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My server host gave all of us, "their customers a free SSL security certificates" a free SSL security certificates with Lets Encript SSL!

stop spammers from a site

(Decided to help you with the job of blocking bad bots and the well known because of their annoyance: searchlock, semalt, fbdownloader, scoop, iedit.ilovevitaly, prodvigator, vosteran, shopping.ilovevitaly, searches.omiga-plus, tuugo, forum.topic6184322, api.xdirectx, lookany, flipboard and many more up to hundreds if someday we get to see them buttering our analytics and inflating the real natural web traffic.

Or, just use Analitics tools from big brother G One and block the referrals coming to your domain name,
Solutions to the big problems worldwide webmaster have in front to solve is this one.

Websites affiliate programs will start banning their publishers because they are going to think that they are inflating their visitor actions on their advertisement slots.

In another words getting banned by your affiliate program is very possible if you don&'t take action immediately and start blocking these bad guys from countries like China and Russia Philippines, India Vietnam brazil etc.

Already told you how to create a .htaccess file successful, first step 1- ask the server administrator for assistance and then training over training by your own will.

"Quotes" Use the Windows Viewer or Operating System Linux Photo Viewer to Blowup The Image "Quotes"
Using the right button of the computer's mouse,  select view on the menu that pops up.

I give you this clues, so you go and make a .htaccess file for the apache and Linux for now (ask your server administrator which system you are using and then with a note pad on the desktop computer
Type all the text located at this pictures, just give a small name to the file and save it as a text on the desktop

Then with Filezila or the up-loader from your control panel as an administrator, upload such a file to the root of the server where your website is located.
Once the file is there, then right select on it with the computer mouse and rename it as " .htaccess " Remember on some servers this file will disappear because it is read only

So, you can check the Filezila program how to return it to appear for further views and editions in the future. (I think thta Filezila's menu says "Server- " force showing hidden files " then again, you can hide it.
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Be careful, the .htaccess file is a powerful tool and it can give errors if you misspell a word or part of the code, go slowly sentence by sentence, just in case, because your site can go on errors and disappear eventually. (this says: setenvifnocase referrer  and user-Agent ^, any can work for your need of blocking bad guys and stopping them for not access.

How come these and that about the web? Oh No! All the best domain names and lots of traffic or website visitors, have been taken already!

Don't even bother with good keywords anymore, Searching engines are well inside of an alliance and they stay by their general rules today. Digital sisters, digitalized corporations located at USA country.
As a matter of fact, they do want excellent page design & impeccable content in the internet, the best structure in the website construction & taking peoples privacy away.
So just grab some good sentences with feelings and sense to others as part of content and stick it in the meta tag.

Do a max o fifteen, no more. Try not to repeat or copy from others those words.
Domains name register or transfer your company needs a registrar domain offer, or perhaps to transfer it.

We get for you the best service and prices in the market worldwide, best infrastructure internet in USA, competing equipment are Satellite, routers, cable, fiber optics

Probable someone might be thinking that they do not need to make the extra afford and save themselves a couple of bucks dollar by using the opportunities today's social media networks are offering for free, just type and upload photos. but no, never is the same, lets take Facebook for insure these suggestions.
( This is another photo to show you guys how to block the bad bots, but with different type of code.
The image contains code for the php ( header.php file on the theme of your Wordpress or another type of software open soft you might be using in your site.)  The other is for a html5 or just html index.html (post the code on the head and the head, in between at the top of the file.
Again, if the picture is blurry, then copy it and read it with a picture program from Windows using a magnifier for a better view.

There is another to consider (

##begin code
##start blocking potentially unwanted bots.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^BlackWidow [OR]   and keep adding more bots later)
"Quotes" Use the Windows Viewer or Operating System Linux Photo Viewer to Blowup The Image "Quote"

Using the right button of the computer's mouse,  select view on the menu that pops up.

block spammer ilovevitaly co darodar

The index.html file, just between and
"Copy the text from the photo"

Then the PHP code: (type it at the header.php on the theme folder at your site.

Face Book will allow individuals and companies to make their pages and profiles, but they must promote themselves by purchasing their advertisement and keep their information updated and confirmed with put everything on Facebook hands "they are on control of your privacy".

Plus, they can let your page profile go at anytime and you will be with nothing to show up for your corp. or personal hard work done online. One day nothing, it didn't exist at all, and it tells like this: Sorry you did not meet our expectations, your profile has been closed. If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to contact us at  (never answer your).

