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European Soccer Games

Australia VS Germany Game results
Opinions and Reviews Germany soccer 2018 2019 in history.
"Germans’ victory was no surprise, we all expected. |

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Pim Verbeek coach australia - entrenador

coach Joachim Loew - entrenador de alemania

Australia looses against the German Team, who had crushed them.
The match goal results: 4-0 match at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban overwhelming excess of goals to Australia from the national Germany's Soccer Team, See Pictures.
kickoff time is 8:30 PM match Goal Results : 4-0‎ Opening matches began to give serious effects today June 13th 2010 In South Africa most famous international tournament.
The world cup for football soccer.

Line - Up Australia: 1-Mark Schwarzer 2- Lucas Neil ( Captain) 3- Craig Moore 4- Tim Cahill 5- Jason Culina
7- Brett Emerton 8- Luke Wilkshire 11- Scott Chilpperfield 13- Vunce Grella 16- Carl Valeri 15- Richard Garcia
Coach: Mr. Pim Verbeek.
Goal Score By: Lukas Podoske, Muller, Cacao ( Brazilian, nationalized German), Lloren

The coach For Australia's team at the left.

The Coach For Germany soccer team, the picture of the right. He took his time to celebrate the victory in a very special way.
A German player keeps control for the ball.
The after that the German players also kept more than total control of the game for about 11/2 hours.

Also it is important to say that the central Official did not sound his whistle and miss about to penalties to the favor of Australia, perhaps these are reasons for not to be any longer doing his job.
Either way the German group team showed a lot of nice place and tactics over the green ground, excellent starting and professional.

play in the field

Todos nosotros esperábamos un gane de parte de la Alemania deportiva en este gran mundial de Sud Africa, Pero De Australia esperábamos un poquito mejor en el juego, pero así es el futbol.
La primer goleada del campeonato, Cuatro a Cero y gana Alemania quedando con tres puntos.


player -jugador

australian team vs germany team

At the beginning both teams got align up in the middle of the field, just to the sides of referee group, who were dressed yellow shirts and black sport shot pants.
1-Neuer Golkeeper, 3- Frueojch, 17- Mertesacker, 7- Schweinsteger, 5- Khedira, 14- Badstueer, 6- Khedera, 13 Muller, 8- Oezil, 10- Podoski, 11- Klose, 2- Lahm
German Coach name: Joachim Loew

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The Officials Names: Jose Kuis Camargo ( a Mexican ) Alberto Morin ( from Mexico) Martin Mansson ( Sweeten )

fans Australia = fanaticos australianos

4 goal - 4 gol de alemania

line up - alineamiemto

Like any other famous games in this championship, more fans are dressed with their country flag colors and designs that calls the attention for the international press and photography photographers worldwide.

olimpic soccer stadium views, Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban

Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban

Tenemos unas cuantas fotografías, pero si se pudiese poner mas lo haríamos, es un asunto de espacio.
Por estas se puede decir que son de los entrenadores de ambas selecciones, la Alemana y la Australiana, mas algunas fotos de fanaticos que siempre aparecen con los colores de sus banderas de sus países respectivos.

Los colores blanco, camiseta blanca y negro en la Pantaloneta de los de Alemania, el portero de color Verde.
Por parte de los australianos los colores azul en la camiseta deportiva con una raya amarilla y pantalonetas negras o de color negro.
Pero el portero vistió de color Rojo con negro.

game - juego

fanatics signs - senal de fanaticos

german girl - alemana

One player down from Australia's team.
An Australian fan with the sign saying " Fanatics" A German girl who covers her head with a flag for her country.
Particular the teams fanatics usually have a custom to present themselves dressed with flags colors.

The German goalkeeper was dress with green t-shirt and black short pants, the Australian goalkeeper with red t-shirt and black shorts.
The first round time Germany scored two 2 goals and at the second 2d, another two goals more for a total of four goals against Aus.

adidas ball - bola profesional

miraslav krose celebrates goal

goalkeeper australia - portero australiano

One of the nice sports balls from Adidas Brand Made used in this championship qualify., A German player celebrates after making a goal.
The goalkeeper for Australia, disappointed for not catching the German shot to his home. The German team showed splendid and remarkable talent making the ideal game for them. Every moved was calculated and so on till the end.
Three yellow cards were given by the referee central to mostly the Australians and a red card too.

Normalmente se celebra, o se hace celebración de un triunfo, este es el caso del jugador alemán.
El portero Australiano esta triste y mira desconcertado.
Pues en varias ocasiones los delanteros y la defensa fue quebrada fácilmente por la ofensiva de los delanteros Alemanes, y el no recibió la ayuda necesaria para contener los cuatro goles que arrasaron con el puntaje de su equipo.

Digamos que el equipo selección de Alemania estuvo jugando solo y se lucio a lo grande en esta copa mundial.

Hubieron varias tarjetas amarillas y una expulsión con tarjeta roja para un australiano, lo que los dejo con diez jugadores solamente hasta el final.

Tactical - Posiciones o Colocaciones
1- Neur 3- Frueojch 17- Mertesacker 7- Schweinsteger 5- Khedira 14- Badstueer 6- Khedera 13 Muller 8- Oezil 10- Podoski 11- Klose 2- Lahm

Coach: El Entrenador Joachim Loew

Oficiales, Arbitros Centrales y Laterales:
Jose Kuis Camargo ( Mexicano )
Alberto Morin ( de Mexico)
Martin Mansson ( de Suecia )