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The Copyright Complaint Form is Broken

The FB copyright infringements spam reports help, or the form for a personalized report and notice, it is a mass and time water for the regular online user.

cash money spammer

When we tried to find answers by the search engine results, people were asking for answers about video or videos problems, their personal composed music, probably that one that some of Facebook users have in their profiles as background music with their photos etc.
Cell phone news!

(Note: In the legal terms, the word "complaint" is intended to mean as a legal terminology, a serious complaint is any formal legal document that sets out the facts and legal reasons.
However, because there is no other place to post un-satisfaction, then this site will make it to the hearing)

Other situations the searches were about individuals wanting to find out about pending case, music songs complaint or complaints. When we tried to contact them after checking and reading their website private policy infringement violation of intellectual wrights.
The engine results don't lie, they show what they find online.

In this photo clearly people can see how the spammer took out legal website brand name and used it for their personal business purposes, with out our company's approval, and what it is worse, this is the second time, our company complains to ?, because the complain form is broken.

watch how they are offering money lending from their bank accounts and ask their visitors at the particular page to apply by using those cash forms. " words go like this: Apply now online, approvals rate, cash money spammer make big money quick bla bla etc.

" Intellectual Property Facebook respects the intellectual property rights of others and is committed to helping third parties protect their rights.
Our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities prohibits users from posting content that violates another party's intellectual property rights.
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When we receive a valid notice of IP infringement, we promptly remove or disable access to the allegedly infringing content.
We also terminate the accounts of repeat infringers in appropriate circumstances.
Rights holders will find information below regarding how to report copyright and other intellectual property infringements by users posting content on our website, and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding our policies.
Copyright protects creative works like music and film.
Learn more.

money bank lending apply

Trademark protects the brand names and logos used to identify companies and their products.
Learn more."

Apply For Page Removal

What a dream some day will come thru
Really, Legal / Copyright Solutions, Apply For Page Removal:.
By the way, we used the investor's application for our complain purposes because the other at help sources did not work and gave errors.
Assuming that everybody wants to make a profit and they weren't the exception neither, then we took over this form and send the message, then received this information on the picture.

Sorry, what else was there to do, other than think quick and use any applications available, after all they will forward it to the respective department, hope so.
Or maybe we must wait for a year or more.

business investor confirmation

We have found this empty form page and no way to go for answers online or personalized telephone numbers where to call national or internationally.

Maybe that's what happens when companies get to grow extreme big and robust as far of profits money goes these days.

The facts are that what every situation people get into relating this company, nothing can be fixed without a long time pain and frustration online.
On fact, my company is very small and it's rights were violated by FB hungry business, at least this is what we thing, fortuneless, plus no way to contact them and place a complaint, because when we do try, the browser goes blank and shows error in their server by Sunday September 2019.
We have several pictures that can proof the part where F.B provides frustration to small companies business brand names violated by accepting spam and scammers into their website pages.

Sadly, this how brand names finish at the United States or another countries courts against them, something that can be fixed easy and fast.
People should be resting on Sundays, so what do we have to suffer aggravations on arbitrations like this one?

Already know that millions love to have their personal private profiles in there, but they decide when and how by allowing the applications receive their photos and information, they approved. In this cases like ours, it was not that way, the arbitrarily is from scammers.

Photography in this page is just to prove that the truth stands by our words. Don't use our name legal for your dirty purposes and we will not publish information about you ever.
Do you have a problem "looking for a contact form" and want to contact US, then send Us a message and we will contact you Soon!.
What is it that for these big corporations to listen their users, customers, stock buyers etc, people must go and find lawyers etc?

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