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When we first started building this site.
(Photo: A wild baby monkey Chimpanzee)

wild baby monkey chimpanzee

We thought that with four or five pages it was enough, then we kept looking around and found a million reasons to continue writing short stories almost about any subjects people can imagine.

Every day, all times there will be new ideas, events to cover, in a large world, a large reason to live it happy by sharing little and big things online.

Therefore, if people want to read, and see images of destinations in the Americas, North, Central / Middle and South, we have them and with luxury of details, they just need to search the galleries, they are located across the whole site.

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pets kitties play

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About faces and profiles, this is better a social website for downloading and uploading music files mp3, pictures, the wire news and updates

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The photo album is in another web page on this same website

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En esta pagina se encuentran las personas mas sobresalientes de Costa Rica, que por alguna, razón u otra se han ganado ese privilegio.
Las imágenes tomadas con una canon digital de alta resolución, también grandes videos para mirar y disfrutar de Costa Rica a lo grande en vacaciones or viajes de negocios