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0.89 Dollar US$ LSAT Tutoring Very Experienced Instructor W An Official 177 Online

Published date: September 5, 2021
Modified date: September 5, 2021
  • Location: Fargo, North Dakota, U.S., United States

LSAT Tutoring Very Experienced Instructor W An Official 177 Online

NOTE: I'm no longer accepting October LSAT students, but if you're planning to take the November 13th or January 16th exam, drop me a line and we'll set up a time to talk! If you need October help, I can refer you to a brilliant friend of mine who does have availability, so feel free to send me a message introducing yourself, and I'll pass it on to him.

Hey, people in Fargo, North Dakota. US.

Applying to law school doesn't have to be a lonely, stressful process.

For more than a decade, I've helped college students and professionals reach their personal-best LSAT scores. I edited teaching scripts for one of the test-prep behemoths -- and then worked for a smaller, more respected LSAT boutique, where I was often one of the highest-rated instructors. (I was also an adjunct lecturer at a top-25 law school.) For the last few years, I've been a freelance tutor, working mostly online.

In a fun and low-key way, I can teach you the skills I used to hit official scores of 174 and 177. Down the road, I can help you decide where and how to apply, and advise you while you plan and edit your personal statement.

My tutoring students have been admitted to every top law school, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, NYU and Columbia. Whether you're coming to the test cold, or just looking for a fresh strategic approach, I can help.

I prefer reasonable, transparent pricing (see below), and I'm not into high-pressure marketing. Chat with me for a half-hour and decide for yourself whether we'd be a good fit.

Call now the telphone number (612) 807-1702 with Matt at Fargo, North Dakota, United States.


As far of the pricing information:

PRICING/FAQ (please read this part carefully):

I tutor on Skype, and bill using Venmo; you'll need both of those apps, along with a fast, stable internet connection and a quiet place to work.

My base rate for tutoring is $94/hour, although you can reduce that to $84 using two discounts:

A $5/hour discount is available for hours purchased in full more than one week in advance, subject to a strict no-refund, no-rescheduling policy. (E.g., a student who paid in full for a two-hour appointment one week in advance, waiving the right to cancel or reschedule, would pay $89/hour.)

A separate, stackable $5/hour discount is available to students who purchase packages of ten or more firmly scheduled hours, subject to the cancellation/refund policy described above. (E.g., a student who paid in full for five firmly scheduled two-hour appointments, waiving the right to cancel or reschedule any of them, would pay $84/hour.)

REVIEWS FROM FORMER STUDENTS (a mix of Yelp reviews, course evaluations, and blurbs from students who found me through ads like this one):

"Matt is without a doubt the most supportive teacher and mentor I have ever worked with. I'm a teacher myself, by the way. I found Matt's methods rigorous but focused on the skills that I needed to improve upon in preparation for the LSAT. He is honest with his assessment, provides clear guidance throughout the process, and still manages to be his students' biggest cheerleader. I gained something from him every session. He is a creative and technically brilliant writer, and my personal statement benefited enormously from his editorial feedback. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


B.A., Washington University in St. Louis.

J.D. Candidate, University of Southern California.

"After getting into all the T3 schools, Yale, Stanford and Harvard, I know there is a person I must thank—Matt. His LSAT tutoring was extremely helpful. As an essay advisor, Matt is amazing! He senses the good and the bad. He advises you on how to make your essays better in a very concrete and constructive way. He also tells you what to keep, and the point at which you should stop and leave the essay as-is. He truly cares about his clients’ success."


B.A., Rice University.

J.D. Candidate, Yale University.

“I had hoped to work with an LSAT instructor who would make learning the test bearable. But Matt did better than that: he made it fun. He always seemed personally invested in my success. Largely because of his help, I was able to earn admission to the law school of my dreams.”


B.A., Florida International University.

J.D., Harvard

"I started at a 144. I was atrocious. I just could not navigate the LSAT. It felt impossible. Through hard work and the guidance of Matthew, we worked together to raise the score to a 164! It felt really good. He is brilliant and will take you step by step through the entire process. I could not have gotten as far as I did without him. I raised my score by 20 points and you can do it too! He is worth the investment and in it for the long haul with you. He really cares about your success. He is experienced."


