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Game Results Between England Vs Argelia

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dcoach rabah saadane

The green sport jacket man.
England 0 - 0 Algeria result for this great encounter Over there in Cape Town - Green Point Stadium Match 23 - Group C - 18 June 2010,World Cup Soccer Football.

Both of these teams played hard first and second times, even if there are many commentaries worldwide saying that English team could done better or that Algeria National Soccer Team information also could concrete in a goal with so many arrivals to the goalkeeper English home from.
The truth is that one thing is to watch the game and another different fact is to be playing and running for about two hours in the soccer field with thousands of fanatics making noise with trumpets and expecting the best from their country players.

Talking about sports and soccer sport international right now as we type are hundreds or more news papers, Tv stations, webmasters and magazines  Bet none of them have been in the play field playing under qualifying pressure and if they were, it pretty much was because they were children and of course they did for fun.

This is a serious soccer game
It was a tied, and players gave a lot of they could inside the game today.
In the other hand people at their homes want to see winners and losers, they want many goals.

But a tied is ok, if they do different score nest time to qualify next second turn groups.
Any ways

Please take a shot these pictures.

Arbitraje Central ) Referee Ravshan IRMATOV (UZB)

What we really can say is that Argelia's Soccer professional teams have changed since 1990.
Today they do their job like any other teams in the world, their fast and disorganized style shows part of the groups under a lot of pressure to achieve the goal that will give them the pass, but instead nothing
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No scorer and a wear and tear instead as a final result.

Yes they play beautiful
But if they put more accuracy and organization in every single move

Then results will be more positive.

player algeriano

The man with the country hat
A white hat!.

local argerian fans

Mucha velocidad y ganas de hacer puntos, esto dio como resultados un cero por cero, poca concentración y movidas muy desorganizadas por ambos equipos de futbol en el campo.

South Africa cape town green point doccer stadium

fans wirth a red face,like a flag of england

The UK fans people wear white and red with red masks

english men with customes

Beautiful England's soccer team is a very special group of players
What is happening? Goals are for winners and if you don't understand with other and those Middlefield passes and a little more speed to center the ball right in front of the opposite defense will be the best, some times corners are a bad sign of weakness.

The goalkeeper James of England was fantastic, very good and excellent catches.
Right on time, because if not the whole English team will be in jeopardy
The defense of England let several times the Argelia's players enter easy to try making goals.

night views of stadium in south africa

El estadio de futbol

English woman, from England

chica Inglesa con la bandera del reino unido.

happy algerian fans - fanatics

Fanatico Argelino

Night views for the stadium.
The nice things are colorful, like this English girl.

Vistas panorámicas del estadio de futbol en la noche.
Una chica Londinense y un fanático.

futbol de inglaterra copa mundial

goalkeeper catch the soccer ball

Goalkeeper catches the ball |

El portero Argelia

man fall down

A men with a hat! Beautiful &outstanding ball grab by the blue goal keeper. Fault moves.

Que buena atajada de este aurro argelico

goalkeeper england

Goalkeeper England vs Algeria |

El portero de Inglaterra

a player argelia

A player from Argelia |

Un jugador

lampard barry lampard and barry from england

Lampard and Barry from England "

Los Juagdores Ingleses Lampard 8 - A yellow card was the only inconvenient, for a green player.
Coach for England Mr. Capelo was impatient several times.

El entrenador de Inglaterra Señor Capelo mostró algo de impaciencia en el campo, o casetilla.
(Inglaterra Partido entre England vs Algeria).

Se dieron los cambios en el segundo tiempo, una tarjeta amarilla para un argelino con camiseta verde. varios tiros de esquina, una atajada del portero ingles y una del portero de Argelia.

english play - juego ingles

james the golie - portero seleccion inglesa

officials for game

Los arbitros arbitraje del juego de futbol

En esta foto el portero de Inglaterra adquiere facilmente en un salto el balon de futbol de parte de Los Argelinos.

James ( English goalkeeper makes a nice immediate catch for the soccer ball right time.
2 Two team captains, and the four officials for this game.
The officials for game

when play soccer is about anything

When play soccer is about anything at the England VS Algeria event

argelia's uniforms green shots pants, green t- shirts

Argelia's uniforms green shots pants, green t- shirts

Play hard and jump the guy that fall down.
Use the soccer shoes from adidas.
The are some tactics and moves developed in the middle field between players first 45 minutes and second 90 minutes

several players fighting for the ball

several players fighting for the ball

english defender

top ball

In the picture of the right, the ball went to the top of the English home, frame.

warm up practice training

Warm up practice training

the crown from england, prince willian and harry

The crown from England, prince William and Harry

Los principes

They, the crown from England also came to support their national soccer team, 2 young man and brothers together, a rare crown picture and difficult to find these days , Diana's sons Prince Charles And Harry.

They were in between the public viewers.

Los príncipes Carlos y Harry, hijos de Diana, asistieron al evento también

1-james ( Goalkeeper )
12 - Carracher ( defense)
6- terry ( defense)
2- Johnson (right camp )
3- a. Cole (left camp )
14- Garreth Barry ( meddle right fielder)
8- Lampard ( middle fielder left )
7- Lennon ( frontline right)
4 Cerraro (middle fielder)
10 - Rooney ( frontline)
21 Mescey ( frontline )

Line Up:
23- Rais M Bolhi
2- Mad rd Bougherra
3- Nader Belhadj
4- Anther Yahia ( Capitan )
5 - Rafck Halliche
7 - Tyad Boudebouz
8- Medhi Lacen
13- Karim Matmour
Karim Ziani
19- Massan Yebda
21- Foued Kadir
Coach Rabah Saadane

23 - M Bolhi ( GoalKeeper )
2- Bougherra 3 - Belhadi 4- Anther Yahia defenders
15- 15- yesda 8 - lacen 21 Kadir 5 - Halliche ( defenders )
7 - Tyad Boudebouz 15 -zlani 13- Karim Matmour( front line)
Algeria frustrate toothless England.

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