinks with caffeine

7- Traveling by an airline like American airlines and asking the host girl onboard for a very hot cup java and when the plane moves dropping it on top of your body, just like me.

8 - Going to US and having to drink green coffee beans processed.
The espresso, travel costa rica and have a cup of mocha.
It also grows in Turkish.

The Colombian cup of coffee.
Brazilian, organic wholesale
Italian or Mexican roast made in a roasting machine with ice and could and having to pay $1.50 Dollars at Dunkin Donnas or Starbucks shops.

9- Considering to marry to my future girlfriend and finding out that she doesn't know how to prepare a delicious and best flavored cup in my mornings.

For all others excuses visiting this page it is ok Americans, Europeans cup of coffee and tea, Asians, Australians and Asians are welcome.
The Cafe House.
Coffee Bean Cake Recipe, Espresso, Hot Delicious Drink the Cafe House

American Solid Website | Una Pagina Con Calidad Latina
Weather interactivity.

The Weather Broadcasting Country By Country Interactive
Radar driving info for the weather conditions |

Tips For Classic People Getting to Know With other
The honeymoon review & marriage or weddings, marriages tips & resources online.
Always there are several houses for rent, some are by the owner and others houses for rent by a Realtor's office.
The same realtor of real estate farms and properties for sale.

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Reading, fun places stop thinking, have a fun cup of coffee and wait!.
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How It goes getting around with visa.
Always Will Be A Song | Una Cancion Tipica, Quienes Somos
In the heart of Latin Americans and Spain.

The singing is a great feeling alike someone is from Americas Latino.
These songs hold the general though from Mexico to Argentina and to Spain |

Reviews Cheap Room Hotels
Room for rent, excellent reservation system & opinions.

US President | Pura Vida, JFK! Amigo Norte Americano
John F. Kennedy American president, rare footage

Economy Status, Best A-Z
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Specific currency information about travel Costa Rica.
The history facts, Life in the gulf region life & tourism information Costa Brava y Blanca
The Life in Warm tropical Calida region of Spain


La temperatura, la atmofera, pronostico atmoferico, del tiempo.
Opinar, Opiniones, habitaciones al hospedaje, hospedaje barato.
Matrimonios, lugares luna miel, viajes para la pareja casada y casarse.
Solo relaciona en ultimas noticias, noticieros

Las canciones que siempre llevamos en el pensamiento, y cuando las cantamos somos mas latino americanos. Ellas llevan el sentimiento de america desde mexico hasta la agentina y de vuelta a Espana en Europa.

El banco, consejos de ahorrar. Una cirugia plastica cosmetica.
Todo es oro por aca, estas monedas son la prueva del tiempo cuando se hablaba del famos oro de cinco colones.
Cinco colones oro antiguos. C 5.00
Five colones

five gold

Costa Rican golden coins
About everything was all in gold, these golden coins are the proof of how rich this country is.
Gold for buying and paying for goods.


Monedas de oro Costa Rica

| Golden coins
Rich & Famous Beautiful People
Celebrity People.

A bank of Hollywood Actors celebrities names, American celebrity galleries, actresses profiles |


Saber cuales.

Video Cameras, Canon Panasonic Nikon Photographer

American Photos, Playa Hermosa weddings Sites, how high are the cruise waves in Hermosa beach coast Pacific Ocean.

American photo with Camera.|


Trabajo en fotografia.

Medical Services Directory
Clinic Hospitals, Doctors, directions Treatments |


Direcciones de clinicas.

Tours In Cartago

City International Airport Liberia, Airlines offices

Ocean Beach and Condo Beachfront Rentals Mal Pais.

Surfing season Nosara, vacations Con el sol y el mar
Cruise Tips Reviews Cruise Pictures Puntarenas

Santa Cruz history, Santa Cruz Photos and the unique Santa Cruz beach and Resorts, Lodges with rooms for rent.
City Santa Cruz
For my heart, my love town |


Tu cancion preferida en mp3 y el arte musical

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See on directions upper side ink.
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Funny set of videos.
Very Funny
Comments and suggestions, unique download songs mp3 lyrics song kid rock all summer long, screen song lyrics.
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Atlantic Ocean Side Limon Tours, lime wire sports, Lima, Atlantic lime wire |


Pasear, viajar por el Atlantico Limon.

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Vender y venta de casas Bienes Raices, alquiler de casa.

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Relacion nacional, e internacional.

The Adventures At The Extraordinary Pacific

Exotic trips by the Caribbean left photo.
Affordable Trip advisor across coasts |


Viajes, o viajar

Deals From Home Owners
Selling property homes, houses |


Fincas, casas, propiedad.

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Exotic trips by the Caribbean

Sea salt Fish is fun, high exuberant salt larger cruise sea , plenty fishing fish, water sports, set up boats trip agencies, book reservations travel Resorts & travel Lodges.

Deportes acuaticos, relajarse con agua, pescas deportivas.