B.A., UC Santa Cruz.

"If it weren't for Matt, I would not have been able to achieve a 172 LSAT score, a 17-point increase from my diagnostic test. Had I merely continued with self-study, I would have undoubtedly earned a lower score. Matt's teaching ability is rivaled only by his knowledge of the material, which he makes digestible. Shortly after submitting my applications, I received multiple scholarship offers from top-20 law schools. Matt has the rare ability to play tutor, advisor, and friend to help guide you through the anxiety-riddled process that is law school admissions. If you are seeking a knowledgeable teacher that can make even the dullest of subjects entertaining, look no further."


B.A., Southeast Missouri State University.

J.D. Candidate, Washington University in St Louis.

"Matt was incredible in helping me plan and edit a personal statement that was reflective of my personality and interests. He helped me steer clear of cliché, and by the end of the process, I was extremely proud of what I'd written. In each conversation I had with admissions officers, they noted that my personal statement stood apart from the rest. With his help, you will be a better writer and more articulate about the 'why' that's driving you to to go to law school. He was also so helpful as I prepared for the LSAT. My score went up 11 points. His guidance, humor, and excellent teaching abilities alleviated my stress. You won’t regret any time that you book with Matt!”


B.A., University of Missouri.

“Without Matt’s help, I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have navigated applying to law school, He’s funny, supportive, and down-to-earth. To anyone interested in applying to law school, I’d absolutely recommend that you consider working with Matt.”


B.A., University of Texas at Austin.

J.D. Candidate, University of Chicago.

"Matt is literally the best. He is an excellent communicator and is so easy to work with. I felt that he really listened to me and was giving 1000% in helping me. Prior to meeting with Matt, I was a little discouraged because I felt that I would not be able to write a worthwhile personal statement, but Matt not only motivated me, he inspired me to come up with something that was truly amazing (if I do say so myself). I'm grateful to have met him. He truly knows his stuff."


B.A., University of Texas at Austin.

Starting law school in 2021.

“Working with Matt was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He’s one of the smartest people I know, and has a contagious sense of humor that made our sessions fly by. Second, he is passionate about teaching. He is incredibly skilled at breaking down complex topics and is even better at explaining these topics to his students in a way that keeps them engaged and motivated. Finally (and most importantly), Matt is committed to helping his students succeed. There are a ton of LSAT tutors out there, but Matt is unique. He wants you to excel, not only on the LSAT but in your future career. I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from him.”


B.A., UC Santa Barbara.

J.D., Michigan.

“I started my LSAT tutoring with Matt after self-preparing for a few months with little to no improvement. He helped me build a solid foundation, giving strategic advice for each type of question. My score improved by 14 points by the end of our sessions and I was able to gain admission at Berkeley and NYU. But he also helped me tremendously with the law school admission process in general. (I remember frantically calling him after realizing I had missed the September LSAT registration deadline. He calmed me down and rescheduled our sessions so they'd be spread out until December.) I'd recommend Matt to anyone. He goes out of his way to make sure you maximize your potential, and he really has your back through this entire process.”


B.A., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

J.D. Candidate, NYU.

“Matt is a wizard. With his help, I aced the LSAT and got into almost every law school to which I applied. After starting at Yale Law School, I knew that he was at the top of my list of people to thank for helping me get there.”


B.A., University of Texas at Austin.

J.D., Yale.

“Matt was my instructor in an LSAT course and my adviser during law school applications. He is hilarious, and you may think that’s irrelevant but it’s not. The LSAT is difficult and confusing, but Matt’s humor made it so much fun. That aside, Matt knows this material so well. He always handled people’s questions well and offered new ways to think about problems, while keeping the class on track to get through material at a fast pace. He was extremely helpful to me when I was drafting my essays, helping me read them as law school admissions departments would read them. I knew what story I wanted to tell about myself, and the writing was all mine. His job was to read, to listen, and to offer guidance, often by asking the right questions. I had a lot of success with my law school applications and am currently on scholarship at a top-10 law school. I wouldn’t have gotten there without Matt.”


