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Quick photos Costa Rican Album

This great nation has all recipes ingredients for a couple and a family becoming happy on their lives


Moving to and staying for at least a month is a great idea for people who want a quiet place to live and reside.
"finding personal intellectual and spiritual happiness".

Did you want to find a lot of pictures from this country, how people live in a normal day, how they walk and the picture from the most relevant places inside the featured gallery with photos of San Jose.
Must look and enjoy.

The Spain Street at the park.
Painting, public Morazan park.

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Comercio Querias mirar las imagenes de una capital en vivo y a todo color? San Jose ofrece esa opportunidad, disfrutar y conocerla.

in city

Una patria sin fotografia disponible no es una buena patria, hablando con pruevas acerca de este pais es mejor y mas acertado.
Es asi como las gentes, los lugares en un radio de un kilometro se pueden observar.

A country without images in full color is not a real country, like this on a radius of a mile or so can be observed.

Cercanias del parque Morazan, calle contiguo al parque Espanol.
Este pais Tiene Los Ingredientes para ser feliz, viva CostaRica Pura Vida!

Welcome to Watch Best Photos Of San Jose

We sincerely Hope you enjoy the magnificent in downtown capital tica

gas station


Hospital de Ninos en el centro /
Debajo del puente, Cerca del Parque Espana. | Ex presidente Don Daniel Oduber, Su Estatua

/ National children's hospital. Under the Spain bridge, the smart Cat man and mask parade party.
/ The Ex-president of this great nation, his personal statue and legacy from sevral years as the country's head manager.

They hide in between people's walking train lines, the large crowds and say something a-like Pick- up -Boo or so.
Kitties cats wearing glasses to hide their real faces.
That actually doesn't scare kids or their parents while checking the road tunnel's walls

cat face


Hospital Mexico | Una foto de una gato, gatos gracioso y divertido.

A great picture on a tunnel wall for a funny cat

ex- president

The ex-President of Costa Rica
Another Statue Of Pone De Leon, Letters Man.

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The Central park Amusements and retire \ The Market With the name Of " La Coca-cola ".


El Parque Central / Mercado La Coca cola. Estatua en La Sabana, Ponce De Leon. | Daniel oduber en el Morazan




caminos de personas dentro del parque

|Park trails.|


Una estatua de limpieza.

A statue of a working man in the central park


Merced Church


La parada de la cococola
La torre de La Iglesia La Merced /
Mantengamos limpia nuestra tierra! |

El Quiosco del parque Central, | Santa Nerced, la Iglesia, | Fotos e imagenes

Shopping Groceries inside, the coca cola place or market place | Churches Main Tower, Antique Buildings. / The middle building | Lets Keep Our Nation's Public Properties Clean | Downtown Churches.


parque central


Una estatua de un hombre en el parque central.
Dentro de la Iglesia La Merced |
El Paseo Colon, el camino

El quiosco del parque en San Jose
Al lado del Correo Nacional

A man cleaning statue.
At The Inside Of la Merced cathedra.
On walking, the road of Columbus
Side Of National Mail buildings

day inn



Un dia comun. with Jesus Cristo (fake sculture & image

A simple day commonly happening in the capital |
An image of Jesus Christ |

avenida central



Vista desde El museo de los Ninos, el parqueo /
El parque Espana.
Diagonal Biblioteca Nacional calendario solar

Views From The Children national Museum, in the central park side parking lots
San Jose downtown avenue | The Spanish park, Sidewalks

/ The National historical sun calendars, aborigine calendar manners to control the weather Behaviors. Maya artifacts calculations of time times seasons

stone stairs

indian calendary sun's clock


Escaleras de piedra, el Reloj Del Sol, el calendario del tiempo, Cultura aborigena maya boruca Inca
Parque de la Revolucion.
Quiosco en el Parque Morazan

Bambu en el Parque Espana
Stone stairs up.

Sun's Clock, time in a calendar from indians times Maya - Boruca - Incas culture and time tracking device. | The national revolution public park
| The Marazan Central Building



A monument Plants of bamboo |


Las plantas, arboles.

Public park

child pets


Promesa Cumplida, alimentar a las aves y los pajaros del buen porvenir |

Dejad que los pequenos vengan a mi, en la plaza de la cultura.
Espectacular vistas del valle y una Natura y la ciudad

Let the children come to me at the Culture's Plaza
Feed the good birds, I Met My promise ( Tico's Doves and feeding them with bird foods )| Spectacular an amazing views the mountains of central valley.

dove birds



Las palomas castillas

| The Castile doves, domestic pets in the park.