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Results of the Game Mexico VS Brasil

A game where two teams already new with other play tactics.

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Brazil Will Be The Champion 2014 News First Quarter.

Mexicans needed a win and Brazilians also for at least 1 goal.

After the first 45 minutes were gone and almost dead because
of the heat temperature both national teams did no leave a plus move that we could say, man, that could be a real goal in the first quater.
At the second time, Mexico kept pressure and arrived several times with no a success for scoring at the Brazilian home door.

For the side of Brasil's players, things weren't going too good neither, the defense of Mexico was tight and difficult to break through.
What a nigh mare for Naimar when he tried so hard to get into the private Mexican area and after controlling the Brazuca ball, he could find a partner to make those passes that Naimar knows in the Barcelona's team over there at Spain, where he usually works

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One of the important facts of this soccer game in this world cup, is that both goalkeepers were sensational good catching the ball from shots that are necessary to have a professional goalkeeper.

Some changes were made at the end on he 2nd time, and nothing came out to be clear, a tie was eminent and even the public on the stadium became happy grabbing flags and decorations to back their country team.

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The problem is that they could stay zero to zero, but the tournament is more than being equal on the results, the winning requires many goals and points to qualify.

the full-time of this excellent game happened at the (stadium constellation) Estádio Castelão, of city state Fortaleza for the Group A From Brazil:
Star Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Neymar Foward Barcelona Spain

Important tips for dress sport uniform are: The uniform wore by these two teams were:
Mexico's red jersey (t-shirt) with black shorts or pants, red socks all the way up to their knees

The wear dress up for Brazilians (brasil) was:
Yellow jerseys (t-shirt uniforms), light blue shorts (pants). Called also in Spanish (Para los Brasilenos Pantalonetas asul or azules)

That will cover the part of uniforms and colors, plus the sizes nobody knows

Maybe if you check Wiki for further details about measurements of players and ages, date of birth and weights
The truth is that both teams wore soccer adidas uniforms cleats and nike boots shoes brand with different colors and sizes.

A total of 18 Fouls for Mexico and 13 for Brazil.
A few shots on goal 8 for Br and 3 for MX.

We have some data to assist many people out there searching for answers to their questions: Júlio César Goalkeeper, Brazil

This footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for MLS club Toronto FC
Júlio César Soares de Espíndola was born: the month of September 3, 1979 ( age 34 now), place Duque de Caxias, state Rio de Janeiro, Brazil His Height is: 6' 1" (1.86 m) married Spouse: with Susana Werner (year 2002)

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The player name list are:
2 Dani Alves (Defense) 59'
3 T. Silva (D) 79'(got yellow card)
4 David Luiz (D)
6 Marcelo (D)

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goalkeeper julio cesasr

8 Paulinho (M)
12 J. César (G)
11 Oscar (Middle fielder) 84' (changed minute)
17 L. Gustavo (M) 62'yellow card
16 Ramires (F) out -changed 46' Yellow card 45'
9 Fred (F) 68' out.
10 Neymar (Foward) he plays with Messi at the Barcelona's club in Spain
14 Maxwell (D)
23 Maicon (D)
13 Dante (D)
5 Fernando Luiz Roza (M)
18 Hernanes (M) 76'
22 Victor (G)
19 Willian (M) 84' (came in)
21 Jô (F) 68' (came in)
1 Jefferson (Golkeeper)
15 Henrique (D)
7 Hulk (F)
20 Bernard (F) 46' (entered)

Javier Hernández Balcázar

(Famous Chicharito) Javier Hernández Balcázar who is a footballer, he plays position forward for the Premier League club Manchester United UK England
From Mexico:( striker Chicharito) a result for years of work and training

(G) Guillermo Ochoa Goalkeeper, Mexico
He was born: In the month of July 13, 1985 (age 28), city of Guadalajara, Mexico Guillermo's Height: 6' 0" (1.83 m) Ochoa's is about Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg) Career started at 2004

P. Aguilar 22 (Defense)
(Def) Rodríguez 2
(Def) R. Márquez 4
(Defender) H. Moreno 15
(Defense) M. Layún 7

Julio Cesar Soares de Espindola

shoes cleats

(Middle fielder) H. Herrera 6 / 76'out changed
(M) José Juan Vázquez 23 ( tarjeta amarilla) minuto 62
(Forward) Dos Santos 10 changed at 84'
O. Peralta 19 (Forward ) 74' went out changed
(D) C. Salcido 3
(G) J. Corona 1
(G) Talavera 12
74' (F) J.Hernánd. 14 (got in second set)

(M) M. Fabián 8 (got in second set)
(M) Brizuela 17
(F) Alan Pulido 11
(M) C. Peña 21
(D) D. Reyes 5
(D) Miguel Ángel Ponce 16
(M) J. Aquino 20
(F) R. Jiménez 9 84' Entered
The coach list:
Names: Coach L. F. Scolari

pablo aguilar vs ramirez

hard play

M. Herrera.

Also for the 2014 World Cup's games:
At the stadium Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá for the group H An encounter between two great soccer selections Russia 1 - 1 Korea Republic

For the timeline and the match stats, as well of lineups maybe if you need to know their names and numbers, checking their official sites is a good idea

Scoring summary records are: Alexander Kerzhakov 74'minute made a score point Lee Keunho made his for Korean team minute 68'

a fan small boy, kid


Mothers always want a better future for their small kids, in this photo we can appreciate the facts that the little boy is paying close attention to the action on the field. probable his mom already told him, that's your future, you will become a star, an artist sports athlete and make millions of dollars and euros in Europe.
In the other photo is Oscar an already famous young man who delights his fans with the soccer dance.
The woman knows how to prepare her children to choose a career since they are very little, that's the way to success