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Monumental Photographer Image List

Everybody once in a while has collected items, have valuables treasures and some day they put them out for the entire world to watch and like it from famous city Costa Rica.

Honoring a priest: Mr. Fray Casiano de Madrid, Lots of Hopes

personal belongings list

puntarenas clouds sunshine overview

horse man

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High profiles Details on photography and gift ideas for dad.
How to say something like that? well parents like to have their own pets animals and horses fit the perfect gift ideas for dad as a profile. Remember, whenever you can buy with your personal or business a bank savings a gift for father, do it for goodness sake

The 2007 Low Parade Below

terrif night lights views

rice and beenswith chicken

The spectacular cosmic views of Puntarenas city, at night including an visitor cruise line ship, cruisers, reservations, information night life, funny things to know, travel cruise for best people romantic from the city

A big deal is to be able to buy items you want, need and can afford to pay

Remember, not to spend money buying unnecessary items and then throwing them on the home garage, it takes lots of space and they depreciate in value

The wedding - married dish and rich recipes and typical cosmic Costa Rican recipes Dish " recipes of married combinations on a dish.

cow horns

MercedezBenz antique celebrity

We found this small and humble Machine in Esparza. History pacific show machine. Long time older car, not just a vehicle, it is famous because who owned and used on political campaigns.

An important presidential motor, very important Ex-president's car, old and abandoned already in a rough condition sadly, A nice MercedesBenz automobile family car from 1980.
In this particular case, the vehicle looks like abandoned and a little bit sad too! Objects carry lots of ghost and only certain people can see those ghosts at night.

The Antique Horns, funny tool for locals to drink drinks other than portable sodas, a personal level fun party of a drinker years ago.
The most are rough riders at the Sabana.

aborigean indian green jade

girl little dress up

Everybody have their own way to celebrate their most precious traditions, the things they believe everyday and share with their own communities.

They appreciate to be free and able to reunite with other in a party that everyone like and live the moments.

Little people can allow memory moments to happy many times, and on this case there isn't anyways that a parent get paid ever, other than lustrating this image on a wood frame and hang it on the living room wall for ever to remember the memorable moments.
Ask How I made my first million if I spend it all on my children's future?

miramar orange views

Pictures of An Indian Jade Art, found in Nicoya Guanacaste, Jade images worldwide.

It is holy week and this girl wants to be our movie star today.
Catholic viewers and the world to see too.
Pink sunsets from Miramar.
This excellent soul view-reviews.

These shows are about the photo gallery "tope de Costa Rica" 2015 to year 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / The Parades, Images International Gallery.
Please, make the numbers by your own ideas with all the free pictures of horses.

Discover my gallery south America with pictures and look at them.

To all Latin Americans and the central American brothers, that are far away from their home land, to all those locals in general and specially all those that long time went away and never come back to see their loved land beauty and finally, to all aliens from all over the world that are in between us, sharing a piece of our loved country, with a lot of love, for all of them, these are untouchable and impeccable images.
Traditions costumes

Hoe a cowboy dresses up? look how they do wear, their clothes

Pictures Of Horses First Class Sports

First Class Sports for entertaining the masses of people

the cawboy

real cawboys

cell hone call

We have the farm smell On our clothes, and our Beloved Animals (poems beloved horse) are well-trained for obeying us for everything we say and do.
Ghost riders in many cases at a big city.
Ok, lets take a faster ride to see who looks better.
Hold on, It's just my dad calling and making sure that I Am ok, says this beautiful cowgirl on her white strong horse.

white horse


horse trainer

an honest man

You make a guess what is best? an honest man or you prefer to see them ride their European styles pets, or to be free and see everything is happening with the wonderful females riding their nice sophisticated and well trained horses?.
The limit is the sky.
Ok, lets say that these men riding their horses were at San Jose participating in a big event for a huge amount of money and alone with thousands of viewers, women assisting to street events, children fascinating emotions to watch shows like this one.

My name the gentleman's horse farm definition career, from San Juan.
I have almost thirty years of training horses.
My horse understands and speaks Spanish, I will Train your new or an older animal.

Horse trainer
Red Pure Female Horse with her master, they look in a very close relationship, man and friend.

Older and younger people in general, everyone was taking many pictures with their cameras and really dreaming, on the Columbus passages road.

pet horse for girls

the contestant is a competitor

mad horse, ungry and upset pet

a woman owner and rider

What is happening with that beauty? maybe the pants are too tight or something with the sweet horse she has on the Pasadena.
The sky rock, after several hours of riding on top of a pure, just look the sky and wait for something to do or somewhere to go.

Young ladies are not a ghost on a parade like this one, they show their good and bad and the public decides who is the best, including ladies online.
Ok, this is not working right, too many phone calls while the parade is going on, excuse me miss, could you tell your boyfriend to call later after the show?

una tica

los caballeros hombres

summer events

top san jose parade

big animal

horse riding trips

Trips around the roadsie

top beauty queen

The contestants are selected and screened till one becomes the winner, the Beautiful lady queen

beautiful and elegant women

I am the queen (Ls reina ), can your cameras for solid-America dut com take a snapshot for me? sure young queen, maybe you can post for us a little better next time.

fat ladies

Also is normal to watch some ladies wearing over size clothing because they are heavy and supposed to wear larger pants and shirts t-shirts

the police is present

shows in san jose

pink color

Maybe we eat too much rice and beans, or perhaps Ronald mcs Donald burgers, and we need to make a diet for a better look

red hat

teenagers go out to watch

quality healthy horses

Healthy animals are quality proof of excellent animals care by their owner or care taker training stuff

costa rican person

The Red Hat southern, south American Lady.
Cowboy and Cowgirls, " San Chepe Town " The Police Cow girl, Rider.

My friend is a gentleman and he lets me ride him

a woman contestant

cute fshion dress woman

pageant princess


I was on my horse and then I found out that I Lost something, and here I Am, right In the middle of the Paseo Colon. Tica top beauty pageant
I like your hat so much!.
The rico princess woman rider.
Boots and horse in the line of beauty baby.
A pure European style, given a fist while he was walking in between many observers