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Kids Best Recommended Tabs For Games And Learning

My wife and me had a small argument where we discussed the benefits of a tablet in the hands of a small kid boy and girl.

coby kyros 8.4gb tablet 4

I think she wan because it has some reasonable when people put it to compare the private live of a small kid from the 80's and a kid from 2000's or 21th Century

She was concerned about the small people becoming slaves or "robots" from the electronic new devices and that children will not have time to develop their normal physical and mentally skills, feelings and so on with relating others their age.

I, in my side, discussing the facts that at least parents will not have to worry where their children where, because they already know where "their bedrooms or in the living room in front of the TV playing video games with their electronics console Playstation, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U or a simple latest brand new Galaxy smartphone or iPad Apple tablet.

When the wife said, yea, but what about playing hidden and soccer football or basketball, running and having fun at the playgrounds near their homes, playing checkers, and other educational games?.

My answer was the same of the consoles and tablets manufacturers, there must be a "balance", certain hours responsible adults will decide what the right amount for them to use their electronics devices.

The people and parents responsible adults who keep an eye 24/7 on their little ones just to make sure they do the right thing, learning and playing

Manufacture and doctors will recommend less than 8 hours a week (, but some parents go for 2 two daily hours. 16.


The truth is that why not to let small people have fun and learn meantime, responsible parents can control that issue, game consoles and manufacturer for tablets laptops and computers in general, aren't responsible for what's going on inside their customers homes and private lives.

Also, truth is that you will know if it is beneficial for a already smart school student or an autistic kids to have a personal tablet to play and learn with terrific applications app, available for free or small fees and price online.

samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 inch

The TV is not enough to call learning kids attention with kid TV shows these days, a combination of new technology and the older school teaching is a plus, and priority to conserve till society understand that a balance works great on the teaching and learning process for this generation of young people.

Anyways, we prepared a set of brands and consumer products that you can perfectly go the store, order online and make your next order, have one just before Christmas or December 24th Xmas time, however you want to call it.

Never a secret that what parents do at their living rooms in homes, it is what their songs and daughters also want to follow up to and do respectively.

For example, if the little girl's moms are cooking at her kitchen and preparing a delicious dish recipe for hey boyfriend or husband when he comes back home, then that little daughter also wants to give it a try and cook:
At least she tries".

So, it is about playing action noisy sounds games, the adults song or daughter will want to participate and have their own to bit up, the action challenge game or learning how with free app for tablets educational games.

The Closed List Of Brands To Choose From:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) Wi Fi

Great news!
Watch comfortable thousands of older and new Hollywood Disney movies HBO, TV shows and games on a big 10.1" screen, also it can be used for a home entertainment system and managing any TV shows content.

This small machine and technology jewel is driven by an powerful Android™ system "the Ice Cream Sandwich".

Terrific presents an advanced S Pen technology and custom-built apps already coming with the sys.
Do tasks like sketch, additional annotations to presentations or making or reading e-books "downloads books".

Some users just type and message their known friends or someone in their circle of influence as communicating device.

All about creativity and a boost for productivity or getting things done.
Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich platform, a dual-core processor in 2012 and going by to 2013.
God for playing games, running smart remote applications
Get Many Important Useful Features:

OS: Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, the memory capacity is of 16GB
Mmicro SD  card slot with up to 32GB, the display screen: is of 10.1" w/  display resolution: WXGA 1280x800. type: TFT PLS

Battery batteries type: Li-Polymer, presents a capacity: 7,000mAh.
Tablets color: titanium silver.

Wireless internet Wi Fi 802.11 b g / n, direct, a video pictures photos camera: 3MP rear-facing, VGA front-facing.
GPS, Bluetooth V3.0.
USB 2.0 Host. Stereo sound speakers best fidelity, an antenna, incredible ear jack: 3.5mm Line-in Mic.
IF Connector: 30 Pin, DMI compatible.

Email Just like a pc, it works fine with the job for sending and communications typing or e-mails, POP3 - IMAP - SMTP - SSL- TLS and Exchange ActiveSync Email.
it handles great the Audio Files

Music: MP3, AAC -AAC+ - EAAC+, WMA, OGG "or the vorbis", FLAC, AC-3 also the sound: AMR-NB-WB, WAV, MID, XMF, iMelody, SP-MIDI, RTTTL- RTX, OTA
Media for you tube or from any video websites online, download and watch Video Files.

1080p Playback @ 30fps speeds, Video Codecs: the Mpeg4, H.264, H.263, VC-1, Divx, VP8, WMV7/8, a Sorenson Spark, and Format formats: 3gp mp4,
wmv - asf, avi divx, mkv, flv, webm.

Documents Files usage converting.
Word file: .doc .docx .txt .hwp .rtf

Excel File: .xls .xlsx .csv
PowerPoint: .ppt .pptx .pps
PDF: .Adobe pdf and much more as they appear for documents handling, converting and presenting on screen.

Technical specifications: The weight including battery is 1.28 lbs
Total dimensions 0.38 x 10.1 x 6.9 in.

We know that this website visitors are always on the look for strait answers and that many of them also will stay to compare prices, shopping and placing an order because the price captivated them, as well of the quality of products we have in our stores.
Then, have a welcome and enjoy more news.

angry birds apps

The images on the top left:

Kyros 7in 4GB Android Capacitive tablet made by: company manufacturer Coby Electronics:

Learn on the product description:
The Kyros MID 7036 tablet is doted with lots of surprises, a powerful and flexible internet and entertainment

solution with a enough screen to see what's going on inside full color, a 7 inch touch screen comes to live.

Call an internet browser and surf the web wirelessly or without login in "free" access 1000's thousands of applications right from the handily device's marketplace with action and challenging games, go to meet friends at Facebook Twitter Linksin Pinterest .com social media, and productivity tools to finalize your important jobs and make a living with this beauty.
The product has a weight: of proximally 1.5 pounds

Dimensions ( given exact in inches ) 9.1 x 6.1 x 2.4
The companies making these cute power tools recommend for young kids with an age five to seven y: 5 to 7 years.

More details from manufacturer's are for age: 5 years to what ever adults too can also use these things and play.

Best Online reviews:
Other list that we can talk later are these names:

10.1" Android 4 Tablet By: Southern Telecom. List Price: November 2012 and probable 2013 $ 119 to 199.99.

Multi-touch capacitive display, Crystal clear neat colors front camera, wi-fi connectivity, best micro-SD slot.

The Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablets:
Dad and Mom will immediately notice the parental controls for their little ones, design was done with that purpose with parental controls.

galaxy note 10.1 Inches 16GB slate tablets

A device made to provide friendly safety features for those new learners.
A 7" capacitive multi-touch screen (bright and colorful), many and more than fifty 50 popular designed friendly apps and Wi-Fi connect.

The geat Lexibook Junior tabs, Made by:
Lexi book Limited.
A complete package for entertaining and learning Android™.

A school program for learning tasks and a gaming platform, they were just combined to deliver the max power.
7 inch high definition capacitive multi-touch
screen to watch.

Lexibook drawing applications:
Easy learn how to draw.
Lexibook coloring apps: it meets the expectations for young children to become real artists.
Discover animal app: a great interactive app for children to play and discover animals, pets or wild animal like giraffe lions elephants monkeys.
The Leap  Frog LeapPad2, also called the #1 kids learning tablet and top seller

angry birds star wars

LeapPad1 explorer learning original green for 4 5 6 and up ages. Later a full review

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