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A Soccer Game Uruguay VS Soccer Team of Costa Rica

Best world cup tournament so far for the Latin-American teams.

Jose Luis Pinto Luis Antonio Marin Murillo Paulo Cesar Wanchope

(Mr. Pinto (head coach) left the national CR team in 2014 right after the wold cup in Brazil, when the CR team arrived to 4th of final and his assistance is the head coach and trainer now in 2019 & 2020, he will be representing the sports on this discipline

( Photos Luis Antonio Marin Murillo Paulo Cesar Wanchope "two assistance").
Mr Felix Brych Official "Germany" (Arbitro)
A game that everybody was saying that the snow-white of the group was Costa Rican (No longer an Underdog )

In the stadium with the name in Portuguese Estádio Castelão, in city of Fortaleza and by the Group D Tiny Costa Rica defeats the twice champion of the world and the champion of America (winner of the cup America), the fourth place in South Africa.

This is the kind of streem games that Wake Up Monster on keylor navas! The famous Real Madrid team Goalkeeper. What a surprise, Uruguay finds itself defeated by "la bella tica" and the little players in Central Americas.
Uruguay vs.
Costa Rica final result first time 1 goal against made by Uruguayan Edinson Cavani (P) at the minute 24' and after they went for a break at the second time, things changed dramatically.

Yes, let's start from the beginning, it's better.
The game began and Uruguay kept Costa Rica basically defending from it and carefully not getting too many goals, just one.
(superiority from the South American blue team.

arbitro centarl costarica vs uruguay

After, they came back from the fifteen minutes break, it was a brand new CR.

The players with the white uniform, run over like a tractor, it was goal after gol! These where the goles makers:
Joel Campbell Minutes 54' Goal.
Óscar Duarte minute 57' Goal
Marco Ureña Minutes 84' Goal

Please see the pictures because when on champion celebrates just one, the innocent red team, celebrated big all the way from Brazilian soil to San Jose in Costa Rica, Home.

Apart of the possible timeline and match stats lineups, the Uruguayans were going crazy and falling on game errors like beating Campbell and others, One player got the red card and several got their yellow and prevention cards.

the red fans of costa rica

costa rica national team

Espanol: Equipo de futbol de Costa rica 2014 en la Copa Mundial de Brasil

The scoring summary Edinson Cavani (P)24'

The Uruguay lineup

(signed with lub Real madrid) Luis Suárez 9, Diego Forlán 10
Edinson Cavani 21  Diego Lugano 2
Fernando Muslera 1 Diego Godín 3
Maximiliano Pereira 16  Álvaro Pereira 6
Egidio Arévalo 17
Nicolás Lodeiro 14
Martín Cáceres 22
Cristian Rodríguez 7
Gastón Ramírez 18
Abel Hernández 8
Walter Gargano 5
Sebastián Coates 19
Diego Pérez 15

goal celebrating after penalty

national team during their athem song

( Uruguayans were celebrating their goal scored after a penalty)
Álvaro Rafael González 20
Christian Stuani 11
Jorge Fucile 4
Martín Silva 23
José María Giménez 13
Rodrigo Muñoz 12
Manager: MR. Óscar Tabárez

Next games matches will be:
On Thursday, June 19, 3:00 PM

Tuesday, June 24, 12:00 PM

Then instead of Costa Rican soccer team who kept patience and order, at the second time, they knew what to do by playing high, controlling the defenders, and keeping the pressure over the two times champions.

The Trainer MR. Manager: Jorge Luis Pinto. (Colombian)

CR Lineups

Bryan Ruiz 10 (Jafet Ruiz González - Midfielder attacking- plays for English club Fulham)
Joel Campbell Samuels 9 (plays for Spanish club Villarreal CF, on loan from English club Arsenal (England)
Keylor Navas 1 (Goalkeeper) (Portero)
Celso Borges 5 (A professional footballer with a team in Spain leagues.
The Spanish club Deportivo de La Coruña)
Christian Bolaños 7
Cristian Gamboa 16
Patrick Pemberton 18
Michael Umaña 4
Yeltsin Tejeda 17
Michael Barrantes

portero de costa rica Antonio Navas Gamboa

joel campbell falls down by a push

Kaylor Navas, (Antonio Navas Gamboa -He plays with the Levante in Espana - Spain - A professional footballer who plays for soccer club Levante UD in La Liga. He is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the European league )
11 Júnior Díaz 15
Randall Brenes 14
Roy Miller 19
Giancarlo González 3
Diego Calvo 20
Marco Ureña 21
Johnny Acosta 2
José Miguel Cubero 22
Waylon Francis 12
Óscar Duarte 6
Esteban Granados 13
Daniel Cambronero 23
David Myrie 8

Then Other Costa Rica matches
Fri, Jun 20, 12:00 PM

Tue, Jun 24, 12:00 PM
England soccer national team.

A professional footballer plays with spanish league

uruguay vs costarica 1x3 wins costarica

Back in San Jose, people call their team with the nicknamed "La Sele".
The coach Uruguayan said that his team lost because they didn't know how to organize and maintain the winning mentality after the tie, because they had a penalty and one goal from eh first time or block.

Also, he recognized that the small team is not anymore an easy task and they desert it to win because they did their job well done.

Meantime Mr. Jose Luis Pinto said that he respected the Uruguayan trainer coach and his personality.
The event, this has being a great tournament for Latin athletes, Mexico defeated Cameroon 1x0, Colombia defeated Greece 3x1, Brazil defeated Croatia 1x0.

goalkeeper  - portero de uruguay

line guard yellow - guarda lineas

How ever, when the event grows up on more classifications, only the best ones will remain on the game of soccer.
Jugadas del juego de futbol, resultados y fotos del juego de futbol ( futbol) entre CR contra el equipo de Uruguay en la copa mundial de brasil 2014.
Los Uruguayos perdieron tres goles a cero con la sele.

beautiful Brazilian Brazuca soccer ball

Luis Suarez

La bola bazuka Brasileira soccer ball.
(Luis Suarez did not play, even when he was present on the waiting sits)

Luis Suarez could be playing against England and Italy, this was said by the team trainer or coach.
Costa Rica VS Uruguay played with the beautiful Brazilian Brazuca soccer ball.

nino llorando por su equipo tico

El niño que llora por su equipo tico, así es el juego de futbol
(baby in the way, his girlfriend is pregnant already and Joel dedicates his goals to the baby).