B.A., University of Texas at Austin.

J.D., University of Michigan.

”Matt is the LSAT ninja that you want to train with! There are tutors who see teaching as a job, rather than a calling. That is not Matt. He takes the time to find different ways to explain something and will not give up until you understand the question or the mistake that led you to the wrong answer. It is evident that for Matt teaching is a passion. He genuinely wants to help you succeed and will go the extra mile to make that happen. I got my JD at Michigan (Go Blue!) thanks to his help.”


B.A., Florida International University.

J.D., University of Michigan.

“Matt is an exceptional LSAT tutor. His analogies and examples made LSAT prep a much more pleasant experience than it would’ve otherwise been. What puts Matt head and shoulders above the rest is the fact that he does not ‘play the genius.’ He is a warm and empathetic teacher, who understands why the test is challenging.”


B.A., Florida International University

J.D., Iowa.

“On my first practice test, I scored a 149 and was very discouraged. However, Matt was completely supportive. He made himself available as much as I needed. His lessons were interesting and fun. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I took the official LSAT and scored a 165. I retook the exam and scored a 172. At the beginning of this process I would have never thought a 23-point jump was possible.”


B.A., University of Houston.

J.D. Candidate, Vanderbilt.

“Before I started my LSAT prep with Matt, I got a timed practice-test score of around 148. I wasn’t finishing a single section, and felt that I had no shot on any of the logic games. To be honest, I was very worried at that point. Matt did a good job of tamping down my anxiety. (I could see that he didn’t feel nervous about my score.) He showed how to break each test, section, and question down: to simplify my decision-making processes, while staying positive and relaxed. In the end, I brought my score up to a 164.”

This is an opinion and review from Emmett

“If anyone needed motivation and was seriously not studying even though they should have, it's was me. The LSAT made me anxious. I had taken other prep courses (one physical and one online), and while the material was useful, something wasn't clicking. Then I started working with Matt. He is both knowledgeable and human. He can make jokes and TEACH. Rare combination. He really takes the time to work with you.”

This is an opinion and review from Fariba

“I cannot recommend Matt highly enough! As miserable as studying for this test can be, Matt makes class extremely fun and I actually looked forward to meeting at 6 p.m. after an eight-hour workday. He is extremely positive and always has a goofy anecdote to lighten the mood. He is a surprisingly genuine human being who really cares about each of his students and their success.”

This is an opinion and review from Elaina

“Matt's a hardcore expert in all things Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comp and has the evil-genius sense of humor required to ensure students maintain sanity. Going into the official exam last week, I felt fully prepared and confident because of Matt's capable instruction. You’ll for sure still cry when you eventually take the LSAT, but only because one of the questions reminds you of a Matt joke.”

This is an opinion and review from Molly.

“Matt proved to be an outstanding teacher. He works extremely hard, and takes a genuine, personal interest in his students' success. His sessions are entertaining, well-paced, and well-planned.”

This is a review from John.

“Matt is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met and he has a gift for making dry things like Reading Comprehension passages interesting. He can help you with specific issues or the best strategy for you personally to get to your target score. Matt is a natural teacher. He never makes anyone feel bad about themselves. The LSAT is really hard, especially at first, and even those like myself who are scoring high miss a lot of questions, which can be difficult for the overachieving types who are applying to law school. Matt never makes anyone feel bad about having a wrong answer and it instead becomes a positive learning experience.”

his is a review from Sarah.

“Simply put, Matt is the GOAT. He knows this test like the back of his hand, he's a joy to be around, and there is never a dull moment in class. He makes learning the LSAT as fun as it can possibly get and is the epitome of what it means to be a great teacher. (Thank you!)”

This is a review from Keenan.

“Matt is simply the best. Seriously, I actually enjoyed going to class because of him. He is so smart and funny, and he is able to break the material down in a way that makes it memorable and accessible. He is also a super nice guy. He took the time to learn something about everyone in the class, and really seemed invested in my personal success.”

This is an opinion from Kate.

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