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The New Champion Of The World?

The other game before this one, Spain loss against Netherlands by a 5 -0.
That was the biggest sign of the unconditional and an anemic training, plus signs of a New Champion coming up soon at the end of the tournament when Spain loss the leadership

muscle troubles athlete chilean

Sadly it seems that they couldn't get over the low and fallen on this other game too
Resignation could be seen on the coach's face and facial sings, as well the players had that weird expression "who cares".

Again, it wasn't important for them to go back to their home land without the world cup from this tournament 2014, as it was so important in South Africa, that time

I'm nothing close to be an expert on this sport, however, my experience tell me that there is something that doesn't close in this competition with the Spanish team
What could happen?, did they wanted to play and lose meantime and allow the younger players from other teams to stay and fight for their sports success
or, what is happening?

I say this because I knew a tornado soccer team called Spain, just a few months ago, the one I seen was nowhere close to offer a great show to their fans in Brazilian stadiums
The Group B played at the Brazilian Estádio Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro like dead dog.

No insensitive from these kind of games, we wanted to see art and techniques
We wanted Spanish team to bright our kids eyes, so they wanted to go and learn soccer and never go home like a lost newbie

a spanish girl very sad for the loss

To the fans who came with them from Barcelona, Madrid, Cataluna, and all the nation to be there and make these players feel secure, it was a very disrespectful act, the no play facts

Probable some day we will find out the truth about what really happened and who was evolved on the loss

Anyways, there is a Chile that just beginning to climb the stairs on the championship and it got qualified because their prior game was also a win
The two goals came from:

Charles Aranguiz (#20) Minute 43' of first quarter. And Eduardo Vargas (#11)at the minute 20'.

The Lineup for Spain:
1 Casillas (Goalkeeper)
22 Cez (Dave)(Defender) 4 Javi Martinez Aginaga (D) (He plays for FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, as a defensive midfielder or a central defender.)
15 Sergio Ramos Garcia (D) (He plays for Real Madrid Espana)
18 Jordi Alba Ramos (He plays for FC Barcelona in La Liga )
14 Xabier (Known as Nic Name Xabi) Alonso Olano (out at 46') (yellow card at 41') ( He plays as defensive midfielder and is a deep-lying playmaker.) All reunited at the Brazilian stadium where probable the final will be hold at the end.

coach Jorge Luis Sampaoli

16 - Sergio Busquets Burgos (This professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona in La Liga)
21 David Josue Jimenez Silva (He plays for English club Manchester City, UK England )
6 - Andres Iniesta Lujan ( plays for FC Barcelona in La Liga )
11 Pedro Eliezer Rodriguez Ledesma (nick name "Pedrito") (out changed at 76')or little peter
(A professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona in La Liga

19 Diego da Silva Costa (out change at 64') (This player plays for the Athletic de Madrid in La Liga, as a strike)

espana vs chile soccer game

23 Pepe Jose Manuel "Nick name as "Pepe" Reina Paez (this man plays as a goalkeeper for the English club Liverpool)
10 Francesc Known as Ces Fabregas Soler ( Ces Fabregas, the man plays for Chelsea in Premier League )
8 Xavier "Xavi" Hernandez i Creus ( a Player for FC Barcelona in La Liga )
9 Fernando Jose Torres Sanz (a Forward) (64' entered) (footballer striker for Chelsea )

a man from chile is down

fernando torres red uniform

7 David Villa Sanchez (a Forward) striker for A-League club Melbourne City and as a loan to NYC New York city
20 Santiago "Nick name as Santi" Cazorla Gonzalez entered minute 76', plays for Arsenal in the Premier League (all sides player)
attacking midfielder
5 Juan Francisco Torres Belen (this man works at Athletic de Madrid in La Liga)
2 Raul Albiol Tortajada (Footballer who plays for S.S.C. Napoli in Italy, and the Spanish national)
3 Gerard Pique i Bernabeu ( centre- back for FC Barcelona club)
13 Juan Manuel Mata Garcia ( English club Manchester United UK)
17 Jorge Resurreccion Merodi Came into the game at minute 46' La Liga club Athletics Madrid
The game coaches names:
Coach Vicente del Bosque
Coach J. Sampaoli (Jorge Luis is an Argentinean trainer)

claudio andres bravo munos chile's goalkeeper

a man down and sergio ramos

For the National team of Chile (The Chilean)
1(G) C. Bravo
17 (D) G. Medel
5 (D) F. Silva
18 (D) G. Jara
4 (M) M. Isla
20 (M) Aranguiz 43'(made one goal) (65' out the field)
21 (M) M. Diaz
2 (M) E. Mena (got yellow card 61')
11 (F) E. Vargas (Goal 20') 85' Out field
8 (F) A. Vidal ( 26'Yellow card ) 88' out
7 (F) A. Sanchez
9 (F) M. Pinilla
19 (M) Fuenzalida
10 (M) Valdivia (85' In)
22 (F) E. Paredes
(Photo: la roja)

selecion nacional de chile

Andres Iniesta Lujan team spain

23 (G) J. Herrera
13 (D) J. Rojas
14 (F) Orellana
12 (G) C. Toselli
6 (M) C. Carmona (in 88')
15 (M) Beausejour
16 (M) Gutierrez (entered ) 3 (D) Miiko Albornoz.
the South America's team made a stunning 2-0 victory and defeated the actual champion of the world
Everybody is free to make their own comments, but the truth is that it is too early on the process event to guess who will win the 2014 Brazil's reward, the Gold Cup
Till now the biggest worldwide award is still waiting for a new boyfriend or girlfriend to take it home and acre for it.

erard Pique can't belive it

chileno valdivia

The fanatics have a reason why they stand under the sunshine, tolerate the rain, then sun again and heat, even sometimes could and snow.

They love their team, and they desert respect.
If a country team doesn't want to make the show look good, then never participate and allow another
country to be there.
Yes, this one was a game with only one guy playing.
the latest teams who got boot out and now their party is over, the Spaniards are holding the record that with six goals against and in the first quarter they just lost two games consecutives.

For other group, Uruguay will play vs England and on Friday Costa Rica vs Italy etc.