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How Do I Make?
You know something.
So many times I have reached to many site out there that instead to type just like you and me do,  they invite other interested visitors to give their opinions on subtests that are related to the conversation within their pages.
For instance, this is one of those questions given to people " How Do I Make My Homepage Smaller? "

The answer is quite simple to Follow this steps:
1- copy and paste the webpage title to (site www. submitexpress .com (dead SEO) / analyzer / ( please join the parts together before to making paste them).
2- Select tools from the upper menu, select " meta tags analyzer ".

3- In the blank space given " Type your URL below: Example" Type your URL name and
4 - In the results check to see the page size, it must be smaller than 5000 kilobytes, other wise work must be done to lower it.

How can I get more traffic to my website? This is another question that millions of webmasters are doing every day, even inside their minds, and what is worst, no matter what they do, results are going to be the same until the next spider crawling which it happen not that often.
The answer:

5- No way my friend, because as longer new spiders are concentrated on crawling major brands names, it doesn't do that much good to type great articles, so what can I do to overcome at least some of the problem? The answer is:
1- Networking, visiting stumbleupon site, powerful machine traffic driver with a very selected actor as an intelligent browsing tool, which delivers the " sharing " touch to all members and internet visitors just in a blank of an eye.

Leave comments every time discovery a new stumble upon content, comments really are a best way to let others know about your site, besides your address can get millions of new visits per month that way.
2- Face book, My Space, Tweeter, Hi5, Sonic networks and many others are overwhelmed already and competition is not converting for better in most cases, plus they are time consuming.

The decision of register a new premium domains is a very slow process, make sure it is relevant to search engines understanding and that it applies to the included typed content text inside the FrontPage or index and the reaming urls
How in the heaves I might be ok with my affiliate programs, the price for hosting per year, selling at my store online, getting new and existing customers to survive in the reality today's business world ?

Great question and it deserts a great answer too.
Once a person becomes a new webmaster and starts to create his first registrar domain name for a business website in the web, this person challenges a totally new unknown world that lives behind the computer monitor small or big screen.

My friend, don't feel lonely please, if that is what you want just go for it, there are many others doing the exact same stuff on night and day light.
It could be people from colleges " students " or small home base business, medium or large corporations, none profit or so.
The truth is that hard is hard word is nothing in compare with reality. the webmaster will become a slave and ones when he begins there isn't a stop anymore.

This leaves us with only one answer, next:
Pay for advertisement until your new creation is well known, trust me, advertisement works, even if your WebPages are too big, too small or not that well designed. It means some words peoples knew longtime ago, " Nothing is for free"

Es muy facil conseguirlo consiga todo casi al costo de nosotros en todas tus necesidades por ventas de dominios o services relacionados con Paginas de web o internet. Compruebelo!

What is the best domain name? What can be? The key of the acceptable traffic to your digital place is always the name base on an keyword, so before choosing a possible domain for your corp. or company think it more than twice, a key word is the best way to go and then finding out if it is available.

Our recommendation is just to make sure that the speed for your new website is going to have a good rank based on the web server, the construction of the WebPages, speed is a plus in these days, so make sure to ping the server and get the capabilities to handle less or more than a one hundred customers, which it can perfectly mean millions of internet visitors every month and if for a search engine, browsers and visitors looking for information.  speed is almost everything, for service users it is too.

Look not further and get the update technologies in the world from a major and best store to buy equipment or accessories for hosting websites or building a serious network and serve the growing amount of pages in the entire world.
Webmasters and beginners, business people interested on having the best from the greatest in the market.
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Always ask questions to the program developers, if you are confused and need to understand terms and conditions when purchasing with different methods of payments.

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Para el nombre de tus paginas, asegurarse el buen trafico digital siempre sera y es la palabra o palabras que todos buscan dia a dia, pensarlo mas de dos veces es la mejor idea o procedimiento, piensa y luego trata de averiguar si ese nombre esta disponible.
En el caso de un pais como nombre siempre hay que competir con miles o talvez millones de otras paginas que posseen ese mismo dominio o ventas de dominios, por eso es que con muchisima dificultad se da el que algunas veces se consigue lo que queremos o necesitamos, pero con un poco de suerte se adquiere. Buena fortuna.
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