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Cheap Flights And Hotels, Baby Registry, Graves, Real Estate, Friends, Vehicles, IPhone Smartphones, Horoscopes, Roommates, Therapists, Doctors, Online Classes, Etc. Best Posting Classifieds Advertising Sites To Post Free Online Classified Ads In USA And America Continents

Best Classifieds That Offer Free Advertisement In All US States

Before we created this website to offer advertisement free as a classifieds ads system in the US. We thought that there are many other great websites already well established in United States and in many cases those brands already reached the international community offering those users the advantage to post their ads as a form of free advertisement in their local cities and countries. We accepted these websites brands offering free advertisement the option for a personal and business ad publishing, that publishers have available when they can't afford to advertise on TV, news papers media or inclusive on the major search engines advertisement forms, because of the high prices those sources charge for delivering those business ads.

Recognizing their potential, the goal achieved by those incredible American classified brands with their websites running online for many years already. The list can be very large, however, we want to post the name of the first 7 websites with great success on their business of posting ads every second.

1- Craigslist is right now the business classified leader, they still offer many opportunities for small and large business to advertise their products and services at no charge for a short term time only. It is something like try and then pay. No matter how many horrible events happened to users who posted their ads o announcements at their pages, users are faithful to Craigslist classifieds.

2 - Facebook Marketplace. This is perhaps the most amazing free system offered by the largest worldwide social media website that almost everybody is using one way or another today. Facebook stands still like a giant on the ad posting system and it's users are gladly part of that niche online. Facebook launched Marketplace in the year 2016 and it has a debase of two million users worldwide so far. 

3. OLX is the advertisement system that has invested their large amounts of millions of dollars advertising their ad posting sites on TV and news papers. The results of that all affords are now producing the fruits as many millions of users online already know they are there, available for a free month and then, pay for your ads posting. OLX was born in Argentina and then spread to India, after that reached the whole world with a presence in the United States California, Florida, New York and many more states, in Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and the world. Today the company is holding a huge popularity for providing free advertisement for a short term to it's users and restricted information on posts, in order to collect profits for their services.

4. Locanto The brand name was born in Europe, specially in Germany. Right now Locanto is a Germany-based free advertising website, available in the whole world countries. It allows the user to post free and paid ads for jobs, to buy and sell products, offer classes and teaching students events, land lots homes apartments real estate, and more for a limit of time ad of two months, till the ad owner decides to expand the time term paying some fees. As it is this company delivers service to community oriented brands, Locanto is best suited for small, local businesses ( a small amount of employees or a dad and Mon business ) looking to build and enhance their online presence. 
The system platform collects other classifieds information and provides benefits in return to those websites. The size of this company already surpasses many small websites to whom Oodle is able to provide features and this way, it makes them better with their support. Some of these brands are eBay, BoatTrader, Facebook, and ForRent.
We are talking of another giant online holding tremendous popularity worldwide.

5 - Angie's List is the competition of Crag list in some ways. (A nice and kind site ready to take all your ads and keep them for a long time).

There are also other sites that business owners can take advantage to post a small message about their brands, these are their names:

2 - Yelp (article publishing system with high ranking online). They claim to have presence on each single search the online users do on the Google search engine.

3 - TripAdvisor (Real estate and travel largest worldwide system offering small and large hotel hosting systems and restaurants, real state land sales and much more to be advertised online. (Powerful travel destinations reviews, posted by those business owners, themselves with luxury and details). Our respect to Trip Advisor and that to them for their almost perfect accuracy on their pages, for sure users appreciate that too.

4 - Angie's List is the competition of Crag list in some ways.
  Angie's List, for instance, which caters to those looking for a selection of local service providers (people want to find information about their business names, their contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses). There are also broader directories where the user can collect the details of their preferred brand names. , like those found on the search results from the search of Google, the results on Bing and directories for small and large companies located at Yahoo pages, which host any number of business types and locations from a variety of categories categorical names from A to Z.
Angie's List is the top directory for consumers looking to hire a handyman a sprayer or pest control guy, a private tutor for personal subject classification or others., even over bigger directories like Google or the Yellow Pages, because it exists solely for that purpose (always happen that these brands are appearing on the top of the searches online, making it one of the first results to pop up for a number of searches).

 How to post new ads step by step is EASY! First type your text, then publish it without photos at first, then go back to your ad to insert up to 8 clear images. Don't forget to confirm your e-mail address first, because that is how to get your own unlimited access account to American advertisement absolutely 100% FREE! U.S. advertising posting online in America and Abroad is here to help YOU sell your car, buy a house, find a pet or job, and so much more!

 Try To Avoid Scams and Fraud On Our Classified Ads In The U.S.: The next tips were posted because we want to keep you safe while you are using our services of free advertisement at United States Official Classified Ads Service

 1.  Dealing and doing business with local people can be the best way to avoid scammers, this is because you know where they live and you can tell if they are real or fake Those who buy from you and buy selling products or providing services, are people you can meet in person. When someone is asking you to ship you selling item to them, then you have the reason to be suspicious and please confirm that they are scammers living far away from your address. Please be weary of wiring money funds using methods of payment like Western Union, Money Gram, etc.). If some person (stranger) asks  you to go and wire funds, they could be a scammer.

 2.  Beware of fake cashier's checks and money orders coming your way, they are methods of payment scammers use often.
Scammers will often send you a fake cashier's check valued above your asking price, they want to think they are real and at the meantime, they want to hide their identity. The scammer will then ask you to wire the over-payment back to them. Your bank may even cash this check, but when at the time it's discovered that the check is fraudulent (fake checks), you will be held responsible by your bank, for sure, and you must pay.

 3.  Beware of identity theft (they will get you if you release your private data thinking that they are real). Don't share your private info. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Don't give out your bank account numbers, passwords, mother's maiden name, date of birth, credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other personal information.

 4.  Use caution when accepting relay calls from the hearing and speech impaired. Relay calls are a legitimate service for people with hearing and speech disabilities. However, scammers often use this service to contact you, pretending to be deaf. Remember to deal locally, with people you can meet in person.

 5.  Avoid shipping and escrow. Scammers commonly employ fake, online escrow services. Avoid deals that are 'too good to be true' such as fake advertisement that are selling items significantly under priced. If you see any of these fake ads, please report them to us at the "Report this ad" tab. is a freely available service to help buyers and sellers (and etc.) to find one another, we are not involved in any transactions and can not police the actions of our many users.

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